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Подтверждено обнаружение «Кеплером» ещё сорока одной экзопланетыTwo independent teams of astronomers have confirmed that "Kepler" has opened 41 exoplanet 20 stellar systems. The first work was conducted JI Wei Xie from the University of Toronto (Canada), and authors of the second, which was led by Jason Stefensen of National accelerator laboratory them. Enrico Fermi (USA), working in several American universities, and the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics.

Still, the number of confirmed exoplanets was 75. Consequently, we can speak about increase of more than half.

Interestingly, among the 20 analyzed systems 19 had two very close planet (public transit method), and one - three planets. The size of the planets varies from earth to seven times greater than that of the Earth (the radius). The bulk of such celestial bodies is too close to their stars to be suitable for life (transit method works best if it is near to the lights of the planets).

The main way of verifying the truth of the existence of candidates for exoplanets was the method of variation of the time transits (TTV). Planet found "Kepler" transit method (for periodic oscillations luminosity), is checked by differences in the frequency of the observed transits, it's possible to find in the same planetary system previously undetected for more extrasolar planets, even such small as the Earth.

With preprints relevant studies can be found here

Prepared according to NASA.
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