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Параллельные мирыParallel world is the reality? Our universe is a Genus of God is manifested to us as a limitless number of parallel Worlds. The whole visible world is a cascade of cause-effect chains, and not only the future but also the past inherent diversity.


Modern fiction did not invent anything new, but only borrowed the idea of the existence of other worlds of ancient traditions and beliefs, and easy to get lost, without any idea of where the truth. Heaven, Hell, Olympus, Valhalla, Svarga - these are classic examples of "alternative universes", which are different from the familiar to us from the real world. Today, there is a perception multimedia Universe as a set of independent "plane of existence" (one of them is familiar to us world), the laws of nature are different. So you can logically explain magic, unusual phenomena, which are quite common in some areas.

Thus, parallel world is a reality that exists simultaneously with ours, but independently of it. This independent reality can be different sizes: from small geographical area to the whole Universe. In a parallel world events happen on its own, it may be different from our world, as in some detail, and dramatic, almost everything. The physical laws of the parallel world are not necessarily similar to the laws of our world. So for many centuries we tolerably well coexist next. In some moments of time boundaries that divide us, become almost transparent, and... in our world appear uninvited guests (or we are guests). Some of our "guests", unfortunately, leaves much to be desired, but the choice neighbors depends on us. The most closest to us are the natural spirits with which we are familiar and on children's experiences and tales, epics, fairy tales. For example, the same Brownies, Goblins, Water, etc. can easily make friends or to make contact, to get their help. With the inhabitants of the parallel worlds a little more difficult to communicate with them, we need some portals and outputs.


The way of the tree of Life is the archetype with which help it is possible to explain many phenomena in the Universe. The tree of Life is a kind of Tree, where each branch represents a particular ancestor, and a symbol of the unity of the three worlds - the Government, Reality and Navi. With the help of the image of the tree of Life our ancestors imagined the space of options, the creation of megaproject the world from a whole. Different worlds - it is like the branches of the same Tree of Life.

And now it is spoken by many scientists in the world. So, physicist Hugh Everett explained metatheory, according to which the universe is in each moment of time branching into parallel microworlds. Each world is a kind of combination of microcavity that could be realized due to the probabilistic variability of the world. In other words, each such world - as if the branch huge Tree Times (Chronometric), developing at the moment of branching already by its own laws. Thus, the Tree of Times - this is our Grand universe, providing all possible variants of motion. We live in one of the branches of the Tree Times, forming the Metaverse with the stars, gravity, entropy, and other phenomena. The tree Times - is essentially a space realization of all opportunities incorporated probabilistic laws. The branch of the Tree, so there is a line the same opportunities from all based on the previous site.

The ability of the Universe proves to branch out experience, conducted by Christopher Monroe Institute of standards and technology (USA). The experience was as follows: scientists took the helium atom and a powerful laser pulse tore at it one of two electrons. The resulting helium ion finally under control, lowering its temperature near absolute zero. The remaining in orbit of the electron there were two possibilities: either to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. But physics was deprived of his choice, stalling a particle of the same laser beam. There has been a tremendous event. The helium atom split, realizing itself in both States, one electron is spinning clockwise, the other counterclockwise... And although the distance between these objects was only 83 nm, but on the interference pattern clearly visible traces of both atoms. It was a real physical equivalent "Schrodinger Cat", which is alive and dead at the same time.

In other words, in case of occurrence of circumstances in which, for example, an object must be two opposite properties, the whole universe splits into two branches. The vector of time of one-dimensional becomes multi-dimensional, i.e. there are several parallel temporary vectors.

Thus, we are with you, our relatives and friends, and just extraneous not only have the opportunity to continually carry out the whole range of the most various actions, but also provide them, and at the same time in a thousand worlds. Since, however, in each moment, we are able to do or not to do is not such a rich range of activities, or have no choice in General, we can assume that our twins are calculated not billions, but rather hundreds or even less.

Now let us remember the image of our nesting dolls, which, as it contains the world in the world. Is it not those parallel worlds displayed there? It turns out that our ancestors knew about it for thousands of years. We are with You, dear reader, live simultaneously in sets worlds, and it is in that world that we perceive most of all (vibration of our consciousness), and we are at this point in time. If man his soul (consciousness) lives simultaneously in several dimensions, we have shamanic illness or modern language - schizophrenia one degree or another. The world in which we live, our ancestors called Maya divine game is illusory world, which is perceived through the prism of our consciousness, passed through many karmic rebirth, therefore all the world is relative and surreal. From the point of view of quantum mechanics is nothing true and final cannot exist at all!

Worlds parallel vectors is called the Worlds of variations, Virtual worlds, or simply Maya, i.e. worlds, whose existence is possible. In addition to the Worlds of variations, there are Worlds of reality different realities, where the laws of physics can be very different, giving the unfathomable diversity of life forms. It may be a "garden" trees of different realities. All of this idea Kind of God and the original point, which was the reason for and the start of such developments.


We see the surrounding world through the prism of our consciousness that today proved quantum physics. In order to see the invisible, change or develop programs in your mind, through which we can see other Worlds. To do this, in many cultures of the world, including our own, Slavic, have developed a whole system of interaction with the world around us, as well as with their inhabitants.

How can you imagine a journey into the other reality? The transition between the branches of the Tree Times (Chronometric) is, in fact, the passage from one measurement to another, as through a door. We know that our three-dimensional space, i.e. composed of three mutually perpendicular vectors. Imagine now that our very physical space is one of the vectors of the space higher hierarchy. Other vectors are time and probability, or event-driven variability. Since time is an additional dimension to every Tree and every reality, then, moving inside the Tree from one branch to another, we can stay in one time interval. The transition between branches or reflections perpendicular to the vector of time should, logically, be accompanied by a stop of personal time traveler.

As performed travel between worlds, our ancestors?

Our ancestors used the map of the world for such trips, which is the Holy Alatyr. Alatyr is and a map of the worlds, and a schematic image of the Kind of God, his physical body. Star Alatyr has 8 petals, and if eight times eight - will be the sacred number 64. This is the number of ancestors in the seventh generation, and 64 idea of creation of the world, and it Dvurechnaya and decimal system of calculation through which we can become aware of the world (Kind of God and all its manifestations). If to address to numerology, Kind God is number one, and 6+4=10, that is, one with transition to the new development, which symbolizes zero. As we see, the number 64 gives full understanding of the unit, that is the Kind of God.

What are the ways of transitions in other realities?

Suppose that the movement can occur in two ways: using formed by any man-made tool (portal) or in a manner not requiring the participation of anything, except the consciousness of the operator (transfer). Also hypothetically describe and ways of navigation. In the case of the portal border worlds torn in a certain place, and between these gaps formed a channel through which man passes from one world to another. When you transfer channel and tear space is formed. On the contrary, the operator seeps himself through the border of the worlds. It is clear that the portal requires operator less skill and energy, because the portal has its own source of energy.

The portal is a "door" between realities or reflections. It may be nestrogen to a specific location or can occur in many worlds and at different times. Some portals may be in certain places (where they built) and can not be moved. It's just a place where the "door". Other portals can be a kind of object.

Presumably, the portal should consist of two parts: input and output. If, for example, the exit is blocked, the portal will not work, or will return to the entrance. Portals, probably, can be unilateral or bilateral. One-way leads only to one side, and back through it. Bilateral allows you to navigate back and forth.

Look portal differently. From our ancestors left a lot, and most of them are working. This mount Bogit, and Stone tombs, Dolmens in the Crimea, and many other places. Often the Fireplace Generic RPT conducts tours with trainings and practices on places of Power.

Portals are visible and invisible. Invisible portal represents a certain place, when released into which initiated the transfer process. The transfer is compulsorily or on request. Forced migration is like moving through a pipe. He immediately takes one to the exit, only some part of the body falls within its scope. The option of "on request" has the appearance of holes (for example, shimmering air)between the place of entry and exit. Through this hole can, while at the entrance, to look into the place out and see what is happening there, not moving the whole body.

The place of entry into the portal can be permanent (in the case of stationary portals), or election (in case of temporary portals). Thus the place of entry can not stand apart from the environment. Portals are likely to occur spontaneously. Physicists proposed even such term as "molehills" or "wormhole".

The most dangerous thing in moving through the portals is when it leaves to be inside of some of the subject matter, above or below ground.

Possible types of portals:

1. Puncture space (or teleportation) is a transition in the framework of our world, but in a place set apart from the entrance hundreds or thousands of kilometers. With the passage of such a portal is moving object on long distances in a short period of time. Here we are talking about moving perpendicular to the vector space. This is rare, but occasional cases of teleportation.

2. Energy portal - this place (object), which can transmit only energy from one world to another. The existence of such portals is known for certain practices with mirrors.

3. Portal reflections - a place, specially designed for travel between any of the available Worlds variations or reflections. It is possible to assume, should look like man-made Portals reflections: the maps, pictures and other images. With use of certain technologies are images that have an energy connection with the remote site (the world). They portrayed the part of the surrounding world in a place out of the portal. Sometimes these portals arise by themselves under the influence of unknown natural factors operating in places of Power or as a result of activity of some of intelligent beings.

4. The portal of the worlds is a place specially designed for travel between any of the available Worlds realities. Here, under the realities mean completely different worlds that may not be a reflection of the other. As the Portal reflections, the Portal of the worlds is a physical object in our reality. There is information that may be an interim solution, when part of a physical object is in the same world, and all the rest in another. Some of megalithic structures - menhirs, cromlechs, mazes can be really such portals, and their partial destruction or apparent incompleteness of the structure may mean that part of the building does not belong to our world.

5. The gates of the worlds - rather than a place or facility. The position from which you can get to many of the Worlds variations or Worlds realities. Typically, a Portal has one input and one output. The gate of worlds have one input and multiple outputs. They are the point at which these worlds are connected. The gates are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Like a thin invisible thread, they permeate the fabric of reality and belong to all the world, and none of them separately.

Let us explore this method moves more. Since worlds can have an infinite number of points of contact, and the place of the manifestation of the Gate of worlds in this reality can be anything. That is, the entrance can be opened in any reality.

Since the Gates of the worlds not have "real flesh", i.e. they do not exist in reality, people falling in this place, forming the appearance of the gate for himself. What he imagines such for him and they will appear. For some, they are a huge arch, for other - tower, outgoing upwards, for the third - a corridor with many doors, cave, etc.

To the Gates of the worlds realized in this place this reality, you need a special state of consciousness, which are owned by the people in charge, the learning ancestors of the Magi-Patrons.

Thus, we have described the possible outputs in parallel Worlds. If we need to recognize not just neighbors, and to know the Kind of God, here we use a map of the worlds - the Tree of Alatyr. This map is overlaid on the human body (consciousness) and has 10 units of creation of the world (8 - Cola, 9 and 10 - Central - all this combines and provides access to a new reality), and also contains 64 variations manifestations Kind of God. The output is then made in the Astral body through himself, in a special state of consciousness. Because we are part of God, It must seek through himself, knowing thus not only Samira, but also themselves. No wonder at all the temples and all the mysteries were written: "know thyself." In addition, to log every door worlds need a password, which is the name of God, of the Trustee or of a God-protector of the Gates of this or that World, it is further travel over the face of the unknown and of the knowledge of God. This art owned three Guardians and pass it to his chosen disciples through the Zeal of Svarog, as it is in the knowledge of the unknown Magi help the creation of the world, speaking, therefore, co-creators Kind of God. From there we discover the secrets of the universe and given the Volkhov power. Such people in life can consciously make the transition or the new birth, or in the other world, with which they interact, and to continue to fulfill his destiny. After the death of about such people say they went and died.
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po vsjomu zrozumilo portaly isnujut vsjudy . chomu buv osobysto svidkom.i ne ja odyn. transljacija paralelnoji realnosti probigala z zapiznennam 1,5-2 sekundy. pidozrjuju shcho portal i jogo naprjamok zalezhyt vid rozmiru otvoru jak dyrektory na anteni ukv.


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