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«Цыганское» золото форта НоксIn October 2009, the Ministry of Finance of the USA from the store, located at Fort Knox, was sent to China batch of gold bars. The country regularly deliver and receive gold, in order to pay debts and to align the trade balance. Much of the gold in the world is exchanged and stored in depositories under the supervision of a special organization - the London Association of participants of the market of precious metals (London Bullion Market Association - LBMA).

When the party was obtained, the Chinese government has ordered to conduct a special inspection of purity and weight of the gold bars, as China is the largest foreign holder of securities U.S. Treasury. Chinese officials were shocked when we discovered that the ingots proved to be false. The party consisted of ingots tungsten covered with a thin layer of real gold. These proven gold ingots were manufactured in the USA and stored in Fort Knox for many years.

The Chinese government immediately began an investigation and issued a statement in which hinted at the machinations of the us government. The registration number of this party ingots pointed to the fact that forged ingots were received from the banks of the Federal Reserve during the Clinton administration. Just then, by the order of bankers, the Federal reserve was made somewhere from 1.3 to 1.5 million tungsten tiles weighing 400 ounces. 640 000 of these tungsten tiles were covered with gold and sent to Fort Knox, where they remain to this day.

According to the Chinese investigation, the remainder of these 1,3-1,5 million tungsten tiles weighing 400 ounces was also covered with gold and then sold on the international market. Besides the fact that the gold reserves of the United States got fake gold, but also the world market also was deceived by the bankers of the Federal Reserve system and the Clintons. The price of Gold Scam Clinton is neither more nor less - $ 600 billion.

Article in "new York Post" dated 2 February 2004 entitled "the District attorney is investigating the actions of the head of the new York commodity exchange", pointed out the fact that gold Scam Clinton got into the field of view of the American officials. The article, written by Jennifer Anderson, reported that "the Highest official of the new York Mercantile exchange is under investigation conducted by the district attorney of Manhattan. Sources close to the stock exchange said last week, Stuart Smith, senior Vice President, operations on the stock exchange, was searched by the district Prosecutor's office. Details of the investigation were not disclosed, but the representative exchange said it was not related to any kind of exchange operations. She declined to comment further, saying only that no charges were filed. The representative of the district attorney's office in Manhattan declined to comment..."

The office of senior Vice President of operations of the new York Mercantile exchange (NYMEX), this is the place, where would you go to find reports [registration number and origin] for each gold bar ever physically held for exchange transactions. They should keep record of each ingot. These accurate reports would show the origin of all the physical gold, got on the market, and, therefore, has revealed a number of gold appeared on the exchange, not of gold mining companies, simply because the amount of gold that came from the "founder", undoubtedly exceeded the number of physically produced in America of the precious metal.

Why was used tungsten?

To print counterfeit money, You have to have special paper, otherwise banknotes can be easily identified by spetspribor, which are widely used by banks and trading companies. Similarly, if you are going to fake gold bars, you must make sure that they have properties and the weight of real gold.

The problem of making good falsified ingot is that gold has a very high density, almost twice denser than lead and two and a half times denser than steel. You usually don't notice it, because the little gold rings, etc. weigh too little to the difference in density became obvious, but if you ever held in his hand a lump of gold, you could feel it absolutely unmistakable: gold bar very, very heavy.

Standard gold bullion for trading between banks, known as "the London bullion reliable supply" ("London good delivery bar"), weighs 400 ounces (more than 33 lbs) (12.5 kg, translator's note), has the size of a small paperback. Ingot steel same size weighed would only 13.5 pounds.

There are very few metals that have the same high density as gold, and, with two exceptions, they are more expensive. The first exception is depleted uranium, which is cheap if you are a government, but it is very difficult for private traders. Besides, it is radioactive, which can also be a problem.

The second exception is tungsten. Tungsten is much cheaper than gold, but the density it is almost the same, the difference is in three tenths. The main differences to the other color, and many, many great hardness. Pure gold is quite soft metal, you can scratch it with a nail.

First-class fake gold bullion must comply fully with these colour, hardness, density, chemical, and physical properties. To do so, you must have a tungsten workpiece sizes 1/8 inch smaller (in three dimensions) than gold bar, then applying a layer of real gold thickness of 1/16 of an inch. In the hands of such a wedge would be felt as real. It would be embossed test, chemical analysis would show gold and would he weighed exactly the same as weighs real gold bullion.

Today in Fort Knox still stored these "gold" ingots Clinton, and even today, they continue to spread throughout the world, because gold circulates between countries to pay debts and to settle the so-called trade balance.

The question arises: why Hillary Clinton took over the job of Secretary of state?

And why not? Nobody is going to interfere or to challenge the actions of the Secretary of state of the United States. Why take the blows and the fire of criticism as President, when you can travel the world, using dollars of American taxpayers?

Carry smuggled gold and all that you want from the United States, using diplomatic free plane. Move stolen real gold anywhere around the world. Be the first who will inform about any investigation in respect of production and distribution of fake gold and then immediately kill the investigation.

If you ever wanted to be a big mafia boss, the Secretary of state is working, where you will have to watch your syndicate. And you think Richard Nixon criminal...


The fed acknowledged: "that we have no Gold"

"SHTF Plan”, USA - 06 June 2011

"Federal Reserve Admits: We Have No Gold"

The following dialogue between Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) and representative of the fed Scott Alvarez leaves no doubt that the Federal Reserve has no gold to cover the US dollar. The majority of people using alternative news sources, was suspected it before, but now it is a fact.

The Federal Reserve is not owned no gold at all. We do not own gold since 1934, therefore, we were not involved in any transactions with gold...

That is reflected on our balance sheet is gold certificates... Until 1934, the Federal Reserve is owned by gold. We passed it, according to the law, Treasury, and received in return these gold certificates. The relationship between the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury and these non-traded gold certificates are not clear, but goldnews.com tried to explain what actually happens:

In any case, we can analyze the main facts and come to certain conclusions:

1. The widespread notion that the fed owns the gold is false. The consequence of this view is erroneous view that the fed downplays gold assets on its balance sheet, reporting only about gold certificates on statutory rates 42,22$. U.S. gold reserves, multiplied by the market price of gold, the Fed actually does not belong, except that, if the Treasury will announce default, but in this case not all clear. The fed indeed, belongs to a claim to, just to, to $11.1 billion, and he has a small chance to appreciate significantly in price, if the Treasury will overestimate their gold and will continue the practice, which began on the law on Modification of the Nominal value.

2. The fact that the fed has neither gold, nor claims any gold, means that the dollar lacks any provision, excluding the building and equipment of the fed. Dollars are much smaller than many think, and the fed, with all his skill, much more helpless in the use of assets and monetary policy in General. In General, explained Alvarez strengthens confidence in the high dollar value of gold.

Interesting perspective, and if this is true, then we can assume that the purchasing power of dollarsRA, from the point of view of gold, much less than usually think, actually close to zero.

Our currency is not only not backed by gold, but in the case of dollar "meltdown", the only assets that generate global reserve currency will remain worthless toxic mortgage loans purchased by the Federal government in recent years from insolvent banks.

The only thing holding the dollar at this point, is confidence in the market. When it goes away, all the rest will go along with it...
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