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Предсказания Ванги на 2013 годAccording to the predictions of Vanga, 2013 will be rather unusual and complicated.

He will bring a lot of troubles, but will also be able to increase already acquired wealth. Wang predicted that in 2013 will continue the work started in 2010 is a war that will use chemical and nuclear weapons. Military conflict flare up in the middle East, in Israel and Georgia and Afghanistan will suffer powerful political crisis, which will affect the life of ordinary people.

To the positive aspects that will delight the world in 2013, include the invention of the injection of cancer - plague of the twenty-first century. It is in 2013 Vanga predicted the mankind will be able to effectively confront this terrible disease, ruthlessly destroyed millions of people.

The end of the world this year is not expected, although the mankind will find a lot of disasters and calamities. At least, Wang in his prophecy about the destruction of the Earth is not mentioned, despite the claims of many astronomers. A series of powerful solar flares will cause numerous changes and magnetic storms, which will have a negative impact on people and the planet as a whole. Relative to the planet Nibiru, which in 2013 will be close to the Earth and will cause a series of cataclysms, Wang wrote: "Most of mankind do not see how, from the little sparks that originated in heaven, will grow huge ball of fire, that will be bigger than the sun itself".

From its predictions becomes clear that in 2013 numerous explosions and flashes in the solar system can not be avoided, and therefore it will be impossible to avoid the many global changes on the earth. According to Wang, mankind will lose the connection with the cosmos, will be permanently "attacked" by the unknown on the force of the tsunami that will destroy everything in its path. According to the predictions of Vanga in 2013 will die millions of people, the planet will segregate earthquake, which form an incredibly large caverns, absorbing all the living. Many cities will be flooded, and civilization is destroyed. The sky will appear bright new star, which will Eclipse the Sun, the Earth will change their poles.
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