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5 самых кровавых цивилизаций древностиRemembering the words of the famous Spanish philosopher George of Santana: "Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it", I want to note that we definitely need to be more attentive to our history.

I am sure that many of you would not like to visit the house of representatives of some ancient civilizations. By the way, these include the legendary Spartans.

The Celts

The history of the Celts pretty sketchy, they left behind them no Chronicles or Chronicles, and witnesses of the events of those days were brutally killed or were killed in the bloody battles. One thing is certain - the Celts were the guys not timid, and were especially brutal.

They obviously had a weakness for severed heads. At the end of the exhausting and bloody battle Celts necessarily usually took a few severed heads. They brought them to their homes and used as decor. Housing average Celt, apparently, was like a room with hunting trophies or house on the eve of Halloween.

If someone's head was of particular value, it was embalmed and put on the feasts as eloquent evidence of valor master trophy.

By the way, the necks they not just as the ancient Celts believed that in mind holds the soul of man, and if you cut off the head of the enemy, before the soul has left it, then you become the happy owner of someone's soul. Nakhodka belongs found.

In the film "brave heart" strange looked formidable warriors of Wallace with colored blue-painted faces. Yes, the Celts really painted themselves blue paint and have entered fight completely naked. Why? Who knows, these Celts... Quite natural in this situation, the question may arise: is there too hasty to fight naked? However, the Celts, in all probability, were so brutal and courageous that as proof of his courage were able to engage in battle with the enemy in this form.


Remember that poor from the "Temple of doom", which pulled out her heart before you reset into the volcano? This is not the worst.

The Aztecs believed that every 52 years the world meets her end, this may not happen only if the gods have their strong and happy. By tradition, the surest way to improve the health of God and to appease his temper always been human sacrifice, coupled with cannibalism for more accurate result.

The largest and most frequent sacrifice Aztecs was giving her God of the Sun. Typically, this ritual was deployed on top of a huge pyramid, and at least a picturesque view from there, could brighten up the last moments of life doomed to die. The unfortunate were put on a special platform, saw ribs and got heart (which is still beating). Then the body was simply thrown down, because its mission it has already executed.

Did the Aztecs really were so bloodthirsty? Sadly, but it's true. Is just to remember about cannibalism. Now, after the victim was left without a heart, the Aztecs ate her arms, legs, in General, everything is more or less juicy and delicious in their opinion.

Some historians believe that the main reason of cannibalism were banal desire to feast on. The Aztecs was not familiar breeding or breeding as any other Pets that could be eaten, so in their diet was practically absent animal fats. Those who have friends who are fond of vegetarianism, it should be familiar. After a certain time some individuals Wake up with bite marks on his hands.

However, this is not the worst. The Aztecs all trying to achieve perfection, therefore, in any situation tormented by the question, is it possible to make things more terrible and cruel way. For example, in sacrifice to the God of fire in the fire threw a pair of newlyweds. Then, when the life is still glimmered in their bodies, they were pulled out, even through their skin and tore the heart.

Further - more... Goddess of the earth was supposed to sacrifice a young girl , and then from her skin to build something like a suit of flesh that showed hero "silence of the lambs".

Surprisingly, none of the Aztecs not occur to me that what the hell was going on, to put it mildly, strange, though on the other hand those who have similar ideas arose opted to keep them to yourself.


Assyrians in resembled those losers of sports films. They have the spirit, the will to win and all that, but how they may try, designated in the League for them closed.

Fortunately for them (and unfortunately all others), just as a loser from the film, which sooner or later discovers his unknown reserve or finds some sort of secret weapon, and Assyrians, after almost two centuries of oppression of other peoples, have found their "secret weapon". May it and was not like what we see in the blockbuster, but at that time it was just a breakthrough.

Iron, that's what helped them. It is the Assyrians were the first who began to use iron weapons instead of bronze that in modern twist looks like a knife against the Death Star. Iron weapons turned Assyrian army in the Armada, all the others were just terrified and didn't know how to stop them.

Did the Assyrians such terrible, really?
Yes, all was well. Here is a small quote from the memoirs of the Assyrian king of Ashurbanipal:

"In front of the gates I erected a pillar, and at first was skinned all rebels, then this skin I wrapped the post. Some I was bricked up in the post, other nailed to it Kalami, and third tied to stakes around the entire circumference of the post. On their lands with many I was skinned, and then spread them on the walls. Before the princes and noble warriors I cut off body parts, as well as all those who dared to rebel".

If you sometimes have the desire to go out and to skin a couple of people, then you are a complete sociopath.

Of course, the policy of intimidation were used invading armies quite often and sometimes war ended before it even started, it was, so to speak psychological method of warfare. But when reading this kind of revelation, it seems that Assyrians really liked what they were doing.


After seeing one of the famous film, many realized that the ancient Spartans is clearly not the people that want to invite to the event type tasting of elite sorts of cheese. She would burst into the room like barbarians, would have ridiculed guests and hosts for what they wear no armor and do not fight from morning till night, and finally pierced would all spears. By itself, cheese would they also ate up the last crumbs.

Actually, this happened not only in the movies. They really dropped off a cliff weak and sickly infants, watching them broken on the rocks. But first they bathed the child in wine to make sure how that strong and able to withstand this process. To be a Spartan means to be used to the alcohol from the very first minute of life.

Whether this was really the case?

Every Spartan male was, first of all, a warrior. The rest of the work was done by slaves. The Spartans were soldiers and no one else. They fought to the end, well, or until they reach the retirement age of 60 years, which by today's standards is four hundred years.
If the Spartans managed to live up to such a ripe old age, become an exemplary father, or a scientist, it was the worst of the finals. This man did not deserve even a headstone, marking his grave. Only those who died on the battlefield, he was honored to be buried with full honors and with a nominal gravestone.

If you survived, for the Spartans, thou hero was not. And if on the battlefield soldier lost his shield, he has the death penalty. True soldiers would do everything to return it, or would laid his head on the battlefield, trying to do it.

If you think that the Spartans real heroes, it is not superfluous to recall the slaves that they owned. The torture of slaves was a legitimate act, the law demanded that slaves were subjected to physical punishment in the obligatory order. Meanwhile, for the slaves such was not the worst punishment. On Spartan traditions, a young man, under a certain age, had to penetrate in a slave camp and kill as many accidents as you can, while he did not evince the slightest regret, and dwelt in the belief that behaving according to the law and traditions.

The Mongols

Imagine the stadium for a hundred thousand people. Now imagine 400 such stadiums, each filled to capacity. Now imagine everyone there with hypothetical knife cut the wound. Why all this? And here's why: according to scientists ' estimates, the Mongols under Genghis Khan and similar figures, killed 40 million people. The sabres and swords.

The Mongols were in the world, like a lawn mower. It was a whole army of ill villains, all Asians, and even on horseback. When they wanted hit is something to win, they went in the way, and those who came on their way, definitely not envy. The Mongols were offered two options for the outcome of events, in truth, one was not better than the other. The first option, the most practical - surrender to the enemy and give him all that he wants everything, including all the tools and the female part of the family). On the second version you did not give up, but soon from your city could only smoldering embers. And then, you'd still be killed, and cruel and sophisticated.

During the invasion of India Mongol ruler at the walls Delhi has built a pyramid of human heads. And if you think there were 20-25 goals, you are mistaken. This bloodthirsty Mongol took 90000 people's heads.

Like the Celts, the Mongols were not indifferent to the severed heads. They collected them, and then launched from a catapult to the camp of the enemy, the same way they did with the corpses infected with the plague. But the fact that they worked with pregnant women, simply defies description.

On reflection Mongol invasion could spend thousands of arrows, but in most part, they fall into prisoners and refugees, which the Mongols had exhibited in the vanguard as cannon fodder or human shields.
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