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Существуют ли секретные базы пришельцев?Rumors about the existence of secret bases aliens exist for a long time. They say that these bases are located in different places: on the moon, on the ocean floor, more often in tropical forests. Some ufologists-extremists sure that the aliens have come in contact with the government. There are even stories about the alien objects on U.S. military bases. Some people went even further, claiming that it was working on a secret project for the study of UFOs and saw a UFO stored at military bases. Basically, people who talk about such secret alien bases or on secret projects for the study of extraterrestrial technology, are unreliable witnesses.

Therefore, such certificates should be treated with caution until we provide a reliable and independent confirmation told. Do US extraterrestrial technology still remains a contentious issue. If history Rozalski catastrophe is true, then the answer to this question is positive and the American government has the opportunity to explore the alien technology since 1947. Could the United States to understand and to use this technology is another question. One of the researchers suggested that boomerangers UFO observed in the mid-1980's in Hudson valley, new York, was a top-secret U.S. aircraft type stealth"based on the technology of UFOs. Further research is needed to prove or disprove this hypothesis.

What are UFOs?

UFO is an unidentified flying objects: no one knows exactly what it is. Many researchers (called "ufologists") have a theory by which try to explain what is a UFO, but since no one can study the UFO in the science lab, all these ideas are nothing more than a scientific assumptions. It is possible to offer the following definition of a UFO that can be helpful in the consideration of this subject: UFO is dedicated publicity observation of the object or light in the sky or on the earth, whose appearance, the trajectory of motion, action, movement, radiated light and colours have no logical or natural explanations that cannot be explained not only witnesses, but also scientific and technical experts, who try to explain the observation after studying the evidence (definition of the American UFO Association CUFOS).

What is OLO?

OLO is identified flying object. In essence, it is natural or artificial object, mistakenly taken for UFO. About 90-95% of all reported UFO after consideration of the communication by the experienced researcher become OLO. People take natural or other common objects for UFO, as often cannot recognize them or due to unusual weather conditions, lack of knowledge or rarity of some natural phenomena. For example, people often mistaken for UFOs planet Venus, because I didn't know how bright it is in some periods of the year. Sometimes in the role of UFO stars above the horizon, which, because of atmospheric disturbances and thermoeffect (for example, ascending streams of warm air) often flicker red and blue flowers. Stars can also be shown in the movement, approaching or moving away from the observer, which is explained by autokinesis. This psychological phenomenon in which the movement of pupils observer creates the illusion that bright object visible in the darkness, moving. Trying to identify UFO from OLO, the investigator must obtain as much information as possible about observation, not while also encouraging witnesses to give false details. It is also important to study the evidence about seeing UFOs were initiated as early as possible, while the witness remembers the details. It is interesting to note that messages about OLO, as well as about the real UFO, in the last decade has decreased. For example, people don't confuse with UFOs Venus or new experimental aircraft. The causes of the decline in the number of messages OLO worthy of serious consideration as may shed light on the nature of the UFO phenomenon. If UFO observations are mistakenly identified natural or artificial objects, according to many skeptics, why people do not confuse these objects today? If messages UFOs are the result of mental problems, then it turns out that the reduction messages UFO related to improving the mental health of people. If UFOs are a manifestation of an unknown natural phenomenon, then what happened with the earthly nature, leading to a reduction messages UFO? The answers to these and other questions can provide the missing pieces to the puzzle UFO.

Involvement of UFOs to injury animals?

Haven't calm down the controversy over alleged connection between UFOs and strange cases of mutilation animals. Many researchers argues that the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of some animals, indicate the intervention of UFOs. They cite reports of strange lights or aircraft next to the fields, where later found mutilated animals. On dead animals find such physical evidence, as puncture wounds, missing body parts, lack or total absence of blood, indicating that someone deliberately and skillfully killed them for some unknown purpose. One of the popular theories on this subject is possible to carry out genetic experiments on them. Other researchers, including ufologists, skeptical about the possible communion UFO, citing evidence indicates that the earth causes such as disease and predators, can explain these seemingly mysterious deaths of animals. It also requires a systematic examination of the evidence before making a conclusion about UFOs for injured animals.

Who are "men in black"? Where are the rumors about mysterious black helicopters?

Who are "men in black"? Tell us about them as about humanoid creatures who are intimidated witnesses of UFOs or researchers and threaten them. Their facial features and behavior described as strange. Their manners and language is harsh and formal - something automatic and comic, but none the less threatening. The version about who are the men in black includes government agents and extraterrestrial biorobots. One popular theory is that they are hallucinations that people are experiencing of trauma in contact with UFOs. Another says they are notorious hoax. Like "the men in black", talking about the mystical black helicopters that threaten witnesses. Saw them in a low flight over the houses and cars witnesses of UFOs, but never saw that they had landed. Some suggest that this is a military observation helicopters, while others believe that it is a UFO, disguised as helicopters. It is also possible that a witness, injured by contact with UFOs identifies the usual flight path of the helicopter with his observation UFO communication, based on delusions of persecution rather than on concrete evidence.

Do UFOs something to "circles"?

After more than a decade of careful observation, there is still no concrete evidence linking the UFO and "circles". This phenomenon has many intriguing aspects that many people want to attribute extraterrestrial civilizations. These include changes in the cellular structure of plants, possible radiation fluctuations of soil samples and unusual geometrical parameters. These effects are exciting, but they cannot be considered as the results of the UFO. The modern theory of the origin of "circles" include unusual tornadoes, electromagnetic field of microwave radiation, the earth energy and hoaxes. Some believe that the complex shape of such entities indicates a hoax, however, in each case are difficult to explain the facts.

Six questions about UFOs. Photo from the website tainy.net

Who sees UFOs?

Anyone can see a UFO. No matter the poor he or rich, educated or uneducated, young or old. In fact, most of the witnesses were not even looking for UFO specially when they were lucky enough to see them. The greatest chance to see UFOs have people living in small towns or in rural areas, and is located far from settlements late at night.

(COMMENT Maxim Volchenkova: I Think many of us had something similar. Seen something, something seemed, something has thought. I saw things, like UFOs, twice. The first time he watched almost all the city of Murmansk and its surroundings thirteen years ago. Flying object, shimmering different colors, brazenly hung over night city, forcing all citizens to pour out into the streets. The next day, the authorities said that it is Norwegian or Swedish (can't remember) the balloon ascents. Generally speaking, UFO's pretty easy to write off the balloon ascents, while I do not argue that this was exactly UFO - just in Roswell did the same. The second time was seen also in the North. Nothing really didn't sparkle, but the movement was very strange - not as we aircraft...)

What is it like a UFO? How quickly they move?

Is it possible to get their images? UFOs can be of any shape or size. There are small luminous spots, moving in a strange way through the night sky. They are called "night lights" (nocturnal lights; NLs). This is the most widespread type of UFO. "Night lights" is really not of much interest, as the witnesses in this case cannot be considered parts. Without them ufologist cannot Uzenbe anything new. Distant objects, usually disco or trelkovsky observed in the daytime, called "daylight disk" (daylight disks; DDs). If the witness saw a UFO from a very close distance (500 metres), such observations are called "close encounters of the" (close encounters CEs). There are three types "close contacts", marked CE-1 CE-2 CE-3. When "close encounters" observed UFOs, like plates, boomerangs, spheres, diamonds, cigars, triangles and other strange forms. They emit bright light, sometimes white or red, sometimes multicolor.

The observed velocity UFO varies widely. UFOs may long motionless "hover" in the air, then immediately fly off at high speed, and far exceeding the speed limit conventional aircraft. They can slowly move across the sky and perform incredible maneuvers, such as turns at a right angle at impossible speeds. While it is not known what force drives UFO or why they are maneuverable.

There are several undoubtedly genuine pictures of UFOs. Many so-called "pictures of UFOs" actually represent natural phenomena (such as clouds freakish forms) or light patches on the camera or the marriage of the film, which was shown at the pictures. Some pictures deliberately tampered with people who wish to convince others that they have seen UFOs. This is done for various reasons, such as the desire for fame, money, advertising their religious or philosophical points of view. Some of the most famous photographs were obtained from the poppy-Manville, Oregon, in 1950; in Rouen, France, in 1954; near the coast of Brazil in 1958; and in Lubbock, Texas, in 1951. There are also videos of UFO received in the district Hudson, new York and Belgium. These images are often found in the UFO literature. Pictures are not sufficient proof of the reality of UFOs, as can be easily forged.

When people first saw a UFO?

Many researchers claim that UFOs were observed throughout history. There are many myths, legends and stories that describe the strange things seen in the skies, or beings that came from heaven to help people in the development of civilization. As modern scientists cannot be extracted from these stories actual facts, it is impossible to determine whether they are credible reports about real events. So most ufologists concentrate their attention on the study of the reports of UFOs since the beginning of this century. In the 1890-ies of North America watched in the air strange disablebrowse devices with very bright lights that flew over farms and settlements. Some argued that saw the pilots driving machines. Scholars disagree about the authenticity of these stories. Many researchers believe the message data hoaxes that were distributed to local ' clubs liars", or sensatsionnyj the stories invented by journalists with a rich imagination to Newspapers was sold out.

However, some ufologists are inclined to consider these observations are the first reliable messages in history. During the second world war pilots saw near its aircraft strange, glowing balls. They called them "fu-fighters" (foo fighters) - a term derived from the expression ("where there's foo, there's fire"from "Smokey of Stover" (Smokey Stover), a popular magazine comics of the time. First, the allies suggested that "foo-fighters" are the secret weapon or razvedyvatelnoye apparatus of Nazi Germany. Only after the war they found that German pilots also saw the bright lights that were then considered to be American or British secret devices.

In summer and autumn of 1946 over Sweden and Norway was observed a large number of unusual aerial objects. They dubbed "missiles-ghosts" and believed Russian secret weapon, constructed using the German military programs for creation of missile weapons. The Ministry of defence of Sweden announced that 80% of 1000 "launch ghosts" can be explained by natural phenomena, but the remaining 200 cases cannot be explained either natural phenomena or Swedish or Russian aircraft or hoaxes. Although the message "airships," and "fu fighters" more plausible and probable than ancient stories about strange "miracles" in the sky, many ufologists are questioning the accuracy of the above messages.

As a result, most of the researchers said that the modern UFO era began on June 24, 1947 the supervision of a businessman and pilot Kenneth Arnold. One flew over the Cascade mountains in Washington state, Arnold saw nine objects in the shape of a Crescent, flying along the mountain ridge. Although he watched them only three and a half minutes, Arnold saw that this is not the aircraft. He has broadcast its message, and when I landed at the airport it was waiting for reporters to ask questions. "As a plate thrown parallel to the surface of the water" - as he described the motion of objects. Hence the expression "flying saucer".

How to spot a hoax?

Although over the last forty years, there have been tens of thousands of messages about UFOs, less than 1% of them turned out to be hoaxes. For the most part, the competent researchers can recognize the hoax almost instantly. The most common type of hoaxes, manipulation with a candle or a torch and a balloon filled with helium. With these simple tools to achieve that the balloon glowed and thus gave the impression of a UFO. Carefully planned and done hoax that require more in-depth study are extremely rare. To eliminate the possibility of false alarms, you need to check the reliability of witnesses, message details, and any physical evidence, especially pictures.

Before you trust to the obtained data, the researcher should check the reliability and validity of these factors. The credibility of a witness may be checked by means of interviews with neighbors, friends, relatives, colleagues. In particular, the researcher is interested to determine whether it has the reputation sincere, responsible person, or hoaxer, good sense of humor and a babbler. The researcher also studies the message to determine whether it has an incredible approval or pronounced discrepancies. For example, similar whether the elements of the message to those that can be found in science fiction or they are so unusual that was not shown in other reports about seeing UFOs? Does the witness that he had seen a UFO many times, though other witnesses cannot be located? Does the witness that important evidence of his words disappeared mysteriously or were abducted "government agents"? While these facts can't prove a hoax, they can cast a shadow of doubt on the message, and must be considered in the study. Ultimately, the investigator must examine to see whether they were altered, falsified or mystified.

If the readings seem fake or if they can be explained in more prosaic methods, then on their validity in the shadow of a doubt. Often experienced ufologists may at first sight to identify forged a picture of a UFO. Various clue, such as the remarkable differences between HD UFOs and the foreground and background, help to identify a fake. Computer analysis of the pictures can also be used to prove the fraud. Technical means can specify a clue and can provide evidence about the forms of objects, materials and density. We must remember that in any study must critically and carefully examine. The more proven unreliable facts, the larger the shadow falls on the reliability of the UFO phenomenon as a whole. "The rule of thumb" in the UFO research says "if something seems too good to be true, most likely it really is too good to be true" ("If something appears too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true"; This applies not only in UFOlogy, but in life). Thus, the researcher should always critical approach to any fact.
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