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Почему масоны не могут создать единое мировое государство?Another issue that is directly associated with Freemasonry and sun gods - why masons, if they adhere to monotheism and are the agents of universal harmony and life according to the laws of nature, still not managed to create a unified world state without private property, exploitation of labor, and money?

Why the development of human society goes on a way of construction of new destroy Nature of enterprises, the permanent military conflicts and production of weapons of mass destruction? If you believe in the newspaper and online publications, masons filled the whole world and they were and are almost all presidents (including the USA and Russia), military leaders and top businessmen.

Here, perhaps, we first need to separate the truth from fiction. Articles in leading national Newspapers and publications Masonic authors do not confirm such an abundance of masons and their penetration into all structures of government, military and business. According to various estimates, there are from 4 to 30 million Freemasons. If to compare this figure with the total number of the population, it turns out that the Freemasons are from 0.05 to 0.5 % of the population, which, of course, a little bit.

According to the statement of the Freemasons , Freemasonry as an organization does not take decisions that would make ordinary masons to take certain political position or to maintain certain political parties and currents. This, and the discussion of political problems, it is strictly forbidden Masonic customs. At the same time, the masons are not prohibited from membership in political parties and there is nothing to prevent them from holding posts in state structures. But there is a custom in which Mason, who was elected to political office, shall suspend his membership in the Lodge. There is an example in Russian history, when the Emperor Paul I, Prince adopted in Freemasonry, upon ascending the throne, ceased to liaise with the Freemasons.

So the masons themselves claim that Freemasonry, as an organization, has no influence or attempt to influence policy in their countries, although the masons can take important political positions. In particular, in the USA fifteen presidents were masons and held in the brotherhood different position. So, President Lyndon Johnson had only primary Masonic degree Student, as Andrew Jackson and Harry Truman were Great Masters (i.e. headed Great Lodges of their States, respectively, Tennessee and Missouri). In the UK between 1737 and 1907 in the brotherhood consisted of sixteen princes and four of them later became kings.

Excursion into history: two periods of life of the solar gods

In order to properly understand the role of the Freemasons in modern society, you must understand what the position was occupied by the solar gods during their lives on the Earth's surface in the previous historical (or rather, mythological) era. I have carefully considered this question in the books of "the Battle of the ancient gods" and "the Earth before the flood - world of witches and werewolves and partially touched his works in the Lineage of heaven (sun) of the gods. Than Aditya, daityas and danavas differed from each other? Pedigree of heaven (solar) gods and demons" and "the Industry of war and ecology of the antediluvian Earth."

World of harmony and happiness

Throughout the "Golden age" (66-34 million years) solar gods lived in peace and harmony with the moon or the earth gods (the snake people) in a single global state in which no money, private property, and everyone worked according to their abilities, and took needs. It was an amazing world of harmony, lack of a destructive nature of enterprises, the coexistence of humans and animals (then all animals were vegetarians), which telepathically communicated with each other, and the words were spoken, mainly in order to create magic and spells. The main means of transportation in the dim and distant past were, as we have said, environmentally friendly aircraft, the principle of which was based on control of gravity.

In the Oligocene (34-24 million years ago), after which had shaken the world Eocene-Oligocene disaster, completely changed the world, and the Foundation of the sun gods of the underworld Agharti and ground of the Kingdom of Shambhala, was set to something like "Golden age". This period in the stories of some peoples called "small Golden age". In "small Golden age", along with the return to earth of the solar gods (part of them, apparently, remained in Agharti and Shambhala) old and the snake people whose ancestors lived in the Mesozoic, on our planet appeared serpent people amphibians and many-handed and many-headed reasonable chlenistonogie, most of which also lived according to the laws of nature.

War, disasters and the alternation of power between supporters and opponents of the divine order. Communist and capitalist ideology

It was not until the late Oligocene, when landed on Earth space invaders - "atheists" daityas and danavas. They began to map the Earth, build roads, build industrial enterprises, to build big city (about construction of roads tell Chinese stories about the construction of skyscrapers, floating cities, etc. - insights Lam received during meditation), and had no control of the birth rate (number of indirect signs, the "Golden age" was one child in the family). The result was broken existed on Earth balance, and began war. Planet rocked terrible Oligocene-Miocene (24 million years ago), and then early srednemirovoj (17 million years ago) accident, during which the earth was poured out continuous streams of waters in the upper, water-steam shell. After the world wars and related catastrophe began to follow each other with enviable constancy, and through all through smaller and smaller intervals. This was due to a reduction in the duration of life of people", first of all, due to the further destruction of water-steam shell, which rescued the inhabitants of the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Apparently, already in the late Oligocene in the wars of the gods, demons and ancestors of people has appeared two warring among themselves grouping:

- allies of the divine order, which included the solar gods (Aditya, Gandharvas, the Apsara and others), serpent people, many-armed creatures, YAKSHI and varied chimeras;

- opponents of life according to the divine rules which were the daityas, danavas and "corrupted" by the inhabitants of the Land from those groups that were in the camp of supporters of the divine order.

Essentially, it was a struggle between two different ideologies, having much in common with the ideologies of communism and capitalism. The first was public property (under Irish sagas, and later representatives of the sun - gods tuat de Danann exchanged even children for educational purposes and for hardening of nature), no money, wage labour, and during the "Golden age" they all lived in one world state. The second rule greed with the aim of personal enrichment. They used hired labor, money, and ruthlessly exploited by nature.

The result shook the Ground war, a victory which was won by one and then the other side of the world in turn ruled that the gods (supporters of the divine order), then the demons (atheist opponents of life in harmony with nature). At the moment - in the age of disappearing from the Earth's surface gods and demons because of bad living conditions for them and the rule of people - the world is in the hands of the enemies of life according to the divine rules (in accordance with the laws of universal harmony). As a consequence, the surface of the Earth is divided into countless number of States, leaders of which, immersed in their own problems, do not pay enough attention to the problems of global scale. The majority of people are driven by the desire to have as much money as possible. For the sake of profit butchered nature and many social values. Changing the face of the Earth and of blossoming oasis she turns into a litter-strewn desert. Even the people are not what they taught to be the ideology of the solar gods and religion.

A.V. Koltypin
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