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Какие тайны скрывает от нас НАСА Richard C. Hoagland and Ken Johnson - former NASA officials that in 2007-2009 decided to open the world previously unknown information that, according to them, NASA was specially kept for many years from the public.

While they carried out a number of press conferences scientists said that forty years is a secret behind seven locks the discovery astronauts of mission "Apollo" on the moon remnants of an ancient civilization of unknown origin.

Crystal towers on the moon

Detail the issue architectural and man-made artifacts found on the moon Richard Hoagland outlined in a book called "Dark mission. The secret history of NАSА". They read it can and Russian-speaking readers, because it is available and translated into Russian. In the book Chapter titled "Crystal tower of the moon" is devoted to the artifacts. Hoagland carefully studied the surface of the Earth satellite by using the most advanced technology in this field.

His work was based on the photos obtained by the American manned mission of the Apollo, and automatic research apparatuses. Observations Hoagland is simply curious. His attention was attracted by a strange geometrical education, which are located in the area of the lunar crater Alert. In addition, in this very crater is dark object in the form of a triangle on a lighter background circle.

The strange fact is that the picture AS10-32-4810 was studied earlier by the American ufologist Fred Stellinga, who claimed that the dark spots are entrances to the underground base, aliens, but at the same time, he did not notice geometrically correct entities. As he could not pay your attention on them, remains a mystery.

Hoagland found in another shot another striking object. The pictures made apparatus mission, the lunar Orbiter, he noted tower about a mile and a half under the form reminding point. The surface of the moon is millions of years had been " fired" by micrometeorites and asteroids, so this relief looked totally abnormal and unnatural, in comparison with the surrounding landscape. The object had the tip of the wrong form, expanded to the middle and narrowed down.

With the help of computer technologies was increased image, the results of which were very impressive. The unusual structure consisted of a complex crystal forms that repeat and visible at all mysterious object. Hogland managed to increase pictures with negative LО-III-84M, which have been identified amazing internal structure. It was a cubic or hexagonal cells, which, although they were damaged by time, but still could be traced clearly in the picture. Presumably, their size is seventy meters.

The dome above the sea

The same picture was fraught with another discovery - it can be considered the top poorly lit presumably glass cubic tower, which is even larger than the previous one. Initially there was a version that this fragment was the result flying over the Moon, comets. But this was refuted because no such comets in February 1967 in this area were observed. Preliminary calculations showed that the height of the glass tower is about seven miles.

After processing of special computer programs in the pictures was spotted another anomaly, which was called "fire in the steppe". We are talking about material that many-layer covers the surface of the moon, and emits a reddish glow. Research has made it possible to assume that this is a cover of broken glass, and other obscure material.

Jaglandom been assumed that once on the moon there was the sea, and it covered a huge glass dome. At a distance of about one hundred miles from the mysterious glass towers in 1967 the research unit "surveyor-6" has taken another amazing picture. It was captured something like sparkling beads.

This image gives the opportunity to consider some glittering chain, stretching along the Western edge of the horizon, and the intense light on the structure, the geometric outlines of which are clearly visible against the sky. Hoagland believes that such a phenomenon can have only one reason - the interaction of solar beams and a huge glass dome, which is located directly above the lunar surface.

Great value also had a photo taken in 1969 Apollo-10". On pictures AS 10-32-4822 visible unusual plot of the surface of the moon, located in the North-West of the crater Alert. On it are distinct geometric shapes.

Because of its similarity with the earth's cities, this area even got from one scientist-geologist nickname "Los Angeles on the moon". The picture gives us the image area of the lunar surface, covering hundreds of square miles, which is approximately equal to the square of the familiar to the inhabitants of the Earth Los Angeles, strikingly visible right shape of a three-dimensional drawing. Visible rows stretching dozens of kilometers straight lines that are strikingly similar to the streets of the cities of the Earth. Also in the photo are clearly visible in some places craters round shape with a diameter of about a mile.

Looking at them, one gets the impression that this city was exposed to bombardment. There is a possibility that the craters are not the result of "work" of meteorites, as a consequence of the impact of nuclear weapons. Independent experts have agreed in opinion, that from the point of view of Geology this city is rather young, "moon Los Angeles", probably only a couple hundred million years.

Even more striking an object can be seen on the other photo. This is a huge size structure very similar in appearance to the Neuschwanstein castle, which is located in Bavaria and was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria. But the essential difference between the two castles is in the size - height of lunar Neushwanstien reaches eleven miles. After studying this picture Hoagland made an unexpected conclusion that in the air lock is held with the help of a wire, and he seems to "hang" over the surface of the moon.

But there are also many other theories that explain the impression that the castle is floating in the air. The structure could be established on a dark ground, which cannot be seen on the picture, or at an extremely flat mirror surface. After all, from ancient times to mariners known optical effect, when it seems that the island or ships hovering over the water. Water at this time on the surface of the satellite not, but the mirror is a flat area around the castle may exist.

If to measure the size of a giant castle and "wire", holding it, then we can say that the diameter of such a wire in any case exceed ten meters. Inside it could be the communication system. There could be and pneumatic railway and other means of transportation.

Who built the lunar constructions?

Naturally, the question arises of who and when was the Creator of these mysterious structures. Richard Hoagland in one of his interviews he answered this question the following way: he suggested that the mission of Apollo found evidence of the existence of once-on the moon ancient, but human civilization. Hoagland said that NASA has information that there was a time when the entire Solar system has been inhabited by humans. To publish managed only a small fraction of these shocking facts. Independent experts date the possibility of the existence of this civilization hundreds of millions of years, but even so distant times people could populate the Earth.

This version could confirm these findings as the prints of a human foot, found in geological layers, which correspond to the Cambrian period (Antelopes springs, Utah - 505-590 million years) the Triassic period (Nevada - 213-248 million years), Carboniferous period (Rokas Kentucky - 286-320 million years).
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