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Нашествие крысIt seems that we have all chances to return to the middle ages. Then the rats were the same terrible disaster, as plague, which, by the way, they carried. In 1347, for example, they literally occupied Europe. This happened after the earthquake in the area of the Caspian sea. Running away from the cataclysm, hordes of rodents went to the West. Their promotion has not prevented even affluent Volga.

Armada rats were destroyed in its path fields and barns. They were exterminated thousands poisoned by toxins and even... was excommunicated from the Church. In the end, rodents fell victim to the same plague. But at the same time killed millions of people. Since such a terrible invasion of rat Horde was not repeated, but about the full victory of man in this war is not a question arose never: rats differ amazing vitality and fertility, writes sunhome.ru

Steel teeth, sharp mind

The fortress rat teeth exceeds the fortress of steel that they are able to crack, as well as concrete. They can jump to a height of two meters, float freely several kilometers (recorded record - 29 km), well-dive and even go to the wire. These qualities were developed for 50 million years: rats in terms of their biological age is 25 times the age of the person.

When the rats live only in East China. With the development of Maritime they spread around the world. Today neobitaemi remained only Antarctica Yes some Islands in the Arctic. And not because it's too cold Gray rodents are able to multiply even when the temperature is minus 20 degrees. Just in the snowy desert little human settlements, and hence food.

Scientists estimate that the population of rats is now more than 10 billion individuals. An average inhabitant of the planet has two rats. In Rome, for example, is home to around 15 million rats in new York - more than 12 million. The record keeps Mexico city - tens of millions of individuals.
Rat loves capital life. It is easy to learn in a big city, remembers the daily routine of man and there with him side by side, without falling once again on the eyes. But the main weapon of grey animal - high level of intelligence.

Experiments Moscow zoologist L.V. Krushinsky showed that rats in 82 percent of cases successfully coped with the experimental tasks. However, they were far ahead of cats, which showed only 52 percent of the success, and came close to dogs (85 percent), dolphins, elephants and apes.

In addition they have exceptionally fine sense of smell. As was established by the California researchers, among all the sleeping animals, which were directed beam of x-rays, woke up from them only rats. Research has proven that they feel the rays of the brain that controls the sense organs. It turns out that the x-ray radiation in rats has a smell.

According to the testimony of the chief sanitary doctor of Moscow Nikolay Filatov, rats are capable of withstanding very high level of radiation. During one experiment rat shot from the flaw detector power 300 roentgen per hour. Then she quietly got up and left. Be in the same situation people, he would have just died from radiation burn.

Mind rats is primarily manifested in obtaining food. Tell how cleverly they steal the eggs. One grabs egg front paws, and the second drags her into the den for a tail. A similar technique is used in case of sour cream: rat down in the Bank's tail, and then gives to lick it with the others. However, they are very careful: never would have become suspicious food all together. The role of the taster will take the most voracious and curious individual. And if a new dish she'll be hurt, relatives will make appropriate conclusions. Seasoned Norway will not allow to the dangerous lure young. Repel them, with a loud squeak be pushed to the ground. And then transmit a signal of danger to others. That's why try to plague rats using poisons useless. Moreover, poisoned individual will find the water begins to rapidly to drink and spend detoxification - washed himself a body.

Baleen of a drug addict

The intelligence of the rats causes admiration. No wonder the Ministry of defense of the USA tries to put them into his service. As news agencies reported, U.S. researchers devised a way of training of rats, which allows to teach them to look for drugs and explosives. According to James Otto from the Baltimore University, he and his colleague taught rats to rise on the back paws, when they feel the smell of cocaine in the laboratory. A special sensor tracks movement of animals and passes in the computer signal about their whereabouts. Know-how - dispenser food, connected to a sensor, which allows to automate the process of learning. Hiding drugs in food, the researchers told the rats that detection of contraband associated with pleasure. The method of training similar to well-known techniques of grandfather Durov. At the beginning of training the juicy parts are served on top, forcing the rodent to stand on hind legs. After three weeks of training one smell of cocaine causes rats to do the same. To search for drugs using rats snoops easier than with dogs: rat instinctively constantly sniffs the space around them. And the small sizes allow her to get into the most secret places.

In General, in experiments with rats in America there is a kind of boom. In new York, a group of scientists equipped with a rat "remote control". Using implanted in the brain of the animal electrodes actions can be programmirovat at a distance of 500 metres. These results are published in the current year the solid scientific journal Nature. Five laboratory rodents, worked with representatives of Drexel University, cannot be considered zaparovannyi robots. Animals are able to execute commands only after special training.

In the brain of each rats scientists implanted three electrodes thick hair. One of them is connected with the center of pleasure. The other two are the parts of the brain that respond to signals from the left and right side whiskers: with their help the animal is oriented in space. The electrodes are connected to a radio transmitter on the collar of a rat. The complex of devices complements the smallest camcorder. The tests were carried out in the maze. Scientists stimulated electrodes functions whiskers, and when the rat turned in the right direction, signals were sent to the center of pleasure.

The route was determined using a laptop. Then the animals tested in natural conditions. Running researchers they ran along the narrow pipe or on a suspended platform, climbed the trees and jumping from a height. It turned out that you can force them to come out in the open, well-lit space, which usually rats do not. Scientists believe that in the future such rodents will facilitate the task of rescuers during disasters. For example, managed rats can detect earthquake victims is much more effective than dogs, as well as to search for mines and conduct exploration on the territory of the enemy. In such an application rodents interested in the Ministry of defense of the United States, which has allocated money for this project.

Attempts to benefit from rats met and on the post-Soviet space. However, interest was shown not to the intellect of animals and their phenomenal gluttony. Inventor from Narva, for example, has proposed an original way of processing of waste rat on the farm. Animals not only eat organic waste, chew polyethylene, rubber, plastic and leather. From such a diet of rats TechNet and gradually ceased to move. Then they euthanized and grind. The crushed product is fed to larvae special flies that produce humus. As a result of this cycle farm makes all kinds of waste in fertile land. In the basis of the cycle inventor put such calculations: daily waste from one person fully able to "recycle" ten rats 24 hours.

However, the project did not find support from the city administration. Then Director of the occupational health service of Tallinn vowed that he will not give permission for the construction of the farm: Ten rats on one Estonian - it's too dangerous."

Who ate the glove Yeltsin?

Specialists of Rosaviakosmos developed the installation of ADS - automatic security disorientation system. The effect of the device, apparently representing a small box, is quite simple. Is one rat, sniffing unfamiliar object to touch the installation, as it becomes irritation centers panic, which is passed the entire population. In the animals leave the territory, they have it kind of ban. Such a device is installed in the Kremlin. As they say in the Moscow Fund of assistance to the sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing of the population, he appeared there, after one day the rats ate glove Yeltsin left in his office. And then pretty tracked on important government securities.

The majority of Russians, however, have resorted to the traditional way is to call on disinfection station. However, to wait for miracles from its employees not worth it. Even in Moscow on prophylactic rodents produce only 100 rubles a year for one house. Note that only the staff costs twice as much. Yes, and your site should visit at least once a month. But this rule nobody observes: no money. Because of outbreaks of diseases transmitted by rodents, became more frequent. In 2000, there were registered 35 cases of hemorrhagic fever, one of tularemia, 46 - leptospirosis. In 2001 - 75, six and 58 respectively. Save whether the position miracle device? In Rosaviakosmos sure - definitely Yes. Although all again about money. But if you still be able to use the device to get rid of the houses of all rodents immediately, they will simply settle in the yards and in the streets will be darting under our feet. However, not everything is so hopeless: destroy rats can. The life expectancy of an individual is not more than two years, and in extreme conditions, without food and shelter - they do not breed.
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