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НАСА обнародовало общий вид на место посадки CuriosityThe equipment that came to Mars with Rover "Curiosity" (Curiosity), seen by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). The HiRISE camera took pictures of the scene of the crime" approximately 24 hours after landing.

The Rover is in the center of the image. Right, somewhere in one and a half kilometres away, is the heat shield that protected the Rover from heating (about 2 100 C) during the passage of the Martian atmosphere. In the lower left corner, about 615 m from "Curiosity", parachute lying and cover, to which it is attached. Maximum diameter parachute - almost 21,5 m, in the pressurized state - about 16 M. the Cover is connected with it by using 80 rafter length of 50 m In the upper left corner, about 650 m from the Rover, is burned spot - footprint of the system operation Sky Crane, which put the Rover.

Here's how it works:

The heat shield was the first piece that fell on Mars. Some time later, ustremilis cover, to which was attached a parachute. After that the surface is touched himself Rover, ottepelis from Sky Crane. Last came off to the side and was shattered.

In all cases, the subjects raised dust and exposed the darker rock beneath it. In place of falling Sky Crane was formed arrow pointing to "Curiosity", because the system was down at a sharp angle.

Picture managed to get Nekrasov MRO 41 instead of the usual thirty. It has allowed to place in the frame more space in the direction to the West and into the Sun but at the same time it worsened the clarity of the planet's surface because of the scattering of visible light atmospheric dust and increase the number of the atmosphere through which must penetrate the opinion of the spacecraft. But we have a General picture. More detailed images of each actor will be obtained, most likely, individually.

On the surface of Mars, we look here at an angle of 45 (instead of 41 because of the curvature of the planet), that is, as if from the airplane. Actually the picture should be considered by rotating it 90 degrees clockwise.

The image scale is 39 cm per pixel.

НАСА обнародовало общий вид на место посадки CuriosityНАСА обнародовало общий вид на место посадки CuriosityНАСА обнародовало общий вид на место посадки CuriosityНАСА обнародовало общий вид на место посадки Curiosity

Below the "close-up" shows the Rover, the heat shield, parachute and the remains of the Sky Crane.
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