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Август 2012. Солнечная Вспышка. Разрушение и тяжестьAt the moment we are diving and swimming between solar flares faster than an Olympic champion in Boxing, but all these maneuvers do not bring obvious benefits. Electromagnetic energy has us wave after wave, and it is not felt so nice. But clean and offsets that these waves cause, really high, so that, when you next shout: "Oh, no! Not only this! Another flash!", know that they contribute a large internal and external transformation.

A series of outbreaks last week left us with a feeling of extreme physical and emotional fatigue. Perhaps you felt that crawl back in bed in a unexpected time, not only because exhausted physically, but also with a sense of "what a sense of it all?".

Each flash seems to come with its own "flavour" and carries its own message. That which we experienced in the period 28th-30th July, was especially difficult for many people. She felt an intense wave of loneliness, a veil of gravity, a kind of feeling of the plane, the lack of volume, the feeling of being isolated island, cut off from everyone and everything. Time dragged on endlessly, as if in slow motion. Perhaps you felt the desire to do something that always do when it all becomes "too" for you. Eat a mountain of ice cream or to climb into bed and hide under the blanket. If you feel this way, know that you are not alone. Together with you, the same thing took place millions of people, not to mention the team your support "Top"!

We are not alone, but have to experience certain parts of this life's journey alone. No one can feel our feelings and bring us our awakening. Flash is the last weekend of July was felt by us stay in the void "loneliness"that could cause panic symptoms and anxiety. We are going through a very intense explosion standoff its "autonomy". It worked on clarification of some of our old illusions and wounds on our "autonomy" and "loneliness", calling from obscurity old emotions. You could occur that you "lay aside", abandoned, forgotten, or ignored, that you ignored and forgotten. This outbreak has brought with it a lot, connected with a feeling "should I do it all myself". This feeling of heaviness, resentment, sadness, anger, etc. caused by the necessity to do everything yourself, put to itself a large part of financial problems or family obligations, or something like that. If you feel that this applies to you, ask yourself whether you have the feeling that you get the support you need. It is time to let go of the old: "I must do it myself" and replace with: "I commit it all energy Source (or any word you use for it) and I believe that the Source helps me, supports me, provide me with all the necessary. I don't want to do it all alone, and thanks to the power Source, to me, actually, and don't need to do this one". Having said so (and feeling and believing in it), you can literally feel the relief cargo, lying from you on the neck, shoulders and back, where many of us are stored voltage, especially in relation to recent problems.

This energy is "should I do it all myself" may also appear in the sense that you catch all together at once, in the sense that you can not show their emotions and Express anything but happy, "Sunny" positivity. Among mainstream society, and among those engaged "spirituality", there is a great misunderstanding concerning the so-called negative emotions as something that should be avoided at all costs. Smile during a difficult inner experience, when you actually don't feel happy, can be as debilitating as the self drugs or alcohol. Why? When we suppress that feeling, we, in fact, condemn something in itself, meaning "bad" that actually sends us a powerful message, trying to get our attention. If we constantly ignored their internal messengers, they will be looking for more and more obvious ways to attract our attention - pain in different parts of the physical body that we do not want to experience.

This does not mean that we should forget positive attitude. Our hearts (and the emotional body) is not black and white system. Our heart and the emotional body is filled with a rainbow, a myriad of colors. The awakening of a larger consciousness allows us to realize our full range. Within this spectrum, there are many aspects of who we really are, and the growth of consciousness allows us to experience several aspects at once. We have nothing to fear deepening in any of these aspects, because we know that we, in fact, more him, more than just these feelings. We know that our identity is not limited to this aspect. This knowledge allows us to Express themselves more freely and true. The irony is that the mastery of his shadow"ultimately, leads to our integrity and internal unity of consciousness, managed by heart. At the same time placing shore in order to feel only what is within our comfort zones, can cause paper jams in the old reality dualistic consciousness, managed by the mind. In short, feel their feelings and be true to yourself without restrictions and judgments.

You will see that many of voluntarily imposed by you on ourselves restrictions are released now (and this is really what you put on yourself, including the old beliefs about what we need to be who we are and what we should do in this life. Our binding to these and other similar stories over. In their place will be new stories or nothing, or a blank sheet on which still need to write something. In any case, you may feel vulnerable, being energetically naked, without any conscious idea of who you are now. Imagine that you take off the old coat to show hidden under it shining clothes. But you went with this coat for so long that now, without it, you first feel completely disoriented in terms of the feeling of self-identity. (We talked about this in the July forecast of "the Destruction of our ideas about ourselves"). Bouts of sadness and confusion perfectly normal and natural here. We say goodbye to so many of what we thought about myself. And even if from the point of view of our Highest "I" we know that now is the time to say farewell, from the point of view of our human personality, it can bring a lot of different emotions.

Another energetic influence, common now is the waiting for something from yourself or others and frustration when you or someone else, these standards do not reach. Speaking about "level", we really mean voluntarily set for ourselves, God knows when and for what reason, level. This "Planck"might have been you once healthy test or standard of conduct, but everything has its time, and once achieved the goal after starts to interfere with us. This is a good time to ask ourselves is not whether you are trying to keep the others in the old and false forms, which, in fact, no longer suited them (causing tension between you)? Do you, or do you want from others something that they can't or don't want to give you (thereby creating for ourselves feelings of anger or frustration)? When we do this, we give strength of their feelings in the hands of someone else. When we want someone acted in a certain way so that we felt good, it is a sure sign that we stumbled upon a pointer "Wrong path. Return!" This does not mean that we have to love what they do or don't do. But this means that we need to make a decision regarding their response to it.

The challenges now in many relationships, related to the fact that many people formed a huge vibrating breaks. As if each of us is in its own glass Elevator, and all these lifts can move up and down, right and left, and in all directions. At any given time, you may or may not be) the same vibration level with their parents, friends, partners, family, work colleagues. All this is true to a certain extent. But if earlier the different vibrational levels could interact more or less smoothly, but now it is becoming almost impossible. As a result, people who are not at one with you vibratory level, or level, incompatible with yours, or can't be with you in the same physical reality (temporarily or permanently), or, if you have to be in the same room, you will feel quite uncomfortable, and you should expect unnecessary disputes and similar tensions.

This "vibration break" - this is a complex matter because, again, on the level of our Highest "I"has a specific meaning why, for example, to specific people simply there is no place in our lives. If their vibrations are not in harmony with our (or Vice versa), two people just can't see how I can not merge oil and water. So in this sense, if someone fell out of your life, perhaps you just protect against unpleasant interaction, which should not happen. However, on a human level, we don't always know about the existence of this law "vibration break". And even if we know, it may be difficult to accept the reality in which someone about whom we used to care, no longer present in our lives or works in this situation not as we expected. Now is the time for philosophy "live and let live". People should do what they should do, even if you can't understand it, or to approach an iota of understanding. This is easier said than done, but do it anyway you want.

The present time more and more connected with the release of any pressure and expectations not only from others but from themselves, as SO MANY changes that can be very difficult to set goals and to expect yourself to achieve them for the simple reason that some other threads events may have much greater potential revival/cure/transformation in you what is next in line. A few years ago we had more time and flexibility for the deviation from the opportunities of revival. Now time is of the essence. If that is scheduled for a shift, you can be sure that it will occur within days or weeks rather than months and years. We all have one ultimate goal, much more important than our seemingly very important conscious purpose.

All we can now feel this urgency. Some of us felt her whole life, but this is a very personal feelings. Now we can see that almost everyone who surrounds us. We all can feel that something is happening, something great to happen, and know that we were born to become a part of this. This year may be quite painful for many people, because we feel as though looking for something, but we are not clear, what or when. Will it be one thing and huge, or many of the great things (except those big things that happen every day). Definitely, all the signs indicate the maturing of a perfect storm, woven of calendar dates, solar flares, space alignments, prophecies, earthly events and changes and unprecedented man-made crisis.

I asked observers "Top"always wise elders that they can say all disappointed by this sense of waiting? They replied:

"All you will need after the "Great Disclosure". Many people will be shocked once will understand, that reality is not what they thought it was. Even though THERE will be much bigger and better than what it WAS, all the same will take some time to digest it and to accept it, to recover from the destruction of what was considered to be true, to understand that they now look at another truth that could not have even imagined. But at the same time, they will Remember the truth that you see, and will wonder how you never seen her before, as they have forgotten it. You are all to a greater or lesser extent will feel it. Those of you who will experience less of a shock will be able to help those who will be affected by this stronger. Some of you shake loose the remnants of sleep relatively quickly. Other exit sleepy fog will take more time, but all you will RUB their eyes, seeing clearly all around, and for anybody that's not going to be easy".

This sounds like a gradual process of awakening, in which we were already in the course of many lives, but they clearly showed that "the Great Revelation" will be an event in the framework of the General period "disclosures", which we pass right now and that "awakening from a dream"of which they speak, will be affected absolutely all and will be directly connected with this event. What is this event? My experience tells me that the elders tend to give us as much information as they consider it necessary at this point, and no more. Or perhaps they only say that I, for some reason, you can at the moment to take. So, unfortunately, and to my disappointment, I don't know what this event. But I think it will happen to us unexpectedly, suddenly and very quickly, showing us who we really are, our galactic origin and history, and the truth about what is actually happening on our planet. This will be the turning point of the movement of the Earth and humanity to the next stage of evolution.

This may be a revelation of something, massive appearance everywhere spacecraft, mass awakening caused by cosmic alignment, accompanied by a waterfall highly vibrating energy, or anything of all this. The energy of waiting is not the energy that gives force, and we need to be careful and ask not lull us into this energy expectations so that we did not take anything and wouldn't finally, something about the state of our planet? So check yourself and daily confirm that you are constantly aligned with your best possible "I", the best possible reality and the best possible progress. Make sure that you are always in the right place at the right time, and that you always where can bring more good to the greatest number of people. Always distinguish between what they see, hear and read, asking themselves: "As I it feels? Do this for me, or not?".

Returning to solar flares, the energy effects of regular solar flares burden not only our emotional body, but also physical. In fact, the state of the physical body, subjected to shock waves for several months in a row or experiencing endless (instead of several hours) birth pangs, not too different. What we are experiencing right now, it is quite real, physical, and not just emotional/energy/spiritual experience. Even our electric networks may falter as a result of exposure sufficiently strong geomagnetic storm caused by solar flares. The question arises whether this is the cause of a massive power cuts in India-July 31, which affected 650000, more than half of the country and about 10% of the population of the Earth! The fact that we are now in a solar maximum, and flash will only increase in number and power, and although we have already been through such times before, before, we were not so strongly linked and so dependent on sources of energy.

It is not about fear, and on the practical measures and preparedness. I'm not talking about the construction of the bunker with a two-year supply of food. Rather, the idea is to think that you wanted to have on hand if your family for 2-3 days will remain without electricity and tap water. This is not a potential scenario in 2012. Millions of people have already experienced it for one reason or another this year. So, as it says, "Be Ready!". Our friends in the US recently experienced a 72-hour break in the supply of electricity. In addition to the desperate need in our soul, our friend said that you don't miss the TV, the computer, Internet and telephone. It was a welcome break in the external noise to which we have become accustomed. These flashes are shifting our perspective, allowing us time off, returning us to the natural (as opposed to artificial) sources of energy, and helping to evaluate such simple things as a hot shower. 2 billion people in the world lack access to electricity and almost a billion-to clean drinking water. Will increase if our sense of connection with our brothers and sisters around the world, living in such conditions, if we will be forced to experience something like that on a regular basis? Will the unpredictability of our national power network to make a step to life "offline"? When you feel a solar flare or read about Solar Storm as it happens more and more often, instead of falling into fear and despair, ask yourself: "If this is going to help us as it helps us? What message all this brings us?".

We live in the year in which each day, and sometimes hours, are of a different color. From perfect well-being and clarity, to disappointment and despair, including the entire spectrum that lies between the extremes. The knowledge that strong energy waves pass through us in order to clear the accumulated debris and to raise our vibration, can help us to drive our personal rainbow hill. In some days you can consciously decide to work with what comes. In others just take a breath, till it's gone. Each finds his own path through these times. It is about what is best for you, and can change every day! In mid-July, there were several high - energy flashes during opposition of Mars and Uranus. At that time it was very useful to do physical things, grounding you, such as running, dancing, or just to stand barefoot on the earth. This week it may be more to do with finding what comforts and nourishes you. I keep repeating it and will probably continue for another, but we really just need to breathe deeply during these "fights"because there is still more!

And remember, you are not alone!

None of you!


Dear Human Child,

Edition: Valery Lyssakov
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