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Польские летчики – об НЛОThe beginning of the modern era UFO is June 24, 1947, when American pilot Kenneth Arnold saw over the Cascade mountains flying with great speed objects, similar in shape to the plate. The first meeting was followed by others, and soon the "flying saucers" were called "unidentified flying objects", in English-Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). Hence the name of the new science - UFOlogy.

UFO were anciently

However, there are many testimonies of people who watched the UFO before the date mentioned, even in ancient times. The most reliable episodes ufologists include meetings with such kind of objects in the period of the Second world war, when in the sky from time to time there were shiny disks and balls - day, or bright colored lights at night. They moved with great speed, could stop suddenly, dramatically change the direction of flight. They became known as "fofilename", from the French feu - "fire" and the English fighter - a fighter, "fighter".

It is known that many Polish pilots fought on the side of the anti-Hitler coalition. Some of them met with fofilename.

Wrote about it in his book "the Polish pilots and UFO", former commander of the First fighter regiment "Warsaw" Colonel Ryszard Grundman and chief editor of the magazine CZAS UFO Bronislaw repetskaya.
Here are some of the most striking observations.

Knock purpose failed

on March 25, 1942 Lieutenant Roman Sobinskoye of Polish squadron RAF was taking his bomber at the base after a combat mission. Above the Northern coast of the Netherlands, in the Bay area Seger see, with the plane at the altitude of 4500 meters, suddenly chased out of nowhere appeared orange ball. The object is rapidly approaching.

Lieutenant ordered the arrow to fire him. He fulfilled the order and was sure that struck strange goal, but the ball unharmed sped past the plane and was gone from sight. In the opinion of the Sobinskoye, the speed of putatara was not less than 1,600 kilometers per hour. The message about this incident is under Attack of enlonavtami?" was placed in one of the rooms of the newspaper Tygodnik Demokratyczny in 1986.

The Germans also missed?

Is in the book and other evidence, as confirmed by witnesses story of former Wehrmacht soldier: "During the war I served in the air defense forces. In the spring of 1944 our part was on the territory of Poland, and one bright Sunny day once again sounded the alarm air RAID. The early warning system spotted quickly approaching object flying at the altitude 15 000 m. Such a "ceiling" we could not reach either one combat aircraft.

Something is rapidly approaching, losing height. When it was down to 8000 meters, anti-aircraft guns opened fire. It was seen how the exploding shells literally took UFO in the ring, but remaining unharmed, he continued to decline, while simultaneously increasing the speed.

Operators now and then screamed into the microphone: "Two thousand... three thousand, five thousand miles an hour!" It was incredible: not so fast no one flew! When an object is dropped to 2,000 meters, it began firing tracer bullets anti-aircraft installations of chetvertnykh heavy machine guns. But also to no avail. After a few seconds the eyes of dozens of eyewitnesses "alien" turned almost at a right angle and disappeared."

Has not helped and pointed the fire

Anthony the Shakhnovsky, a veteran of world war II, the Chairman of the Anglo-Polish club for the study of UFOs, fought in Northern Italy. It was in the summer of 1944. Part of it was fighting on the Adriatic coast, in the areas of Castelfidardo and Winter.

Anthony and his colleagues saw still hanging in the sky metal egg-shaped object. The Germans also spotted him. They started shooting at. Dagger fire from two sides did not cause the "egg" slightest harm. Hung in the air for a few minutes, it scurried out upwards.
A case report published by London Evening News on February 23, 1978.

Mysterious for a credit

First recorded in the postwar period case, the appearance of a flying saucer over Poland refers to 1954. One night in the control Center air defense forces entered inform the officer on duty radar station. "In the area of Bialystok on an altitude of 400 metres found unknown large object". To clarify the situation to the specified location was sent a police patrol, who confirmed the message in the sky object, like a big cigar.

It, according to the police, was silvery in the moonlight, and cast a long and wide shadow.
From a military unit stationed nearby, came division soldiers headed by the Sergeant. Junior commander has requested on the radio permissions "hit the cigar". But the shooting is prohibited. Remained only to observe. The object remained motionless for several hours, then suddenly sprang up and rushed to the East. The radar has recorded its speed exceeding 18 000 kilometers per hour!

The history of captain Chernova

In January 1959 in three issues of the newspaper Wieczor Wybrzeza, was printed essay journalist Andrzej Bashing "Flying saucers over Poland?". The basis for this was a conversation with officers of the flight stationed in Poznan.

This, in particular, said Andrzej graduate of the Academy of the General staff captain Apollonius Chernov, then - the commander of the Wroclaw flying corps, Brigadier General of the air force: "It happened in August 1956 in broad daylight. I'm at an altitude of 8000 meters returned to base after a training flight. Suddenly ahead and about a kilometer above me appeared clearly visible item in the form set vertically cigars. At that time my fighter was over

The market square, where often flew foreign balloons and different balloons. I thought it was one of them, only a few unusual. Got permission to shoot him.
The more I became close with the object, the more strange it seemed to me. In addition to the unusual form, outlandish was and its color.

The silver-grey shell seemed florenciavia, and the lower part of the "cigar" shone Matt, but the bright light. I was driving at a speed of about 800 kilometers per hour, and suddenly realized that the distance between us does not decrease, but increase. The object is rapidly removed, sharply, gaining height. According to my estimates, its speed exceeded 5000 km/hour. Continuing pursuit, I picked up the car at maximum height - 14 000 meters, and UFO continued to fly ahead and a couple thousand feet above.

Informing on base about the situation, I received an order to stop the persecution and to return. I was told that all this time on the radar screens you can see only my fighter.
On earth I'm not very spread about his adventure, fear of ridicule, or what kind of doubt in sravasti of my mind. But from my conversations with fellow soldiers learned that something similar a couple of days ago happened to captain Stolarski, only he saw no "cigar", and a flying saucer.

A strange incident with my participation was not at an end. In early October of the same year, we paired with captain Ariminum did a night training flight. At the cloudless sky was bright moonlight. About 21 hours 30 minutes at an altitude of 4,000 metres my slave said:

- Look, the next there's some kind of yellow thing! It seems to be chasing me.

After a moment near the right wing of the aircraft has flown glowing object oval and rapidly went forward. Contacting the ground and got the order to pursue the stranger, rushed after him. But he suddenly disappeared out of sight. Discouraged, we began to descend for landing. During the third turn the object suddenly appeared again before us. We rushed after him, quickly gaining speed of 900 km per hour. However UFO easily passed away and was soon lost to sight.

I'm sure it incredible at the time the rate was twice the speed of sound.
After landing, we learned that many of our comrades, too, saw the object. According to them, the diameter of the luminous ball (or disk) was one and a half times more apparent diameter of the moon. The radar is a strange thing - and this time, nothing showed, in addition to the two aircraft, Aramina and mine."

That night four pilot squadron saw in the sky flying lights". In their opinion, the speed of luminous balls was much higher than the speed of sound. And, of course, these mysterious lights, if to take into account their size, could not be the signal lights of some top secret and while no one is a slave of the aircraft.
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