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Пришельцы в доисторические временаOne of the first scientific hypotheses about visiting the Earth in prehistoric times, the game was first launched in the early 1930s, a Professor of Leningrad University and Leningrad Polytechnic Institute Rynkowym, one of the pioneers of aviation business in Russia, the author of jet engines, a friend of the founder of scientific base for Russian aircraft manufacturing of Zhukovsky.

Ten years before the onset of the space age Moscow fiction writer Kazantsev suggested that the spacecraft aliens was blown up over the Siberian taiga "Tunguska meteorite".

In 1959, shortly after the launch of the first satellite, astrophysicist Shklovsky released his hypothesis about the artificial nature of the satellites of the planet Mars.

And finally, in the following, 1960 appeared in detail reasoned hypothesis Soviet mathematician, astronomer, physicist-funeral Agrest, who offered material evidence stay on Earth envoys of other worlds in the distant past. Being deeply classified scientists, due to its work on nuclear weapons, Agrest for several years has not had the opportunity to state your hypothesis yourself. And the authors of the first presentation of her, because of various life circumstances were two Moscow journalists, who published February 9, 1960 in "Literaturnaya Gazeta" sensational article. One of these journalists was the author of these lines. Here is the article.


Now, after the great achievements of Soviet science, opened to mankind the way into space, no one doubts the possibility of a manned flight to distant worlds. Since our populated with people the Earth can't be an exception in the infinite and eternal Universe, there is no doubt that the inhabitants of the distant worlds too can master the peaks of science and to make space flights.

Based on these obvious for the modern man of truth, a Soviet scientist, the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences Man put forward a hypothesis about a possible visit to Land astronauts in the distant past.

Traces of the alleged astronauts can be found among the known Earth objects, the origin of which remains unsolved, and the ancient traditions of different Nations. Doubtless interest, according to the author of the hypothesis, can represent, for example, the following facts.


Among the various mysteries of nature one of the most mysterious considered tektites - vitreous education, found in isolated clusters on the earth's surface, in particular, in the Libyan desert.

In the tektites detected radioactive isotopes of aluminum and beryllium. Radioactive isotopes are a kind of metric birth certificate. In this case, they show that the tektites were born not earlier million years ago in the conditions of very high temperature and powerful radioactive radiation.

There have been many attempts to explain the nature of these mysterious formations. None of these attempts did not lead, however, to explain the many features of tektites, and in particular, their concentration in some areas of the Earth's surface.

Might there not be so? - asks the author of the hypothesis. - Giant ship from distant regions of the cosmos, approach the Earth. In interstellar space he was moving with the speed close to the speed of light, but at a distance of about 40 thousand kilometers from the Earth slackened speed up C kilometers per second, and by turning off the engine, hung over our planet as artificial satellite with circulation period of one day. This situation allowed the ship not to waste energy engines and a long time to be on the same area of the world. From this position the astronauts explored the atmosphere and the Earth's surface with the help of special equipment - probes and after choosing a suitable landing spot came down to Earth.

Whether tektites traces of falling on the Earth shells probes?


Among the buildings erected in ancient times, one of the most mysterious is Baalbek veranda is located in the mountains of Antilebanon Playground of huge stone slabs. The biggest plate has a length of more than twenty meters and weighs not less than two million pounds. Nobody has given a precise answer to the question: when, how and with what purpose was erected this unprecedented construction?

Might there not be so? - In order to Earth, as with databases, to fly to other planets of the Solar system, and also on the main ship, which could remain artificial satellite of the Earth, the astronauts had to build raketami and other special installations.

Whether Baalbek veranda balance one erected by cosmonauts launch pads? By the way, it is situated relatively close to the Libyan desert...


Historians have established that the ancient manuscripts, free from religious and fabulous layers may contain valuable information about truly happened in ancient times events. The Dead sea scrolls are of particular interest, since they are found in the area adjacent to the anti-Lebanon. Among the manuscripts lying in clay jars were found the most ancient texts of the initial parts of the Bible, written over two thousand years ago and represent copies more ancient records. It is known that the Hebrew priests in the preparation of the Bible made it the most ancient manuscripts, preserved by that time. In the legends contained in the first chapters of the Bible is there mention of the creatures appeared from heaven to Earth, and the people, taken from the Earth to heaven:

"Fallen from the sky were on Earth in those days, and even after you came (fallen) the sons of God..." "And were found Enoch with God and was not found, because God took him".

The attention of the modern person familiar with the discovery of nuclear physics, can not attract and description of the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Before the quake, according to the legend, the local resident messengers came to Lot, and said:

"Obagi for the sake of thy salvation, not look back, do not stop in all the plain on this side of the mountain obegi, so as not to waste away you".

It goes on to say:

"...There went up a smoke earth, as a pillar of smoke from the hearth... And gordil Sodom and Gomorrah sulphur and fire... And destroyed these cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and the plants of the earth... And looked around, his wife (Lot) behind him and turned to a pillar of salt... And went Lot of Zoar and dwelt in the mountain, because he feared to settle in Soare..."

Set out in modern language, this tradition would look like. People are encouraged to leave the area of the explosion, not to stay out in the open, not to observe the development of the explosion, to hide behind a thick layer of earth. What happened then the explosion was followed by the formation of characteristic smoke and raised rock, wrought great destruction, destroying all vegetation and remaining people. Those of the stranger, who turned around, went blind and died. Those who were saved in temporary shelters near the place of explosion, were then forced to go to distant caves.

Traditions can, of course, be interpreted in different ways. But couldn't it be so? - Landed astronauts, having immeasurably higher in culture and power than the then inhabitants of the Earth have been taken by them to be gods, is just as hundreds of years ago were adopted by the Indians for gods first Spaniards introduced in Peru. Later the astronauts left the Earth, and with them flew "son of Earth". Not explode if before departure, guests from space excess stored up their nuclear fuel, advance warning of the surrounding population, so it has not suffered from the atomic explosion? Isn't affected the people of the event was reflected in the traditions of the Nations that once inhabited the area of the Dead sea?


Have long noted that some information about celestial bodies inexplicably became known even at a time when there were no tools with which such information can be obtained. For example, Jonathan swift described the main features of the satellites of Mars for 150 years before the satellites were discovered. They have such a small size and located so close to the planet that can be observed only in a strong telescopes, which in times of swift was not yet.

Might there not be so? - During your stay on Earth, the astronauts attempted to pass on your knowledge to people. But this knowledge at extremely low culture and poorly developed technique of contemporary human society was extremely difficult to use, so they could not be durable.

The only exception was made for some information on astronomy, because even the most primitive nomadic tribes need to be able to navigate by the stars. Astronomical information, people carefully kept from earliest times. Therefore, information on astronomy, reported by the astronauts might have the best chance to survive. It is quite possible to "open" swift and other similar facts echoes of information drawn people from inhabitants of other worlds?

In order to answer this question, and questions about the nature of tektites Baalbek verandas, about the origins of some ancient legends, we need joint research of historians of ancient culture, archaeologists, geologists, physicists, radiochemists. Perhaps, the scientists say, none of the equiet mysteries is not associated with a visit to the Land of our brothers from space - and call dozens of new mysterious objects for researches. And in this case the efforts of scientists will not be spent for nothing - now many mysterious phenomena will receive his explanation...

Valentin RICH, Mikhail CHERNENKO

In terms of high quality it was normal scientific hypothesis. What other tracks could, in principle, be left by aliens, if they visited the Earth, except traces in geological formations (tektites?), in ancient layers of folklore (the Bible?), in the most ancient constructions (Baalbek?)...

In General, new ideas were expressed. Should greet them and attempt to either prove or disprove. But life is life. But in life, except smart people, there are not very smart, except honest - not very honest, except enthusiasts - oprovergaet. None of them paid attention to such a fun conjecture about the aliens. Smart people will complement the proposed Kazantsev, Shklou, Agrest hypothesis practical considerations, stupid ridiculous. Honest people called things by their names, and dishonest forged facts and wishful thinking. Enthusiasts were in the Tungus taiga and sent to Mars space probes, and oprovergaet rushed to extinguish the dust enthusiasts, arguing that no "Tunguska miracle" was not and that the "visitors from outer space" - a fairy tale for adults. A week after the appearance in "Literaturnaya Gazeta" articles "Traces are leading... in Space?" in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published an article by Vladimir Gubarev and Mikhail Restartuji "Traces are leading to ignorance".

Of course, teach a fool to pray the God, he and forehead hurt yourself. It is absurd to withdraw from the aliens Egyptian pyramids, maps Turkish Admiral and the Orthodox Church. And it is possible that the author appeared in a few years after the appearance of the hypothesis Agrest (and its American ally astronomer Carl Sagan book "memories of the future" and the same movie Daniken is simply a fraud. But Darwin is not the Respondent for Hitler, Einstein - Hiroshima, Marx for Pol Pot.

The hypothesis about aliens already served earthlings good service. Encouraged massive interest in space research, so important for the consent of millions of taxpayers with billion cost spacecraft, several decades would not give direct return and only in the late twentieth century led to the creation of satellite systems scan the earth's surface and atmosphere, telephone, television, Internet.

It is possible that the hypothesis about aliens will never be able to prove. It is possible that they will all be refuted. So what? Were not recognized in the end non-existent elements of Aristotle, the phlogiston Stahl, ether Descartes? But his place on the ladder of knowledge is all hypothesis - as proven and disproved the further development of science.
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