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Роль пришельцев в катаклизме 2012 годаSome ufologists say that in 2012 the mysterious planet Nibiru will approach the Earth and so will hit its gravitational field, which will start new flood. They also say that the governments of the leading countries have long known about the threat and, therefore, full build underground bases, connected by a network of tunnels where the chosen will survive the cataclysm.

There are persistent rumors, they say, billionaires are sent to e-mail with an offer to buy himself and his relatives place in a secure bunkers somewhere either in the Himalayas, whether in the southern Urals. Without further ADO, such asylum was called the ark.

Under the US allegedly dug hundred and forty cities. Really, a new underground country. About the same - under the UK. Well, as the British Isles are washed away completely, the less wealthy people who do not have an extra billion for the ticket to a new life, I try to leave, to move to the mountainous regions of the planet. Outflow of the population is not so noticeable, because instead of them coming to work a lot of people from poor countries.

Let's say Nibiru exists and is approaching. Although the perihelion (the lowest point of the orbit, the maximum approach to the Sun) runs between Jupiter and Mars, that is, quite far, but still assume that the gravitational influence would be really devastating. Will begin tectonic shifts, earthquakes and all underground base will become graves. People are flooded with millions of tonnes of soil. And then on top and flood - water will seep through the cracks.

The only way to survive the earthquake and the flood is a method of Noah. You need to build floating cities with domes that the waves had not poured on top. (Submarines because there are no storms are not scary.) Broad and sustained, that does not turn from a giant tsunami.

Another relatively inexpensive way to escape: airships. They are not afraid of the flood, or earthquake. You can make them toroidal (in the form of bagels) or disc that did not develop wind in the wrong directions, capable of landing on water during the lull (if you run out of food and need to arrange fishing, or just to save helium).

But under the ground there is no chance. Maybe elite and achieves wants to lure many mighty of this world into death traps, and take it for a billion from the nose?

Why, you may ask. Everything is very simple: base on Mars, not rubber, everyone will not hold. Billionaires can offended that they were staying. As to quarrel with cash bags cannot President Kennedy once tried. Everyone knows what happened.

Where Mars is the base? In the basin Hellas (depth of which is eight kilometers, so the air is almost twice higher than in other places). When on the red planet spring comes, above the valley with a diameter of two and a half thousand kilometers (fits Ukraine) clouds and sparkling white fog.

But it is only visible in the terrestrial telescopes. No spacecraft nothing photographs - not commanded. Images are transmitted only from lifeless areas.

Meanwhile, hard convincing the population of the Earth that life on Mars is impossible, slowly melted polar caps, increases the density of the atmosphere - is a secret process of the so-called TERRITORIALNIY, creation of more comfortable conditions close to the earth.

And now on the supporting pillars of the Martian units, landing, dew drops out that clearly fixed on the photos. And during the landing devices are used for braking already sufficiently dense atmosphere. (NASA blabbed about it, considering that ordinary people have no time to ponder over the fact of non-braking in such rarefied atmosphere, which it is painted.)

Therefore, all these letters with the offer to pay for salvation, rumors of underground cities and other propaganda is nothing more than a red herring. Actually in the hangars of secret bases have long been waiting in the wings flying saucers, built on alien technology. Roswell the gift is not passed.

If will begin a global catastrophe and other pandemonium, then the earth's elite will be loaded into these dishes and will go to Mars, there to wait for cataclysm. When Nibiru will be removed back home again shinov in a dark space for 3600 years, and everything on Earth will get more settled, it will be possible to return.

Of course, the earthquake will be on Mars. Rather, marsotryaseniya. Moreover, very strong, because Nibiru will pass very close.

But water in the liquid state there is very little, so nothing bad will happen - tsunami or flood. It's a Land where the oceans literally spill on the continent, to wash away all live waves with a height mile.

And if on Mars will Wake volcanoes, then that's even better: will become warmer, and the atmosphere will thicken due to volcanic gases.

Especially useful eruption about polar caps. Moreover, what will stoves, rastaplivat ice, so also will cover these caps ashes. The surface will not be white and stop to reflect light, not heat up - all melted, as good as gold. In General, there will be plenty of water, steam and heat. Shall flow rivers will zapisatsja lakes and seas. Accustomed plant will start to produce oxygen. Mars will become completely livable.

Well, we are fed lies about underground cities, which sees in each military bunker. And connect to the spread of these stories are not very sensitive ufologists.

What aliens, you ask, these big gray Zeta (aliens from Zeta Network). As they are looking for mankind to respond to the preparation of earthly rulers to evacuate to Mars.

Zeta alleged claim by contactees that will not allow the elite to escape, forced to share the fate of all mankind. And that's why he shot down the space Shuttle Challenger in 1986 the space Shuttle "Colubia" in 2003 - as hints earthly rulers. Strange alien logic, isn't it?

Actually knocked down, but for some other reasons. Most likely, just wanted to show who in space owner. Or boredom. They say, look, something flies, let's have a laser that has become merrier.

We are for the Zeta - only biomass. The herd. And the Land reserve of genetic material. Completely indifferent to them any moral norms in relation to us.

We, too, not too burdened by pity and a sense of decency when we cut the cattle eat meat, we kill animals for fur, arrange entertainment Safari.

You should repeat once again: all this is only speculation. They are based on the assumption that Nibiru really threatens Earth. If not threatened, the colony on Mars still being built for evacuation. But not only because of the flood, and the critical state of the environment, deforestation, predatory looting of natural resources, overpopulation, disease and total pollution.

For example, mobile phones cannot burn in the atmosphere will reach a very strong poison. So just Chuck them away. There the whole kladbisha gamers, hills and mountains.

In the ocean waters is already possible to observe large areas of floating debris, the whole field. Surf throws stuff even on the coast of Antarctica.

But those in power do not care. They perfectly calm - they have a place to go. So I try to squeeze out of a poisoned planet more, not worrying about the future of their children and grandchildren. On a clean Mars will be good.

Aliens them there certainly miss. Aliens anyhow, what planet to conduct the activity, abducting people and to put genetic experiments to improve their degenerate race.

As always, the false ufologists add to their tales of a particle of truth for the sake of credibility. Therefore, we can assume that the Earth after cataclysm inhabit hybrids of humans and Zetas. The results of the above genetic experiments.

But this, again, only in the case of a global catastrophe will really take place. If not, the check will be slow, secretly and quietly, so as not started witch-hunt"). Maybe already happening, and we are the children of Zeta, and we take them for ordinary people, about anything not knowing.

So it is likely that the end of the world is simply the end of free humanity. If in the ancient world the aliens ruled under the guise of the gods, now will dominate as more perfect race.

Once the gods brought reasonable person from Homo erectus to have someone to plow, sow, harvest and to work in the mines, mining for aliens ore.

Now people will start to do the dirty work for the new owners, the descendants of aliens who will say we ancient, wise, therefore, will teach you how to live. Will Zachem under the skin chips and turn the planet into an electronic concentration camp. So wait a bright future (that is to say, the new world order) long now.
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