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Тела пришельцев – сенсация или подделка?Far from rare cases when the alien or parts of their bodies take something completely different.

Periodically in the press, the message in such a place was found dead of a stranger or some part of it (or a live alien). However, despite the hype about the findings, there is no official document confirming this information. Is it really relevant organizations are trying to hide? Or is it all just a duck that start with a strange goal?

Well forgotten past?

Recently, the American scientist Steven Greer, Director of the "project of discovery research group, in 1993 involved in the collection of documentary materials on the issue of UFOs, was made a sensational statement: he and his team managed to examine the corpse of the representative of extraterrestrial civilizations.

In his blog Greer said: "We took the pictures of the whole body - by the method of x-ray and computer tomography.
In addition, we obtained DNA samples that are being considered leading geneticists of the world. Studies have shown that we are dealing with a humanoid body, no doubt."

Dr. Greer has also announced that it is currently working on the script for the film "Sirius", which will be given a full report on these studies, and provides many other proofs of the presence of aliens on Earth.
Back in 1991, Director of the Geneva Institute for planetary synthesis R. Schneider publicly released the report of his colleague Milton Cooper, "the Secret government", which stated that from 1947 to 1952 only on American territory landed about a half dozen alien ships. Some crashed, others made an emergency landing. As a result, in the hands of the Americans were 65 corpses and... one living stranger!

Humanoids instead secret weapon?

The most famous story, which included the military and the strangers that happened 65 years ago. This, of course, is about the famous incident near Roswell in the U.S. state of new Mexico, where the crashed ship of the alien invaders. How events unfolded?

July 8, 1947 in local media reported the air force about accident victim flying disk discovered by the owner of one of the ranch near the town of Roswell. In the text stated that the farmer, who had no phone, a few days kept the piece of wreckage in his yard, and then handed them over to the Sheriff of the County Chavez, who, in turn, contacted the command of a nearby air force base.

After finding examined the military, she was taken to the headquarters of the higher command. Just a few hours later on the radio made commander of the 8th air force, Brigadier General Roger Ramey. He told that the strange thing is currently in his office and is nothing like the wreckage of a balloon with a screen of aluminum foil. According to the General, the object had quite earthly origin. Soon the military convened a press conference on which has already officially declared: it's just the probe.
Meanwhile, around Roswell multiplied rumors. Thus, the local undertaker told that he was summoned to the air force base to take measurements with the "children's bodies." Nurse with whom he talked, told the man that coffins are designed for short humanoids, who died in the crash cymbals...

Recently in the Western press there was information that in the night from 12 to 13 August 1947, six local Indians Apache settled for the night in a desert area in southern new Mexico, watched the collapse of another alien device. Inside the ship was the "little man in a suit of white color, with a large head and enormous eyes, lying on the floor, sometimes trembling, and writhing". The next morning humanoid was taken on a stretcher to the village and began to treat the local media. Soon the Star Brother (as called by the Indians) began to recover, and after some time, unable to get in contact with her rescuers. He talked with them with the help of which was with him purple crystals, which gave the image on the screen.
Humanoid told that aliens have visited Earth in those days, when there was no life. When on our planet she was born, the aliens were constantly tweaked the process of evolution. Sometimes this correction resulted in positive changes, sometimes not.

All this details the grandson of one of the Indians supposedly saved the stranger, in his book "Terra. Unknown history of the Earth." He claims that all the above mentioned facts have told it in 1976, his grandfather, in turn learned from all saved alien.

However, most researchers are sceptical about the information Rozalski the crash and the ensuing events. Dan brown in his book "the Point of deception" writes: "the Incident in Roswell was nothing other than a crash during a test flight spy apparatus, intended for observation of Soviet nuclear tests. Secret project was called "Mogul”. The device then off course and fell in the desert of new Mexico. Unfortunately, civil found it earlier than military". In the opinion of Dan brown, "the alien" version arranged special services more than the disclosure of classified information on military equipment.

"Fake" aliens

Far from rare cases when the alien or parts of their bodies take something completely different. Scientists are convinced that various organic "miracles" is the result of a bizarre game of nature or the victim of a dysfunctional environment, transforming an ordinary animal mutants.

So, 12 September 2009 four boys, who played on the lake in a small Panamanian town of Cerro Azul, hardly has not attacked by strange creatures, their eyes vyaltsevo from the reservoir. The growth of the "enemy" was about five feet (1.5 meters). Students tell that monster turning up of underwater caves and began to scramble approaching them. In a panic, the boys threw the monster stones, then pushed him into the water and ran away.

The next day, their parents found the corpse of the unknown creatures, who had been washed ashore. Local residents claimed that the monster was a lot like Gollum from the novel Tolkien "the Lord of the rings". However, it is unlikely that adult fantasy suddenly came to life...
However, in 2008 a scientific expedition, which included researchers from Australia and New Zealand, found at the bottom of the Tasman sea, about hundreds of previously unknown species. Among them - the sea spider, fish with languages, hidden in his teeth, a creature with a long head, is able to detect electrical impulses emitted by a potential target.

But the very recent history. October 10, 2012 on the beach of the American city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida (see "Mystery of the twentieth century", №46 for 2012), some Gino Covacci found object ball-sized, resembling a giant eyeball. It is investigated now the specialists of the Institute for the study and conservation of Florida, trying to find out who it could belong to a massive visual organ. Shot eyes placed on the Network, and users began to wonder who lost his body. There was an option and with a stranger. However, scientists still inclined to a more prosaic explanation: the eyes belonged to a gigantic swordfish and was cut in some Joker-Fisher - apparently to mystify the audience focused on sensations...
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