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Нацисты и АнтарктидаI must say that by the time the Nazis had its own well developed racial theory. All the forerunner of Hitler claimed that the Earth is not so long ago there was a pure Aryan race, which has lost its grandeur only as a result of mixing with the "sub-human".

Where can we find the homeland of the Aryans? It was placed in different places - in mysterious Atlantis, mythical Lemuria, far Tibet. And some of them even in the ARCTOGAIA. According to these scientists, this huge island (or rather, a whole continent) was densely populated with people before the ice age. This was the country of the sun, mind, order, balanced instincts and true faith. Here arose the language, the basis of human civilization. The remains of this ancient civilization now buried under the sea waves and ice layer. One of the remnants of ARCTOGAIA - Greenland; no wonder the Vikings, the descendants of the ancient Germans, considered it sacred ground. After ARCTOGAIA first disappeared beneath the ice, and then - under the water, the ancestors of the Aryans were forced to emigrate in Eurasia.

The most interesting is that all these hypotheses do not conflict, and got along very well together. Therefore, the theory Weber - gotta was very to the court. Much of this was not necessary: it is enough to identify Aryans with Antarktida and everything will fall into place.

Indeed, they bring a few thousand years ago on their ships, settled on "warm" of the continents and established their civilization. While the Aryans Willy-nilly mixed with then lived on these continents ancient people - in fact, half APE - marring his pure blood. And then came the geographic factor. Where these prosimians were many in Africa and the Mediterranean regions with an extremely mild climate, - Aryans almost completely dissolved in their ranks. And in Northern Europe (Germany, Scandinavia), where prosimians was too cold, the Aryan race has survived almost unchanged.

But, if so, that, in Antarctica still occupy true Aryans, supermen, demigods! Hess contacted hott and gave him an audience with Hitler. The young scientist was able to make a deep impression on the future Fuhrer of the German nation, which was able to appreciate such strong and fanatic people like himself. In the end of the NSDAP was no longer eyes hott.

And he, in turn, willingly joined the party in 1931, rejoicing that it at least someone understood and appreciated. In 1933 goal, almost immediately after the Nazis came to power, was formed a special, highly classified Institute •Ahnenerbe" - "Heritage of ancestors". About it I spoke in detail in my previous book, so there would be limited to a few words.

The official task of the Institute is the study of everything associated with the history, culture, language, traditions of the ancient Germans. First thing in "Ahnenerbe", started the monopolization of Germanic studies. For several months he has integrated in its structure all scientific groups, engaged in similar issues. By 1937, "Ahnenerbe" consisted of almost fifty institutions. It was at this point Himmler took him under his sole leadership, including in the structure of SS. By this time "Ahnenerbe" beginning more and more to get away from scientific research. The bias in the area of the spirit, in the sphere of mystery and magic increased. Despite the fact that in their program documents "Heritage of ancestors" declared full of scientific character all of its research, occult practices as a new branch of knowledge has been firmly rooted in its structure. "Ahnenerbe" spent a lot of money - more than the US has spent on its "Manhattan project" (which will lift the veil of mystery - ended shameful failure). Research was carried out with enormous scope and was kept in strict secret.

It is known that the SS, scientists engaged in many important historical-cultural issues. For example, the history of the Holy Grail, disputes which do not cease to this day. They carefully examined all heretical current and occult school, including the society of the alchemists and the order of the Rosicrucians. In addition, they organized the Tibetan expedition to join the extraterrestrial intelligence and studying the prophecies of Nostradamus. With the war experts "Ahnenerbe" followed victorious Wehrmacht, taking under their "care" treasures of European museums and libraries. In addition, it eventually began to study completely Humanities. For example, connected with the creation of psychophysical weapons or the capabilities of the human body.

In "Ahnenerbe" came in 1933 and Hott. And at quite a high post - specially for it was created Antarctic division, and was subordinated directly to the head of the Institute - Hermann Wirth. Since then, the Gott has set itself the task of preparing a special Antarctic expedition.

However, it is another story.
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