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Откуда пришел человек современного типа?Scientists still can't distinctly explain the phenomenon of the appearance on the planet of the CRO-magnon - man of modern type. It really is a riddle: instead brutish low-browed Neanderthal 40 thousand years ago, unexpectedly, "suddenly" in caves started to dwell perfectly folded high handsome with great skulls-the object of envy and Socrates. Where did these people?

Scientific sensation was the study of the genetic code Neanderthals: it turned out that he has very little to do with the genetic code of modern (CRO-magnon) person. This discovery completely confused evolutionary theory, according to which the Neanderthal man is still in the evolutionary tree of humanity. Now ancient ancestor of the person simply unknown. Our "roots" break 40 thousand years ago.

The answer to this riddle, though close to the fiction may contain scattered in the ancient books, annals and Chronicles the messages about the mysterious heavenly signs, flying "Slavich of God", "angels" and "the sons of God"who descended from heaven, and who took a wife of the daughters of men. Such facts reported by the compilers of the Bible, ancient historians and chroniclers. Historians and chroniclers knew nothing about UFOs and possibilities of interplanetary contacts. Far from star wars", which are so fond of current students, they always tried accurately and fairly describe various unusual phenomena and therefore relate to ancient Chronicles it should if I do not trust, then at least with respect and interest. Mapping chronicle reports gives cause for serious reflection.

For example, the Roman historian Plutarch tells how in the I century BC in Phrygia (Asia Minor) for the decisive battle agreed troops famous for its gluttony Roman commander substituted Lucullus and Spanish insurgent Sartoria. The two armies approached orderly rows, up to armed conflict remains very little, when suddenly... "the sky opened up and a large fiery body that went down into the space between the two armies; it flew over the ground, and then sprang up and disappeared again in heaven". In appearance, writes Plutarch, mysterious item is more reminiscent of a wide barrel, and color it was like molten silver. Haunted by a mysterious sign, opponents went without a fight. As we see, the Roman historian, well-known for their precision, gives... model description UFO! Maybe somewhere in the archives of the unknown planet stored ootage", on which this Lukull is surrounded by harsh Roman legionaries.

A similar event describes and Homer in the "Iliad", narrating about the great war between the Greeks and the Trojans in the beginning of XII century BC, During the battle of "the goddess Athena in the form of a bright star, sent by Zeus", rushed through fighting regiments, bringing soldiers in bewilderment and forcing them to think: who promise a victory it is a wonderful sign?..

Reports of UFOs exist in medieval European Chronicles. Benvenuto Cellini, a famous Italian sculptor and artist of the Renaissance, describes how one day he with his friend went from Florence to Rome. It was dark when they got up into the mountains surrounding the city. Looking back, both traveller exclaimed in amazement: "o God of heaven, that it hangs in the sky over Florence? It's like a big fire the beam, which sparkles and emits a bright light!"

Ustyug chronicle reports: January 25, 1677, in the seventh hour happened in Veliky Ustyug terrible fire, from which the whole city center has disappeared in the flame. And suddenly the midst of the fire over the Church of St. Barbara came a huge subject, similar to the moon. And he hung low over the burning city for two hours. And then quickly ascended and disappeared into the sky. It is possible that the fire of Great Ustyug and now show on some distant planet in the transfer of our type "club of travelers".

Dswifi tells how Gulliver met in the Pacific between Japan and the Aleutian Islands, flying island of Laputa, in the form of a circle with a diameter of about four and a half miles. Flying disc sparkled in the rays of the Sun, because of its lower part was made of diamond.

Laputa was inhabited by mathematicians and astronomers, which, in particular, informed the Gulliver that Mars has two tiny satellites, rushing at great speed near its surface. Swift wrote this in 1725, and Phobos and Deimos, the two small satellites of Mars, were discovered only in 1877, and they are really spinning very fast in the anomalous vicinity of the planet. Phobos, for example, performs one revolution takes about 7 hours 39 minutes! Maybe someone from the British sailors met with UFOs and prompted swift information on the satellites of Mars and the idea of a flying disk?..

Characteristically, all chroniclers ancient times, describing the phenomenon of UFOs, have not found the appropriate comparisons. They saw "as if the barrel", "like a log", "how would the moon". Especially often this phrase is found in the Bible, which preserved amazing equally detailed description mysterious aerial phenomena.

Here's what says the prophet Ezekiel about the events that took place in the beginning of VI century BC: "I was among the IDPs on the river

Chebar, when the heavens were opened and I saw the phenomenon of God... a Great cloud and the fire spray, and a glow around him. From the middle of the fire was visible likeness of four living creatures, and their appearance was as a person. And each had four wings. And the hand of man was under their wings... And the wings touched one another, and when stopped wings, they covered their bodies".

Analogies such to the miraculous appearance of the man, who lived 2, 5 thousands years ago, in the bronze age, of course, was not. Technical analogy emerged recently: the helicopter system Kamov, where on one axis rotating four pairs of contiguous wing. But it seems that Ezekiel is trying to describe is still unknown and our civilization private helicopter-blade system backpack type with wheels and flexible wings, descending along the body at landing.

Ezekiel says that on the ground next to each "animal" was on the wheel, and it seemed that "the wheel is in wheel"and "animals" rose into the air, the wheels were lifted up along with them. Above their heads was "the likeness of the firmament" (apparently, the cab. - A.P.), and above the firmament stretched wings. During this flight, in the words of Ezekiel, "the glory of the Lord" we heard the terrible roar, "as it was the noise of many waters, as the voice of the Almighty, like the noise of an host; and when she stopped - wings down". But we now know, as a roaring wildly powerful helicopter as hanging down flexible wings-blades in standing on the ground rotorcraft, as in flight, the blades turn into a shining "umbrella" or "dome".

Obviously, the most courageous people from the bronze age became numb from fear, if caught in a modern airport. But it seems that Ezekiel met with such high technical civilization that she could to amaze us. Because the feet "animals" sparkled like burnished brass (we have such footwear yet), clothes humanoid "animals" glowed like burning coal or oil lamps creators "presentations" supernova service in Paris while it was still nedoumenii); rim were high and dreadful, because "were full of eyes". What is "eye"?.. Maybe, just brilliant rivets or spotted structure glowing electromagnetic fields?..

One can only wonder detail descriptions high technical civilization, which gives people the bronze age. His attempt more accurate and truthful to convey what he saw, his feeling of self - "technical inferiority" - very clearly conveys the expression "like"accompanying almost every sentence. It ' as if" psychologically very important evidence of the veracity of the author, the proof of the trembling soul, bemused meeting with something terrible, the mighty and the unknown.

At the second meeting Ezekiel calls aliens not "animals"and "the cherubim". But cherubim similarly spread at launch drooping wings and with a terrible crash soar into the sky along with "the wheels are full of eyes". They rise to hanging over them "glory

The Lord", where under the blue dome is done "like sapphire", sits "as man". What else could say in the VI century B.C. the witness flight even balloon? And how he would describe the helicopter and the disk UFO?..

In the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, reflecting the most ancient legends, delves "angels"visited the Lot of the righteous in the city of Sodom. These mysterious strangers, although referred to as the angels, very similar in their needs with ordinary people: they

necessary bread and overnight. Moreover, the similarity "angels" with people so great that they almost got raped by brutal on the type of strangers the men of Sodom. The Bible says that "angels" escaped from them only by the fact that smote the gays blindness (this could be done, for example, a powerful laser beam).

But patience "Higher powers" also has a limit: the Lord is always blamed "sodomist" and sinful city, was sentenced to death along with the entire population. When the morning arose, "angels" hastened Lot: "arise, take thy wife and thy two daughters, lest you for the iniquity of the city" (Genesis mainly 19, item 15). "And those men took the hand him and his wife, and two daughters, and set him without the city". One of the "angels" said, "Escape for thy life, do not look back, run to the mountain, lest thou be consumed... And shed the Lord on Sodom and Gomorrah rain sulfur and fire from the sky. And now the smoke is rising from the ground, as the smoke of a furnace..."

As you can see. The Bible describes the situation that nowadays can be interpreted on the level of knowledge of modern civilization. But it was absolutely impossible for a hundred years ago. The Bible describes the nimal", "cherubim" and "angels"as humanoid beings. This is very important information. But, maybe all the way around - and the modern man, mysteriously appeared on Earth and the CRO-magnon man - "kruvivaba"?..

It is possible that the answer to this question is contained in the same Book of Genesis, Chapter 6. Here you can read the following amazing text:

"The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. The sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them... This is a strong, old nice people..." Thus, the text of the old Testament points to direct sexual contact of a highly "sons of God" with people.

These facts can be interpreted as evidence of close contact people of the past with highly evolved beings type "alien"may "make" the human race. Recall that in the scale of the Universe, whose age is estimated in 15 billion years, our earthly civilization arose not even "yesterday", and just "microsecond" back. Maybe the ancient highly developed civilization really actively influence the lives of other planets, including on the development of higher earthlings?

For example, hundreds recorded in our time of occurrence enigmatic figures in fields with grain crops is very similar to systematic environmental testing of technogenic wastes pollute the main food of the people... it Seems that the Earth with its growing environmental problems is "under the hood" higher civilizations, leading their own monitoring our planet. It cannot be excluded that the genetic code of the person partially borrowed from space aliens. As we can see, for this opinion there is some justification.
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