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Космические корабли в БиблииShips of the prophet. Another story placed in the Bible, is, ironically, a direct relation to... UFOs, and the spread in ancient times Aeronautics and aviation. The prophet Ezekiel, if you believe the stories that the person is real. The son of a priest was a priest at the temple of Yahweh (the name of God the father in the Bible) in Jerusalem. He was highly revered by the people; this is evidenced by the fact that for some time among his pupils was the great ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Pythagoras.

When Ezekiel was still young, in the history of his people was an important event-the Jewish Jehoiakim the king decided to get rid of the yoke of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II. But the rebellion was unsuccessful; soon, Jerusalem was besieged, Joachim captured and executed. And Nebuchadnezzar had carried with them into exile 10 thousand people hostage. Among them was Ezekiel. Taken captive were settled near a tributary of the Euphrates - Habour (or hovera) in Chaldea. In the fifth year of captivity, as told by the Bible, Ezekiel was called to the prophets, after witnessing an unprecedented event, which will be discussed below.

All he prophesied with 592 on 570 BCE Writing a book about his experiences and what he saw, was soon killed the son of the king of the Jews, of which Ezekiel was accused of idolatry.

In the book of the prophet Ezekiel, part of one of the parts of the old Testament, we read: "...And was, in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, in the fifth day of the month, when I was among the IDPs by the river Chebar, the heavens were opened, and I saw the knowledge of God... And I saw: and behold, a stormy wind came out of the North, a great cloud and the fire spray, and a glow around him. As of mid him like the light of a flame... And... there was the likeness of four living creatures, and what was their type; their appearance was like that of a man; And each had four faces, and every one had four wings; And their feet - legs straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the soles of the bullock, and they sparkled like burnished brass...”.

"Animals” these could move back and forth like lightning, and they moved, not being developed, and in addition there was also and wheels. "And their appearance and their dispensation it seemed as if the wheel is in the wheel". "And there was a voice from the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of the crown, in appearance like a stone sapphire : and upon the likeness of the crown was as it were the likeness of a man above upon it. And I saw how would glowing metal, as the appearance of fire within it round; from the appearance of his loins and above and from the appearance of his loins I saw as it were a fire, and the radiance was around him. What is the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about.

Of course, the future prophet shocked, he picks up the words, to somehow describe what he saw. With what to compare "cart God”, but with a chariot?" But not simple, and flying... by the Way, in ancient Indian literature - "Mahabharata”, "Ramayana” - also discusses "heavenly flying chariot”.

But what is so picturesque descriptions?

This tried to get to the head of project Department NASA USA Josef F. Blumrich. "If the wheel within a wheel, " he writes. - to associate with a helicopter rotor, as an auxiliary device, helping the rocket hang over the earth, and cow hooves boarding mechanism, the text of Ezekiel is filled with specific practical content. "The story of the prophet, says the researcher, it is possible to reconstruct the General view of the spacecraft and even calculate its characteristics. In the book "spacecraft Ezekiel,” he gives a detailed base of my hypotheses and comes in the end to the conclusion that "the divine chariot, rather, was spustenim lockstitch machine interplanetary spacecraft. Mass, according to calculations Blumrich, was about 63 so, and the engine power - 70 thousand h.p.

Not only quite possible from the technical point of view, but also very suitable constructively. Fantastic in this case, it seems only that this ship could be more than 2500 years ago!

No duds, but the rotor...

It is fair to say that something in the calculations Blumrich still surprising. To lift from the Earth's surface such mass necessary capacity by approximately two orders of magnitude larger than is Blumrich. For a helicopter is so enormous power is simply not needed. The helicopter can do to lift such a weight four times smaller.

Only trouble is - on this unit will not rise in space. And yet robust grain in reasoning Blumrich certainly are. That's the kind of composite construction offer, for example, German engineers. Recently they have developed LAReC - big return capsule for "Ariana”. This device intended for the return of people and goods from orbit to Earth, consists of 3 main sections. In aggregate, detachable front of the entrance into the atmosphere, will place engines orbital maneuvering. He himself returned the device, which has a shape of a truncated cone, includes the crew compartment in which 4 people can live 12 days, and the cargo Bay, which you can razgermetizatsii and upload through the lateral hatch. Finally, crowned by design compartment, which in this case for us the most interesting. In addition to the docking station and radio systems is still... folding helicopter rotor!

With its help, not traditional parachutes and now intend foreign specialists to carry out landing. Additionally, there are also rocket engines soft landing, telescopic shock absorbers. In other words, in this design, there are all those parts, mentioned by Ezekiel: and missiles, giving the "fire glow”, and "wheel within a wheel” - helicopter rotor, and "feet with hooves” - boarding-absorbers.

However, the spaceship built by aliens, not the only aircraft that could see Ezekiel. It turns out that our countrymen were not born yesterday... .

Over the land of the Incas

Say, it was a spectacular sight! Balloon that - and the ball cannot be called a giant tetrahedron looked like a carton of milk for Gulliver's travels, with suspended to it gondola in the form of a reed boat rapidly moved up.

So a few years ago in Peru began the experiment, whose main objective was to test, how could people to fly more than 2 thousand years ago? As believed by some researchers, the ancient Peruvians could fly, say, over the desert Nazca - the location of the mysterious land lines and patterns, which because of their enormity can only be seen from the height of bird flight.

And, having reached the height of 200 meters, the ball suddenly went down. Has not helped and thrown experienced balloon - Englishman J.. The Knott and American J.. The Woodman two kilo bags of ballast. Gondola boat was about to crash into the sand with such force that were literally "sensation”. Lightweight ball again rose into the sky and landed after only 12 minutes by flying during this time, about 3 km.

How to evaluate the results of the experiment? Absolutely unsuccessful flight was not: no one was hurt; balloonists escaped, that is, easy fright and bruises. Absolutely useless it can not be called: the balloon, built according to the drawings, found on the walls of the ancient tombs of the Indians, still flew.

Knott is not a beginner in the world of Aeronautics (for example, he holds the record height of ascent in a balloon and many other achievements) - with typical British humor said after a high-speed landing that "it was really fantastic flight”. However, he did not fail to add that only under clouds balloonists were able "to enjoy the spectacle of bizarre shapes and lines of the Nazca desert”.

So let's credited this experiment in asset researchers and going to focus on its technical details.

"Glider pilots antiquity”

The device Gusman is not the only possible repetition of ancient constructions. Remember "ProcessCEM the chandelier” - one of the images found in the vicinity of the town of Nazca. According to experts, the picture reminds line... war of the aircraft type modern glider. And is a sign on the place of the desert, where almost constantly having powerful ascending streams. Therefore, he, as the lighthouse could point losing height pilot: "Fly here, here again you will be able to soar into the sky...”.

Then, from the "chandelier” inland goes straight white line, well visible from a height of several hundred meters. It goes through the mountains and valleys and ends on the approach to the mountain plateau. We can assume that this line once served as a direction indicator, which often flew ancient pilots using prevailing here ascending streams.

And the ” airport ” in the desert has many "signs”that could lot to open the keen sight. So, modern glider pilots who examined these places, found that there are not only the most convenient approaches, but there is a figure called "wing Delta”, which rather accurately represents the wind rose. Triangles inform planerische about possible side wind, and "squares” - the best place of landing. Stylized figures of birds, according to the researchers, may mean the Parking areas. It is about them there are large boulders, in form and weight are suitable for mooring gliders.

Recently archaeologistand began to see similar images and other places of the coast where there are good conditions for bathing gliders and similar aircraft. To see these images more often it is possible exactly as I saw the pictures in the Nazca desert - from height of the bird's flight from the cockpit of the aircraft. On earth they are practically invisible.
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