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Открытия, которым нет объясненийModern man is proud of the achievements of civilization and of their belonging to it. However, some knowledge of our ancestors still baffled scientists around the world.

Calculator, which is more than 2000 years

Strange mechanism scientists discovered by boat, which in ancient times sank near Antichiter, Islands in Greece. The ship had lain on the seabed more than 2 thousand years. The mechanism is driven bronze gears and consists of details, analogues of which does not contain any device those years. Scientists have not been able to understand, what is its purpose. X-ray was able to establish that mechanism is 82 explicit and hidden snippet. He looks like a hybrid of an astrolabe and a calculator. But who, where and why it was designed, remains a mystery.

Water supply, the coeval of mankind

Three mysterious triangular holes on the top of the mountain in one of the most remote provinces of China, for a long time do not give sleep to many scientists. First, archaeologists have found that in this country hardly once people lived. Secondly, in the holes are many rusty now pipes, whose origin is unknown. Some are drawn to the middle of the mountains, some by the nearby salt lake. Secondly, the age of pipes refers to the time when humanity has not yet mastered the fire, therefore no metal we can not go. Thirdly, tubes free of debris, which suggests that they were used on purpose, although it is impossible to answer.

Volcanic balls of Costa Rica

In any place of this small country, you can come across an unusual stones that have a perfectly spherical shape. The size of these the most diverse spheres: diameter varies from a few centimeters up to 2,5 meters, and weight - from a few grams to several tons. What giant needed to grind stones, and then be scattered anywhere, was not clear. The only thing that the scientists, is that the balls carved from volcanic rock.

The battery from Ancient Mesopotamia

On the territory of modern Iraq, which is located on the site of Ancient Mesopotamia, found the battery, the age of which exceeds 2 thousand years. When they are discovered, archaeologists decided that found the usual clay vessels in which the early settlers were stored products. But then it turned out that each vessel is the rod of copper. Perhaps in the vessels contained a kind of liquid, which copper could give an electric charge. If this assumption is true, then we can assume that scientists have found the first in the history of mankind battery. But it still does not explain why and to whom are they needed? Though perhaps they were used in various religious rituals or work on getting the gold.

Sounds beneath the waters

Officials of the National Agency, which studies of oceanic and atmospheric phenomena USA, managed to write down in the ocean of sound, the origin of which is still unknown. Its volume was such that he was "zapelengoval" microphones, between which ran 3 thousand miles of water.

On the wave characteristics of sound scientists were able to determine that its source is a living being. However, no known animal is not able to produce such a large number of decibelle.

Indian aircraft

Age figures reminiscent of the aircraft shall be not less than one and a half thousand years. That served as a model to create them - nobody knows.

Because of the presence of krilev, they were related directories in category zoomorphic, that is made like animals. And it is unclear butterflies or birds, they were considered numerous guests museums. And only in the last century, when the aviation industry began to gain momentum, upon closer examination, it became clear that the figures are airplanes. You can see them, they simply had nothing to compare.

Fossils with "experience"

On the planet periodically take fossils, whose origin can not understand neither historians nor geologists. For example, printed in limestone man's hand, which 110 million years. Approximately the same number of years of human finger which is found in the canadian Arctic. As found in Utah petrified footprint, which shod sandal, was left, according to various estimates, 300-600 million years ago.

Bermuda triangle continues to amaze

Something, like a pyramid on the ocean floor, it was noted by sound fishing vessel in 1977. It was in the Bermuda Islands. Soon American Charles Berlitz organized in the area of the research expedition. 400-meter depth of the Americans discovered the pyramid. The construction height is 150 meters, in the base it has 200 metres away, though his hand is not symmetric.

This pyramid three times higher than the pyramid of Cheops, although the latter is considered the biggest in Egypt. It faces resemble glass or crystal, and their smoothness would envy and mirror. To determine the origin of the material from which it is built is impossible. In addition, it, unlike the items which for a long time are at a depth, not overgrown by algae. Its walls are solid piece and none of the ship's sonar or it could not consider it traces joints, cracks or fractures.

Later, the US authorities were forbidden to disclose any information about the pyramid. More recently, however, oceanographer Verlag Mayer in those waters found two similar structures. Special equipment has shown that they are of the same materials - glass or in the worst case, ceramics. They exceed their size first discovered underwater pyramids and, of course, all such structures on land.

But the most surprising was the fact that their age ranges between 500 years. Not worth it, probably, and to mention the fact that neither now nor, 5 years ago, humans didn't have the technology to build them...
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