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На циферблате “Часов Исиды” отмечены все катастрофы XX векаWhen nearly two centuries ago, the Frenchman Jean Francois Champollion published the first information about the pyramids in Egypt, hardly anyone of his contemporaries could assume that his secret these structures will be guarded, not less zealous than the neighboring ones Sphinx.

At the turn of the third Millennium the global academic community honestly admits to solve even the most simple tasks pyramidology geometry him so far. Therefore valuable every step of the way. Their contribution in pyrimidinedione made and Russians. Thus, the member of the Federation of cosmonautics of Russia, doctor of Sciences Sergey Proskuryakov, exploring the geometrical features of the great pyramid, have developed a so-called "Watch ISIS", which are accurate to a day you can predict the coming catastrophe. Configured on the XX century, the clock has never made a mistake...

Almost from the first steps of science of Egyptology scientists began to notice that inside the pyramids something unusual is going on. Together with the mysterious ability to modificirovat living organisms there is fixed and does unexplained phenomena. Remarkable case happened with the Czech radio engineer Karel Drvenom. Using the previous academic achievements of scientists-biologists, he came to the Conclusion that there is a connection between the form of cavities within the Egyptian burials and chemical, physical, biological processes inside them. It remained to be the formula of this dependence. Long struggled it engineer. Internal instinct told: in the pyramid used by the stream unknown to scientists energy enormous power that is able not only to preserve organic matter, but also to influence hardened steel. Proof came unexpectedly. The experimenter was invited to a Banquet. Week he had not got out of the lab and order overgrown. Blade found in the bathroom, turned out to be extremely stupid. While going to the store automatically put shaving kit into one of the experimental cardboard pyramid. What was his surprise when the next day he found in the device sharp blade!

The news about the unique open Arbana instantly spread outside Czechoslovakia. It promised an unprecedented savings: the same blade can be used up to 60 times. Immediately advance businessmen. Record sales broke the plastic thing with not devoid of humor "Shaving kit" Pyramid of Cheops". Advance and dairy industry: it turned out that the milk in a pyramidal packages for a very long time doesn't turn sour.

Despite the extraordinary success of its opening. Karel Durban the mystery of the Egyptian pyramids were never solved. A little closer to it approached the employee of the country's first laboratory for the study of anomalous phenomena in a pyramidal structures, scientific-technological center "Space - mankind" Sergei Proskuryakov.

As is known, the ancient Egyptians were not human withdrawn and uncommunicative. Today there are about four thousand of written sources, where mention of the pyramid. Russian scientist came to the conclusion that the ideologists and founders encrypt the key in mathematical symbols. "The length of the base of the pyramid refers to its height as three to five, - tells Sergey Borisovich. "If to follow the terminology of Leonardo da Vinci, the Golden section. The shape of her inner cavity is that flows of neutrinos bombed everything that is in the burial chamber, with the greatest power. In a normal environment, these neutral particles practically on the substance does not apply". Features of the internal geometry of the pyramid Proskuryakova was able to connect with the so-called number "e" - the base of the natural logarithm. First in South Korea (the house sponsor is not found, then in the suburbs found by the formula he built two pyramids and watched the effect of internal energy fields on the human body: chronic disease retreated, better sleep, came to the order of the nerves.

The geometry of the Egyptian funerary structures have allowed our scientists to make another discovery. This so-called "Watch ISIS". Located in a certain order on the circumference values of height and the base of the pyramid of Cheops are accurate calendar biggest disasters of our century, since the fall of the Tunguska meteorite and nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. "Watch ISIS" fix the Chernobyl catastrophe and tragedy at nuclear power plants in Hinckley point. For an accurate prediction of the accident in the UK Proskuryakov was awarded a special medal of the Presidium of the Federation of cosmonautics of Russia.

Someone reading about the mysteries of Egyptian pyramids, with an ironic smile, and someone will try itself to construct such a watch and discover the secrets of ancient civilizations.
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