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Братья Гримм: интереснее своих сказокRecently Google has marked another logo 200-anniversary of "the brothers Grimm" - meeting of the German folk tales first published in 1812 by the brothers Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm and Wilhelm Karl Grimm, says Jeff ward-Bailey in his article in The Christian Science Monitor.

"Today, the brothers Grimm known, for the most part, thanks to its collection of fairy tales, but they were also gifted linguists and historians," the author writes. Their father, a lawyer, has suddenly died, when they were children, and the family had to rely on the help of distant relatives, tells the story of the brothers Grimm author.

They studied at Marburg University, where he met Philology. After studying the brothers worked as a librarian in Kassel. In 1806 they started recording folk tales they had heard in the vicinity of the city, the newspaper writes.

At first tales were interested in the brothers Grimm solely as a source of information about the language. Although after their publication, they continued to work on the books and articles on Philology and history of the middle ages, it is the tale won them wide recognition, said Jeff ward-Bailey.

"By the way, if you ever thought that these little bit gloomy tales for children, it is worth to thank the German culture of the early XIX century. The book attracted criticism for its sexual content, so brothers excluded the subject in further publications. But the violence there and in some cases have increased," says the author.

In 1825 Wilhelm married. Jacob never followed his example, but obviously lived happily together with the young couple, the newspaper notes. "One scientist wrote about this: "They lived under one roof such consent...that one might have thought that the children they have in common," says Jeff ward-Bailey.

Academic career brothers Grimm was interrupted in 1837 because of political unrest. They were fired from Goettingen University, and they were again on the verge of poverty, writes the author of the publication.

In 1840, Jakob and Wilhelm received offers to take the title of Professor in the University of Berlin. There they polished his "Tales", and also worked on the dictionary of the German language, the newspaper notes.

"When William died in 1859, their congregation stood now in its seventh edition and has grown to 200 fairy tales, including "Hansel and Gretel", "Rapunzel" and "Snow white", writes Jeff ward-Bailey.

In the list of best-sellers of all times and peoples put some "Tales of the brothers Grimm" on the third place after Shakespeare and the Bible" - the newspaper notes.
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