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ВАЛЬТЕР СКОТТ ПРОДАЛ ДУШУ ДЬЯВОЛУ!As shows the Internet in recent years, online today you can buy absolutely everything! This statement is not an exaggeration and, in fact, not very far from the truth. The network provides a unique opportunity to buy and sell almost everything, without any geographical barriers. Even the human soul!

"Serial number" of the soul

"Some time ago at Internet auction eBay own soul put a resident of the Dutch city of Enschede. Wished to remain anonymous, he stated that this will be perfect and unusual gift"."

"The starting price for the goods was only $ 10. The prospective buyer was guaranteed that the soul is in good condition and has no serious damages."

The sale process was to be carried out by transfer from the seller to the buyer of a special contract with the words "serial number" of the soul. In the best traditions of the Gothic novel, the contract had to be signed by the blood.

This is not the only case of attempting to sell your soul at the auction. In December last year an American sold his soul to get money for Christmas. He argued that won the auction, the buyer will receive its "invaluable property" in a glass jar together with the attached contract.

On the website of the auction, the American explained his action by the fact that he had no money for Christmas and all that he had in his soul. "I don't need it was the last time that I sell better than to let the devil take it, - pains sold. My hope for money, that I may have life, and then buy your soul back."

Earlier 26-year-old British artist from Newcastle Gareth Malam, also remaining as a result of unusual sale without a soul, told me that his "property" has bought on auction someone from the American state of Oklahoma for 11 pounds 60 pence.

The buyer, according to Malema, it took someone else's soul, because he lost his, betting on the outcome of the match in table hockey.

In April 2006 on electronic auction was put up another human soul. This time the seller was born in the suburbs of Shanghai. Trades were to take place at China's largest online auction Taobao.

Just filed 58 applications. However, the representatives of Taobao went back down, saying that the rules of conducting of auctions on the website of the company not relating to the sale of such unusual product, and therefore the company decided to remove this item from the auction. The main reason for this decision was the lack of guarantee of delivery of the goods to the buyer!

Guide Taobao explained that allow the sale of the soul on the Internet auction company only if written permission from "higher authorities". But what is meant by these "authorities", to clarify did not. Although, in principle, and so clear...

"At about the same time the owners of Internet auction eBay, has forbidden to sell at auction soul resident of California. The reason was the inability of the seller to provide evidence that his goods there"."

A contract with the devil

Meanwhile, a resident of New Zealand, not postesnyalsya to state that wants to sell his soul personally to the devil, managed to get into their network.

"As recently it became known, soul 24-year-old Walter Scott bought a network of snack bars for production of pizza - Hell Pizza."

"Scott suggested his soul on the website TradeMe, stating that he had not found her more worthy of application. I can't see, touch or feel any other way, but can sell, so I'm going to offer my soul to the devil at a higher price," was said in the sentence Scott lot."

In the auction was attended by about 100 people, the price has risen to $ 3799, but the administration TradeMe closed auction, having received thousands of complaints from disgruntled Internet users.

Immediately after that Rachel Allison, chief marketing officer Hell Pizza, which has a large number of retail outlets throughout New Zealand, said that the company got in touch with Scott after withdrawing his bid at auction and offered him $ 3800.

"His soul belongs to hell, so it simply is no better place than our pizzeria, said Allison journalists. - Walter was very happy"."

However, it is worth noting that the joy of money, directly or through an intermediary receives from the devil sold his soul, as a rule, is short-lived.

That's what happened recently in Brazil. "It was like a nightmare, " says Andrea Murtada, 48-year-old businessman from Rio de Janeiro. - I still have a headache: the day before I took with some stranger in a local bar, and deep in the night I got a call facsimile number, standing on the table next to the bed".

A minute later he issued a document. It turned out to be a duplicate... contract with the devil made quite modern language and signed by me. It said that for wealth and success in business I give to the Lord of the hell my eternal soul. At first I thought of me, someone decided to make a joke.

When Andrea finished reading from a piece of paper "shot" fiery rays. In a flash lit bedroom, and then the flames had engulfed the whole house. The owner still managed to call the fire Department, before he left the Villa. The contract also remained in his hand.

Firefighters were powerless in the face of hell fire, and soon from home alone brands.

"Villa is a small thing, - said today Murtada. She was insured for a large sum, and I'm still working on this. But how to break the contract with the devil? That's the problem... Alcohol pushed me into the abyss".

The businessman says that rejoiceth not fallen on him wealth. His tormented by nightmares that haunted by thoughts about the upcoming eternal hell, and he is now looking for a way to terminate the contract with the devil. After a brief reflection, he concluded that the messenger of Hell, of course, was the same stranger they drank in the bar.

"His eyes glowed like embers, he literally hypnotized me, " recalls Andrea. - This type would give me a shot after shot until then, until I lost all reason. Remember what I told him about their dreams to become the richest man in the country. He said that this is easy to do, but somewhat unusual way. And immediately slipped the sheet of paper on which was written the devil's contract. I, like a fool let you prick yourself with a needle finger and signed in blood".

Andrea Murtada now awash with money: every deal today brings him a huge profit, he always wins in all lotteries and casino owners are ready to pay only for the fact that it they did not play.

But the businessman is ready to give all his wealth to save the soul and to get rid of the contract. He asks for help from warlocks, white witch doctors and scientists. But so far nobody to help not able...

It remains to add that the devil now have mastered the Internet itself offers its services. Not so long ago there appeared an amazing site. The owner (or owners), without a moment's hesitation, offers everyone to buy their immortal souls.

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