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Пирамиды Теотиуакана 50 km to the northeast from the Mexican capital are the ruins of a mysterious ancient city. Scientists managed to establish, that unique city-state was founded approximately in 100 BC and successfully existed for about 850 years. In time of its blossom he had a population of 150 to 200 thousand people, and its cultural impact was extended to the territory of Guatemala and Belize.
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Храм ацтеков в Теночтитлане The night of 21 February 1978 in the heart of Mexico city, on the corner of the streets of Guatemala and Argentina, workers of city electric utilities have been excavating. Piercing the thick concrete floor and penetrated into the ground two meters, they suddenly came across a layer of stone. Clean the surface of the stone sticking clay workers found it a relief image and decided to put off the work till morning. To identify findings on the phone urgently summoned a group of archaeologists from the National Institute of anthropology and history. on 23 February, it was found that the find is a part of the monolith with specialized image of a human face and headwear.
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Священный колодец бога Ум-Чака From this huge natural well in a karstic crater ancient Maya, despite the drought, never took water for irrigation or drinking. Sacred well in Chichen Itza was a place of religious pilgrimage came here to offer sacrifices Hume-Chuck - God of forests and fields. Were thrown into it not only jewelry, but also beautiful girls, and even children.
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Захоронения майя в Копане In late 1998, in the mountains of Honduras (near the border with Guatemala) began the evacuation of the local population in the Copan valley. Special event was due to the danger which carried with them coming here hurricane Mitch.
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Череп Мак-Кормика On held recently in the capital of Ireland, Dublin archaeological Congress re-emerged lively debate around the so-called "skull Mac-Carmike".
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Недосказанная история Чичен-Ицы Before the conquest of South America by the Spanish city of Chichen Itza was one of the major cultural centers of the Maya state. Its majestic temples built in the form of huge truncated pyramids, still amaze people with their magnificent architecture. In the heart of numerous cult buildings stands thirty-metre high pyramid of Kukulkan. It rests on a huge square Foundation whose side is equal to 55 PM According to a recent research scientists, thanks to this "stone pillow", consisting of nine superimposed on each other squares, this is a religious building has phenomenal seismic resistant. On each side of the temple is a huge ladder comprising 91 level. At the very top, on the platform, is a kind of sanctuary. The number of steps all four staircases, including the top, is 365, which, in turn, is the number of days in a year.
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Неведомое оружие тольтеков At the beginning of the II Millennium hordes mysterious tribes Toltec invaded the Yucatan Peninsula and the subjugated tribes of the Maya. Warlike people created a powerful state, which relied on a well-armed army. Judging from the surviving legends, main power Toltec was their weapon, which was much better things than that owned the surrounding tribes. But what it was, remained unknown.
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Гигантские головы ольмеков The first civilization that emerged on the territory of Mexico, is the Olmec civilization. It was when it first appeared here hieroglyphic writing, calendar, major urban centers... But after more than half a century scientific study of the culture of the Olmecs, the researchers still far more questions than answers to them.
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Тайна карлика Педро Archaeologists sometimes find it very strange ancient mummies belonging to Homo sapiens is highly questionable. Basic hypotheses explaining their origin, simple is aliens or monsters.
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Пирамида на дне озера Рок Lake Rock lies 20 miles East from the city of Madison in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The length of the lake is eight, and width - about four kilometres. In the distant 1836, Nathaniel, hair accidentally discovered in the lake Rock small stone pyramid with a flat top. Discoverer named his discovery of Atzalyno and suggested that the monumental construction of not less than a thousand years.
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Солнце, Луна и индейцы A thousand years ago, the Anasazi Indians, who lived in the South-West of modern USA, watched the movements of the heavenly bodies. These "secret knowledge" helped them to survive.
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Загадка трехметровых мумий Marvin Rainwater, a farm owner in the Eastern part of Iowa (USA), 've been trying to dig a new well on the site. A hot day on 23 July 2001, he finally started to work. What surprise of Marvin, when, having dug out a pit of about 2.5 m, he came upon a very solid stone. Trying to take it to the surface, a farmer discovered that the width and length of the stone exceed a meter. After many unsuccessful attempts to shift their discovery from the place, Rainwater decided that, probably, he had met a layer of bedrock, although it is usually not fit so close to the surface. Rainwater in his youth he studied Geology and easily determined that the stone is not like limestone, very common in Eastern Iowa. Further investigation showed that the stone surface has no rude and rough natural breed, and, on the contrary, is a smooth, polished.
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Спор вокруг «Кеннуикского человека» This man lived in America 9300 years ago. Now for the right to own it remains argue archaeologists and American Indians. The most surprising, that, judging by the structure of the skull, ancient aboriginal was not an Indian. Who is he?
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Карфаген – проклятие Рима The ruins of Carthage, the greatest city of the Ancient world, are in Tunisia. So far not revealed the secrets of his, and perhaps they will go into oblivion - modern villas of the rich Tunisians already came close to the ruins of the former capital of the world".
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Прошлое Большого Зимбабве The origin of the Great Zimbabwe ruins of which were found in the late nineteenth century in the heart of South Africa, still remains a mystery. Some Europeans believed that a stone fortress, one of the cities of the Queen of Sheba. According to rumors, the city had a fabulous wealth, it has even been suggested that it is biblical Ophir, which was delivered gold and jewels to king Solomon.
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