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 Загадка Кампо-дель-Сьело At all times people believed that the Earth is the satellite, the Moon. And only recently emerged evidence that the Moon is not the only natural satellite of the planet. In the myths of ancient times, you can find information about the fall of a cosmic body. Some researchers see in this event, the answer to the mystery of the legendary Atlantis.
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Тайны ЛуныThe moon is the only celestial body in the Solar system, which was stepped on. This satellite of our planet is under constant "sight" telescopes, it is studied from the Ground and from space, but, according to scientists, our knowledge of the moon for the last forty years has increased slightly and the number of the mysteries surrounding this planet, not reduced, but rather increased.
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 В поисках Аэлиты "Most of the planets, no doubt, inhabited and uninhabited will eventually be inhabited," wrote Immanuel Kant in his "universal natural history". It was not only his personal opinion " that the planets of the Solar system are inhabited, in the XVII-XVIII centuries believed significant part of the scientific community. Christian Huygens, one of the founders of modern astronomy, who lived in the second half of the XVII century, even painted an idyllic picture of life on mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, where, in his opinion, colocada fat field, "examples of good warmth of the Sun and irrigated fruitful dew and rain". Among these fat fields roam intelligent beings "may not be exactly people like ourselves, but living beings, or any other creatures, endowed with reason". In that way it is, Huygens had no doubts: "If I'm wrong in this, you don't even know, when you can trust your mind, I am left with the role of miserable judges when true estimate of things."
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 О чем рассказали глиняные таблички Six thousand years ago on the coast of the Persian Gulf there was a civilization of Sumer, which left many clay tablets covered with cuneiform. These tablets have reached us myths, historical chronicle, codes of law, economic documents, personal letters. Entire libraries clay tables were found by archaeologists in the ruins of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria, and in another large ancient city of Mesopotamia - the Nippur. But, despite this seemingly huge amount of information, in the history of the Sumerian civilization remains a lot of mysteries. And one of them is connected with the texts of clay tablets...
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Большая загадка «Большого взрыва» The spectacle of the starry night sky filled with stars, mesmerize any man whose soul is not lazy and not dry completely. The mysterious depths of Eternity opens in front of the startled human eye, causing thinking about the original, where it all started...
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Древний народ чирибайя In southern Peru, is one of the most arid places of our planet - desert Atamaca. This desolate region produces a dull and bleak impression range of sand, stone, almost no water. Only the most hardy and unpretentious plants can survive. But archaeologists are convinced that in the midst of the barren expanse of the desert of Atamaca real treasures are hidden. Under a thick layer of sand lurk priceless items showing a forgotten culture of the people that inhabited in ancient times these places. In deep sand graves researchers discovered burial of the people of chiribaya, who lived over a thousand years ago. Studying various findings, researchers from separate fragments to piece together the history, way of life and beliefs of the long-extinct tribe.
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Загадка «ледяной девы» Ancient Incas, to appease the gods, offered human sacrifices. And often they were children. Many of the victims were found mummified, and their remains have survived to our times. For the last time at the height of more than 5000 m on 30 peaks of the Andes excavated more than 115 mountain ritual places of the Incas. But until recently to find these mummies seemed almost impossible, as they were hidden very high in the mountains under the heavy layer of snow and ice. And only in 1995, scientists have finally found perfectly preserved ritual sacrifice, mummified 500 years ago.
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Золотой путь инков As confirmed by research scientists, Incas ruled on the vast territory of the Pacific coast of America and in the highlands of the Andes. In the XV century, their Empire was the largest and most powerful state of the continent.
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Тайны озера Кондоров More than 500 years mummy concealed the secret of civilization white people in Peru. However, recently the American archaeologists have found an ancient burial caves in the high mountains, lost in the Peruvian forests around lake Condors. Found the body embalmed in unusual positions: their hands and cover their eyes, as if salonas from something terrible. Sometimes mum sitting, burying face into his knees.
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Сила, размягчающая камень и бивни Each continent conceals many mysteries left to modern man of his ancestors. Especially in those places of the Earth, where a civilization suddenly replaced another, "diligently" destroying the previous writing. A classic example of this is America, where conquistadors destroyed the Empire of the Incas and Mayans, who in the us mainly came only a majestic architecture, baffling archaeologists and architects. Scientists are puzzled: how were they built?
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Мачу-Микчу, город богов At an altitude of 3,650 meters in the Andes of Peru, over the raging rapids of the river Urubamba is amazing, the lost from all over the world Inca city of Machu Picchu. Legends tell that its founder was Manco Capac - "son of the gods who came down with the sun", the ruler of a vast Empire Tawantinsuyu arising believed to historians, in the XII-XIII centuries, however, The Indians claimed that the city has appeared in the times Puripica, i.e. in the period of darkness", perhaps even in the pre-glacial epoch.
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Компьютер из веревочек Long time was considered that one of the greatest ancient civilizations - Inca Empire was "only" a civilization of the bronze age, who knew no script. But last summer was published the book Harvard Professor Gary Urthona "Signs of the Incan pile, which suggests that the Incas writing all the same there was, however, special, disguised as a colored rope, tied in knots. We are talking about nodular letter stack (in Quechua, the language of the Incas - "quipu" means "site"). After Ortona more and more scientists are inclined to think that with a pile of things are not so simple...
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Погребенный город Сауаши Almost a century, from the time of their discovery by archaeologists, scientists argue about the origin in the Peruvian desert Nazca huge and not very geometric shapes and figures, the so-called geoglyphs ("geo" - in translation with Greek - earth, glyph - concave line). Put forward a variety of hypotheses, often contradicting each other. Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici, however, believes that it is possible to explain these mysterious figures of the Nazca desert, if we turn to be pushed into Oblivion the city Sawasi - the cradle of civilization Nazca.
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Пальпа – сестра Наски? Few people know that the Nazca lines is not the only complex with a huge images on it. Just 30 km North from the town of Nazca is a small town Palpa, in the vicinity of which the plateau Pampa-Palpa is a huge number practically unexplored geoglyphs. The local population they were known but the interest of scientists attracted to them only in the early 1990's researcher of the mysteries of the past Erich von d?niken. As in Nazca plateau of Palpa the main part of the image is the stripes and lines, but there are figures. However, the complex Palps differs significantly from neskantaga.
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Новые находки в пустыне Наска First saw geometric shapes on the famous Nazca plateau American archaeologist Paul Cosquer. Scientist with astonishment looked from the aircraft in the improbable kaleidoscope of trapezoids, triangles and spirals, littered the desert three hundred kilometers from the capital of Peru, Lima. Absolutely straight lines dissected plateau in all directions and ran away beyond the horizon, as though oblivious of hills and gorges. And between the towns of Nazca and Palpa spread unique "desert zoo" - a giant shape of birds, snakes, monkeys, cetaceans, and even insects. It turned out that the technique of drawing the giant figures was quite simple: should just move the stones, revealing the soft earth, and put them in a row. That took years, but the images could be saved in this arid area for thousands of years!
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