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Цивилизация Ифе In the first quarter of the XIX century the English Hugh Clapperton and brothers Lendery managed to get into the inner region of Nigeria, a country of many Yoruba people. The price of their own lives they studied previously not accessible areas of the African continent, and found there the ruins of the once powerful state, which was called by the name of its capital, located in the extreme North-East of the country. According to legends, the rulers of Oyo once subordinated vast territory, which included almost all of Nigeria, as well as modern Dahomey and Togo. On behalf of one of its peoples inhabiting Oyo called Yoruba.
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Тайны страны Куш International archeological expedition in Sudan is trying to save the remnants of the ancient culture on the territory, which will soon be on the bottom of the new reservoir.
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Загадка «лузирского человека» Almost sixty years ago, the inmates of the prison, located on the hill of Luzira near the Ugandan capital Kampala, dug a trench for the Foundation for the construction of outbuildings. Pick one of them suddenly struck solid object - the sculptural image of a human head. The discovery was part of a ceramic figures. Next unearthed fragments of the trunk and extremities... Builders refused to work on this place: many assured that found the sculpture portends misfortune.
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Догоны – посланцы Сириуса? In 1950, ethnologists Marcel Grill Germain and Dieterlen said in a brief article that by studying the life of a small tribe catches living in our time still primitive communal system, they found the natives extraordinary knowledge of the distant star system of Sirius. The Dogon told researchers that "the height of the sky" is "beautiful star Sigue". Around her, according to their information, rotates another star - Tolo. "On" in the language of the tribe means "wheat grain". It is interesting that in the modern astronomical literature this star is called the Latin word Digitaria that also means "wheat grain". Digitaria is the most severe star system of Sirius, it's invisible to the human eye, and the period of its circulation around Sigue is 50 years. The Dogon also report that the system of Sirius includes two more stars. One of them they call Emma Ya It more Digitaria, but 4 times lighter than her. Another satellite, Sigue is very far from him, and rotates in the opposite direction.
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Библейский код: новейшие пророчества Several years ago the new York journalist Michael Drosnin made a name for himself by writing a book about that in the biblical text is allegedly a secret code. Recently he presented to the readers of his new creation - the "Bible code II : the countdown has started.
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Найдено доказательство реальности Иисуса Христа! Although the identity of the great founder of the Christian religion of Jesus of Nazareth known to man two thousand years, until recently there was the evidence of His earthly existence, in addition to the written evidence. And here at the end of October of last year, the journal of Biblical archaeological journal" reported the sensational discovery, leaving no doubt the real existence of this largest in the history of the figure. For atheists this fact means the confirmation of the historicity of Christ and the believers he gives great joy of receiving one of the greatest Christian Holy places.
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В поисках ковчега Завета According to legend, the ark of the Covenant, representing a silver casket that contains the saints of tablets with the ten commandments written by Moses from the words of the Lord God. On this subject Steven Spielberg was shot adventure film "the Seekers of the lost Ark"in which Indiana Jones makes heroic deeds on the way to the desired sanctuary - the ark of the Covenant.
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Труба Давида Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. His venerable age is four millennia. Archaeological finds indicate that the city was founded on one of the hills that a thousand years later began to be called the mountain of David. Here was erected the ancient fortress walls. The hill opposite the mountains of David, was called the Temple mount. But even more earliest traces of human activity - clay utensils and burial caves, carved in the rock - archaeologists have discovered near the source Tikhon, located at the foot of hills and almost unique in the whole region.
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Куда исчезли 10 колен израилевых? Since the Assyrians in the VIII century BC drove ten Jewish tribes from their land, the further fate of these people is unknown. Where are they headed? What happened to the exiles then? Historians have not received a clear answer to these questions so far.
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Тайна Кумранской общины In the spring of 1947 in the areas of hirbet-Qumran in the North-West coast of the Dead sea has been a sensational event Bedouins from the tribe of tamira in one of the caves discovered two clay vessel with ancient manuscripts. The cave was located in 25 km to the East of Jerusalem and 3 km to the North from a known source ain Pasha.
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Финикийцы могли открыть… Австралию Why not just attributed to the Phoenicians - the ancient inhabitants of Lebanon and Palestine! And the creation of the first in history of the alphabet, and the invention of Magenta, and some even call them the first merchants. But some researchers that was not enough. They put forward a rather interesting theory that the Phoenicians visited the shores of the New world for three thousand years before Columbus, and at the same time get assigned priority in the discovery of Brazil, India, and imports from South America to Egypt tobacco and cocaine. In the proof of the theory of opening by the Phoenicians South America, supporters of lead found in the forests of the Amazon pale-skinned, blue-eyed Indians supposedly descendants of the Phoenicians.
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Храм Соломона и манна небесная According to the Bible, when the rules of the people of Judah, king David, gave him the Lord through the prophet Nathan these words: ' your Son, whom I will put in your place on your throne, he shall build a house to My name". Has passed time, and on Jewish throne of king Solomon. In accordance with the prophecy he built the temple in Jerusalem, he was unrivalled in the whole Ancient world.
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Баальбек, чудо инженерной мысли Baalbek, and ancient Heliopolis, lying on one of the most important trade routes of the Ancient world - between Damascus and Sktirus in Eastern Lebanon. Of all the archaeological treasures of Baalbeck are built, the construction of which was absolutely impossible without construction equipment, then don't existed. Giant monolith blocks of stone weighing up to one thousand tons was the basis for hypotheses about the alien origin of buildings...
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Неизвестная Эбла In a wide valley that stretches in the North-West of Syria, there are dozens of hills, in the majority of artificial origin. They have grown on the spot settlements, erased from the face of the earth once in ancient times. Over the ancient ruins of the forgotten Sands of the desert cities formed mounds of different size.
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Древнейший город на планете? In Syria discovered the ruins of a city whose age, according to scientists, is not less than 6000 years. Perhaps it is the oldest city on the planet. Find virtually changed the traditional understanding of the appearance on Earth of cities and civilization in General. It forces you to consider the spread of civilization in the new world, building on an earlier time. Before this discovery of the city, Dating back to 4000 BC, found only in ancient Sumer - between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq, the last, the most ancient, found in the South-Eastern part of Syria under a huge hill near the village Hamoukar. Mysterious city is also called Hamoukar.
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