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Гороскоп на ноябрь 2012 годаHere comes the last two months 2012 - November and December. Coming to the end of the year is a leap year, the year of water of the black Dragon. It would seem, is the time to rejoice, and to hope that they will be held calmly and happily.

But it so happened that in the last two months of the year are the most important and dramatic events of dangerous 2012. It was in November and December can be realized the terrible prophecy, which was actively discussed in the end of 2011. The dragon will release its full explosive charge or in November or in December - depending on that, how is personal karma of each of us.

In November, the Sun and Moon will survive dangerous Eclipse, and in December we will have to conquer my fear before the 21st of December 2012, that is, before the mirror image of digits 21-12-12. Those who believe in the end of the world, a long time by that date as the most appropriate for the global catastrophe. But most likely we will get through it without consequences for life on the planet, because on this day does not have any important astrological events.
But November's going to be really difficult and during this month will hardly do without disasters, experiences and unpleasant incidents. The month of Scorpio will force us to re-look at yourself. But not because all of us waiting for the global Apocalypse, but because many of us will have to make decisions on long pressing issues, have to make a choice "for" or "against", of which we avoided many years. We have to look reality in the face, to recognize it and start acting. In November, we will actively get rid of illusions.

November - a potentially dangerous time, fraught with dangerous unexpected and unpredictable events. It is better not to appoint a wedding or wedding in November. This month is not the most suitable for starting a family life, because in marriage it is important to lay a beneficial cycle. Try not to take any important steps. And if you're going to do something, then be sure to consult your astrologer.

According to the Chinese calendar, the year of 2012 is the year of the black Dragon. As mythical, legendary creature, he is very different from other symbols of the Chinese calendar and represents karma, or the circle of incarnations. For many November is the month of karmic retribution for previous actions, a kind of a moment of truth or judgment month, when you have to answer for what he did before.

Worse, two of the Eclipse - full sun and moon, which will take place 13-th and 28 November and mercury retrograde period will last from 6 to 26 November, almost the entire month. Retrograde motion of mercury always suspend the case and prevents forward movement.
Saturn will continue to grow and be strengthened in Scorpio, that can bring both tremendous success and complete defeat and disappointment. This time the social, financial and emotional instability, uncertainty and dissatisfaction.

An alarm occurs, regarding money, the financial condition and earnings. In November, no one has confidence in the future is neither poor nor rich. But especially it will be tough for those who are used to accumulate money supply and invest them in stocks or real estate. They can expect tough losses and disappointment. And the more savings, the greater the danger of losing them.

November is a critical period for unions and connections to family and marriage, to Finance. Possible conflicts with the authorities, law, teachers, officials, conflict with the authorities. On some of the characters, especially Sagittarius, Gemini and Scorpio, hangs the threat of dismissal and loss of work.

We will be forced to take on heavy load, perform overtime work and a lot of orders at the service, which will aggravate relations at work or in business. Possible manifestations of pride and discontent, the unbalance in deeds and actions. Great anxiety and irritability. Intense sensual life. The dependence from my mood. Temporary negligence and slowness, errors, comments of the authorities. The incident, which should make decisions quickly. Extravagance, losses and damages in speculation.

There is a possibility of judicial processes, clashes with state bodies and officials and clarify the relationship. But nothing can be done - I have to, because this is the moment karmic redemption same mistakes. It is necessary by all means to avoid any risk and rash commitments, especially in the days of Eclipse - 13-th and 28-th of November.

And although energy penultimate month of the year will be quite complex and contradictory, yet there is a category of people who happily survive November. They will be those who will achieve its goals fierce pressure, and soft diplomacy, wisdom and cunning. Do not cut spur of the moment, do not hurry to act, think over every step, try to make informed decisions. Proceed on the principle: slow and steady wins the race.

Will benefit people who know how to wait, to lay low and wait for an opportune moment. It can be people of art, a creative personality, and politicians, who know how to make an impression on the audience. Black Dragon like ambitious, energetic and bright people, but it helps only those who are able to hide his ambition under the mask of loving-kindness.

Barack Obama, who takes part in the November election to the post of the US President, is ideally fits this description, though born in the year of the Ox, and is a representative of Leo. He has an excellent ability to mimicry and outstanding acting skills. Political unrest and incandescence atmosphere in the country will constantly to escalate the tension and sometimes it would seem that his victory is doubtful, but it is likely Obama will be re-elected for a second term.

What can we oppose to the negative influence of the planets, eclipses and retro mercury? The strongest positive aspect of November is the connection of Saturn with a White Moon in Scorpio. This gives you the ability to easily see their mistakes and errors and the possibility to abandon them. White Moon in this connection clarifies the path, acts as an internal spiritual guide, allows to determine the correct internal benchmarks.

All obstacles, experiences and difficulties that we have experienced in difficult 2012 and which we are still survive in November and December, will be the key to our internal growth, our spiritual development. We just have to be patient and learn from each event, and strive in everything, even in difficult situations November, to see only good and positive.
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