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Spectacular fireball lit up the sky early in the morning on Friday 7 December, when the atmosphere of our planet became meteor over Texas.

Fireball over Texas lights up the sky.

Meteor was recorded with the help of Amateur video and Observatory NASA in new Mexico.

NASA confirmed that meteor - not fragment expected meteor rain Geminids (expected by the end of the week)that is most similar to the fragment of the asteroid belt.

Bill cook (Bill Cooke) the head of the Laboratory of the meteorite environment (Meteoroid Environment Office) in space flight Center Marshall (Marshall Space Flight Center) wrote: "This morning ... many have been witnessing over Texas and more number of States, flew very bright ball, moving from East to West. This event was recorded by using meteor camera NASA in new Mexico ... ". Bill cook also emphasizes the uniqueness of this event.

According to preliminary data, NASA suggests that in the Northern part of Houston can be meteorites from Meteora Meteora becomes a meteorite, when it touches the ground). At the moment the researchers are trying to clarify the exact borders of this zone for further search. If you manage to find the crash site, the space rock is the thirteenth meteorite, which fell in Texas since 1909

Earlier scientists working in the Western Arctic, has discovered a huge crater, which was formed as a result of a meteorite about 130 million 350 million years ago. In 2011 rare Martian meteorite fell in the Moroccan desert. The official name of the meteorite - Tissint.
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