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От конца света укроют горыQuietly approaching the end of December 2012, and a growing number of rumors and prophecies about the coming end of the world supposedly predicted by the Mayan calendar...

The earth can threaten a huge solar flare

Even if we assume that the Apocalypse will still be, why none deciphered ancient source is not a word about his "details"? This question our correspondent asked a well-known writer and ethnographer, author of the book series "the Mysteries of Eurasia" Vladimir Degtyarev.
- Vladimir Nikolaevich, do all the same ancient texts Mayan about the Apocalypse, to be held on December 21?

- I can say that this year on the eve of the winter solstice the end of the world will not! Yes, there is a stone Mayan calendar, which ends on that date. He appears in countless illustrations in all the world media. The diameter of the product of an ancient civilization - more than two meters. But silver and gold counterparts stone calendar, where images of characters and numbers in the Mayan graph more accurate conquistadors turned into ingots and taken to Spain. Let the conscience of the Spaniards and will remain the great sin of the world of ignorance: will happen or will not happen this winter planetary catastrophe...

In the center of the calendar shows the Sun with his tongue hanging out in the form of obsidian knife.
I believe that the language symbolizes prominence, because the Sun no longer have the means to threaten the planets and people.
We must remember that in terms of calendar years, we are still there is a great confusion. We are through years of virtual Christ. With this new era of researchers calendar weighed Mayan date, carved in stone. As you know, this is not an objective comparison of the two systems of chronology. Now these experts, scared of the planet, of course, seek written confirmation of the calendar date they called end of the world.

- Their quest to succeed?

"Yes, recently, according to the media, they found a stone with an inscription that reads like this: "will Come to the Earth God beaulon Joke, and the Earth will burn in the fire." That is, there is not already written about the Sun and the God whose name I meet in South America for the first time.

I can only conclude that this is an artificial name was drawn up recently, though all the rules of ancient grammar South American tribes and peoples. "Bo Lo He" - "the God of fire and death", an ancient syllabic writing language to understand and Africa, and Eurasia.

But "Joke" composed from the words of Turkic language ("yoke") and again our ancient syllabic language ("them"), and it means "no phone". That is the meaning is obtained: "there will Come a God who deadly fire destroys all of the body."
Under "all the bodies" must be understood and grass, and elephants, and people, and germs... So I can't believe calendar, is tied to our artificial date, because the Maya also scored his years from a certain event, and not from the birth of the Sun, and in addition, we believe the information about the invented God.

"What they say about it other ancient peoples?

- Should take into account two important facts. The first is our old chronology, according to which now 7513 year from creation of the world". The expression "from the creation of the world" is a very old official phrase: "And there was the creation of the world between the Great Prince Svyatoslav of Kiev and the Byzantine Emperor Tsymishiyem", "...the name of the Empress Catherine the Second Prince Potemkin-Tavricheskiy Ottoman town Kuchuk-Kaynardja signed with the First vizier of Sultan creation of the world...".

That is the "creation of peace" is not the creation of the physical world. We are talking about a peace Treaty between the parties.
7513 years ago, when I finished all the terrible disasters that occurred after the Great flood that covered the Earth 12,500 years ago, presumably gods and people have signed the contract about creation of the world between them. This fact was reflected in the documents on the rules of behaviour of people for a peaceful life, among them: "thou shalt Not kill - death, do not steal is death, not coveted his neighbor's wife is death..."

Then this document is very castrated (information about the punishment of him removed) was in the gospel of the four evangelists. There is no law, without punishment and no punishment without law - this is the iron logic and eternal life. Fathers of the Christian Church in General usually say: "And the gospel and the whole Bible out of the Apocalypse - the book of Revelation. It States clearly that the will of the people, not the ten commandments of the God-man".

- You say that revelation actually spelled things to come?

- Revelation, even if superficially analyze its grammar is at the time of writing to a very distant past.
Then, too, feared described John the Theologian, the sword in the mouth of God. As for the Sumerians, known for his persistent desire to record everything that happens and to future generations, in the epic "Enuma Elish", which tells about the war of the gods, there is the fact that did not pay attention to the translators.
God Enlil (Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, the Kon-Tiki), defeated his brother Enki, leaving the Earth in the Tenth century ad, has promised to create from our planet to Laana. This is a very ancient name of the planet Mars, which the gods, according to mythology, originally colonized, and then burned. And burned directional solar flare! According to the Sumerian cosmogony, the Sun - UTU - is artificial, and therefore controls the body. Under certain conditions the placement of the planets in orbits nothing to ensure that the Sun is far stuck out my plasma tongue and licked the Earth -
Ki - as depicted on stone Mayan calendar...

- When the end of the world will actually?

- When the Earth will begin to change the location of the poles. This happens about every 12 600 years. Unfortunately, calculated up to the year that date is impossible. Deciding everything the processes occurring on the planet. The last "somersault" Earth happened about 12 500 years ago. Then instantly frozen mammoths...

- Is there any way to avoid the Apocalypse?

- Those who live in the mountains, will survive the first fatal shaft (about 600 m) of water, clay, stones, trees. Certainly, South of Novosibirsk region, Altai territory - the most appropriate regions for survival.
The Ural mountains survived, perhaps, three such catastrophes. No wonder their older, more antediluvian name - Riphean mountains. Probably, when the water flooded plains to km altitude (and this, in principle did), the Ural mountains seen people like reefs, protruding above the water. By the way, many people of the Caucasus have experienced the last flood. It is possible to understand the grammar of their language, customs and traditions... Mountains - the source of life. In all senses.
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