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Код АпокалипсисаDecember 21, 2012 according to the Maya calendar must come to an end. Such terrible conclusions made on the basis of several findings calendar tables Mayan of Tortuguero and inscriptions inscribed on the brick Church in Comalcalco.

Despite the paucity of available evidence, many scientists are seriously relate to the Mayan prophecy of the priests, because they were amazingly well-versed in astronomy...

The end of the world predicted by the Maya, to be held on December 21 this year.
To understand how real the Mayan prophecy, it is necessary to analyse, on the basis of what made these predictions.

What is your proof?

On a sign from Tortuguero, whose age is about 1300 years, describes the phenomenon mythical character Bolon Joke in the end times, that is, in the end of a long settlement calendar period corresponding to 2012 or 2013 in our calendar.

Bolon, Joke it is usually associated with the Mexican war God, though, rather, this God of lightning and rain. What do beaulon Joke, from the table it is not clear.

By the way, it is even unclear whether the prophecy to the Bolon Joke, because his name is not mentioned, and the sign says about it coming, using the third person pronoun.

The inscription of Comalcalco, which is about 1300 years, represents a calendar cycle. The last date in this ancient calendar is, indeed, by December 2012 and thereafter no record no. However... the mentioned date falls on the last day of the thirteenth Baktun and settlement period of the so-called long calendar.

Scientists believe that this date has no relation to the coming destruction of humanity. Supporters of the end of the world just as sure of the opposite.
Who of them is right?

Five Mesoamerican suns

Usually the date December 21, 2012 is associated with the completion of the epoch of the Fifth sun. The legend of the Five suns belonged to the Aztecs, it is typical for mythology throughout Mesoamerica, but it is Maya, it is practically not used. This legend is as follows.
Once the gods created the world and the people who were supposed to pray to the gods of praise and bring them gifts.
But people were every time ungrateful, and therefore the gods had to destroy them... and to create new, more grateful.

Thus, mankind was destroyed and was working again five times.

The lifetime of each destroyed humanity was called the sun, because the gods were destroyed not only people and all life, but in General the whole world, and on the new earth ascended to new people new sun.

The era of the First sun last 4008 years. People of the epoch of the First of the sun were huge growth and cultivated maize. When they have forgotten their creators, the gods had sent upon them the flood. The giants were killed or turned into fish.

The era of the Second sun last 4010 years. People era Second sun were wild and lived on what you will find in the forest. They were lightly and comfortably. And that the gods did not like. They destroyed the Second sun winds.

The era of the Third sun last 4081 year. Mankind has been born again of the surviving on a rock and their wild habits have not changed. Gods destroyed a Third of the sun with fire and fire.

The era of the Fourth sun lasted 5026 years. People of this age have passed from savagery to building cities and temples. But they became evil and cruel and ungrateful.

The gods have destroyed humanity, for drought and deadly disease.

The epoch of the Fifth sun is not yet completed. It should last 5126 years. The main feature of this epoch - constant war, bloodshed and suffering.

The end of an epoch of the Fifth sun is estimated corresponds to the date December 21, 2012. Should then start a new era - Sixth of the sun, the era of prosperity.

It seems clear that mesoamericans promised to his descendants a new global catastrophe - that is, the cleansing of humanity from the vicious people. In this ancient were very similar to us, they were tied to the calendar correction of morals, expecting that with the beginning of a new period depraved mankind will become better. But this legend, as is known, the Maya was not popular. The Mayans used the myths of their own making.

According to mythology, the world was created from chaos divine forefathers and an analogue of the Christian Trinity Heavenly heart - with the help of words.

The ancient Mayan calendar

Maya also agreed mythical event calendar, as all Nations of the world.
But for unknown reason, the level of their astronomical knowledge was frighteningly high. After all according to the Julian calendar, the duration of the earth a year was equal 365.25 days, of its successor, the Gregorian calendar - 365,2425 day, according to latest research - 365,242198 day, and on the Mayan calendar - 365,242129 day!

Surprisingly tiny error, given that the Maya did not have such precision instruments.

For its astronomical calculations Maya used several types of calendars - household, Haab, which was 365 days, ritual, Tzolkin, with 260 of the estimated periods, combined, uniting Haab, and Tzolkin, with an estimated period of 52 years (18 980 days), and the so-called calendar long account. For calculations Tzolkin and Haab were made in the form of digital circles. Calendar long account was portrayed as a straight with numbers. The days it was a month (uinal is equal to 20 days), the months in the year (Tun is 18 WinAll), years in twenty years (the Katun is equal to 20 tuna), twenty years in chetyrehsotletnem (Baktun is equal to 20 rollers), and 13 baklunov be the period between the beginning and the end of the age.

Now, scientists believe that the recent period of calendar long account began the Maya August 11, 3114 year up to ad. 13 baklunov amount to 1 872 000 days, or approximately 5126 years. By one estimate, the end of the calculation period falls on 21 or December 23, 2012, on the other - in the summer of 2013, and some argue that the last day of the thirteenth Baktun has already arrived.

All the matter in the initial starting point. No one know for sure that it corresponds to the date on August 11, 3114 year up to ad! No one, therefore, can not confirm that the last day of the thirteenth Baktun is correlated with 21 December this year! So the end of the world in this case is postponed for an indefinite time, and predict that date can only knowing exactly how long Maya began his fatal countdown earth days.

And the visit of God Bolon Joke, ward which will be accompanied by destructive (is) or delightful (other) consequences, leaves many questions.

God Beaulon Joke

Ancient deity beaulon Joke originally headed by lightning and rain.
Later this God has given enhanced powers: he became responsible for the war, conflicts, afterlife and how this amusing for trade. In fact, the end of each long period - age - associated with the emergence of Bolon Joke. It destroys the old and clears the way for the new. Ending period, beaulon Joke symbolizes a new beginning. In terms of the calendar is the beginning of a new era. The Maya, who were the first of the ancient began to use for numbers zero (he was represented in the form of a bowl), the first day of the new era was recorded as a line of shells, that is composed of many distinct zeros. Even today, superstitious people four zeros on the electronic scoreboard cause unpleasant feeling that time is completed, and completion time subconsciously associated with death. It is not surprising that line of shells at the Mayan inspired them with relevant experience.

Surprisingly different: Mayan solid zeros cause fear in people who live in the era of computers and rockets! As for God-the-destroyer Bolon Joke, he was considered to be part-time also God those dates in the calendar of the long account,when there appeared a line of shells... needless to say that those days was considered to be the date of the phenomenon Bolon Joke.

Everything is simple. And without mysticism.
Especially since the end of the thirteenth Baktun and natural parish Bolon Joke was not the end of the calendar long account. It is nothing more than the nullification of a calendar, a different starting point, after which time it will be in a new way.
So the work of God changes Bolon Joke in the future will be the same as in the past - when the calendar date contained a number with zeros. Yes, and besides the "frightening" calendars without future there are quite optimistic calendars with the future, i.e. belonging to the middle of the fifth Millennium BC...
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