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Древний деформированный череп взволновал «уфологов»Archaeologists digging in the Mexican desert Sonora, discovered, apparently, a cemetery early Mesoamerican community, including deformed skull.

Just discovered the remains of 25 people. 13 of them are intentional deformation of the skull, and five more, and dental injuries. This cultural practice was common among Hispanic groups in southern Sinaloa and in the North of Nayarit, but in Sonora noticed for the first time. Project Manager Cristina Garcia Moreno notes that the cranial deformation in Mesoamerican culture was used for the identification of social groups and ritual purposes, and dental injuries (for example, in the culture of Nayarit), were part of an initiation rite in adolescence. This is confirmed by the findings in Sonora: all five of a mutilated teeth more than 12 years.

For archaeologists is the burial ground is that this discovery suggests the presence (or influence) Mesoamerican societies much further North than previously thought.

However, for many "ufologists" this suggests that there were buried aliens (or their semihuman hybrids). Of course, in the Internet age theory alien conspiracy explaining these elongated head, spreading faster scientific evidence.

Not for the first time the strange skull, found in Mexico, are cited as evidence of visits humanoids of the Earth in ancient times. For example, the famous "skull star child"found in the state of Chihuahua in the early 1930-ies. It was sold "ufologist", which for many years has demonstrated the artifact on the conferences on "paranormal phenomena", claiming that it is the brainchild of extraterrestrial men and earthly woman.

Scientists, however, reacted to these statements with skepticism. Two DNA test in 1999 and 2003 showed that the skull belonged to the Mesoamerican the male child who has probably suffered hydrocephalus, which leads to tension and deformation of the skull.

The most important thing in "ufologists" - to say that these things unexplained. Do not forget to add that the "official science" something ignores. Thus a strange object in the sky becomes a flying saucer, lousy dead coyote - the creature, and deformed skull of a sick child - alien hybrid. Science fiction is fun, but it should not obscure the genuine science. In fact, the truth is more interesting than fiction.

Based on the materials Discovery News.
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