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Мексиканская зона молчанияOne of the most amazing, strange and little understood "damned" places is located in Mexico, just six kilometers from Texas town of El Paso, Mysterious, magic "Zona del Silencio" Zone of silence, as it is called by local residents. Researchers from around the world are increasingly connecting the Zone of silence with the UFO phenomenon.

According to Professor Santiago Garcia, unusual properties "cursed" Zone of silence were first observed in the late nineteenth century, when a group of farmers, vainly trying to cultivate grain crops on the barren land, occasionally came under a hail from the hot gravel, from time to time hit from heaven. In 1930 Aviator Francis Sarabia, a resident of one of the Northern Mexican States, wrote a report about how during the flight above the Zone of silence in the plane mysteriously refused all devices, including radio communication. He became the first victim "cursed" land.

However, in the focus of public attention silence Zone was only in the 1970s when American rocket "Athena"issued from the White Sands missile base, off course, and went straight into the mysterious zone where it exploded. Several years later, the upper part of the spacecraft Saturn"used by the Americans in the project "Apollo"fell in the same place, causing a massive explosion. Immediately after this incident, the U.S. government sent to Mexico group of special purpose, the task of which was to study the mysterious properties of a Zone of silence.

Engineer Harry de La Pena and the group worked together with him scientists are faced with a mysterious "silence" Zone of silence accident - during the transition, they found that they could not communicate with each other using walkie-talkies as "damn" place radically changes the usual speed and frequency of radio signals. Portable radios worked, but even included at full capacity, they made only a barely audible hiss. Today you do not receive radio signals, and the inhabitants have to do without radios and televisions. It seems that in the region there is a certain mystical and incredibly powerful force, fully suppressive all radio signals.

After singing published the finding in one of the well-known scientific journals, scientists from around the world began to flow in the Zone of silence, to work on a research facility, built in the heart "cursed" land of the Mexican government. Gloomy the name of this place, very few people who was like, was changed to "Map de Tethys", which means "Tethys Sea," and scientific installing became known as "the submarine". So strange to desert the name was chosen due to the fact that millions of years ago this place was roaring ocean waves.

Interest is the fact that silence Zone is located just North of the Northern tropic, or the tropic of Cancer, and to the South of 30-th parallel, placing it in one row with some other anomalies, including the Bermuda triangle. In addition, in the Zone of silence were repeatedly observed not only UFOs, but signs of the presence of extraterrestrial life. Next to this mysterious place people live who could tell about encounters with strange humanoid creatures, often appearing in the desert.

In the middle of October 1975, the couple Ernesto and Josephine Diaz went on a brand new jeep in the heart "cursed" the earth in hope to gain unusual, with a very strange properties of rocks and fossils of ancient animals, in abundance all over the Zone of silence. Completely immersed in it interesting, they are not immediately noticed the approaching storm. Trying to escape from the streams of cold water and strong wind, carrying tons of sand, the couple quickly jumped in the car and at full speed ran away, but they never managed to outrun the storm. The road turned into a swamp, and the car started quickly suck in soft liquefied soil.

When spouses, vainly trying to pull a car out of a liquid dirt, began to despair, they suddenly noticed a parked right under the falls from the sky by the streams of water of two people, furiously waving hands. Upon closer examination, they were incredibly tall men dressed in yellow raincoats. Their faces seemed spouses unusual, at the same time, in them there was nothing threatening or instilling fear. The men offered their help, saying that can push the car on solid ground. No sooner had Ernesto and Josephine knew it, their jeep was already on the hard road. Glad they got out of the car to thank their saviors, but men, only a minute ago pushing the car nearby was not there. The impression was that they simply vanished, leaving no trace on the earth, nor any other evidence of its presence.

By the way, travelers crossing the Zone of silence that often talk about they have seen strange lights and shining balls, maneuvering through the night sky, changing colour, sometimes hanging in the air, and then very quickly disappearing in the darkness.

Researchers have found a lot of physical evidence of the veracity of similar stories. A group of scientists who went to the Zone of silence after they were informed that the day before there landed an unidentified flying object, found in the specified eyewitnesses to the place of land scorched by fire vegetation, particles of unknown science of combustible substances and incredibly high level of radiation. Dozens "evidence"obtained thanks to the witnesses, the currently stored in scientific laboratories of Mexico USA.

Another mystery Zone of silence is incredibly ancient ruins, on the mystery which puzzled many archaeologists and historians. Scientists have not been able to determine their age, but they, no doubt, represent a unique Observatory, built thousands of years ago. It is obvious that in ancient times there lived a well-educated, well familiar with mathematics and astronomy people, closely watching the heavenly bodies and possessed by the idea of gods coming to earth from distant stars.

Perhaps, like modern geologists and archaeologists, they were attracted by the mystery of the origin scattered here in large numbers of small meteorites that silence Zone attracts like a huge magnet.

No matter, whether we are dealing with travelling through time and space UFO, for which magnetic anomalies are something like accelerators movement, or simply with a strange and little-explored part of our planet, has a mysterious properties, to solve the mystery Zone of silence will not be easy. Perhaps the mysterious ruins of the Observatory will help us to get to the truth...
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