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Патомский кратерNumerous expeditions to study a vast area of radial fall forest on the Podkamennaya Tunguska river, saw no impact craters, neither of meteorite substance. Therefore, the researchers came to the unanimous opinion that there is a real explosion, a powerful explosion odnogo thousand atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima, due to the blast of icy comets when entering her with cosmic speed into the dense layers of the Earth atmosphere. It is believed that up to the surface of our planet comet substance't have got through it all evaporated in the heat of high-temperature explosion.

However, the true if this hypothesis? There are data indicating that, probably, fragments of the comet still hit the surface of the Earth and leaving a crater of an unusual shape. Let's turn to the facts. The long span of the car, shining brighter than the sun and moving in a North East direction was marked by numerous observations, including passenger trains on the TRANS-Siberian railway June 30, 1908. It should be emphasized that a strong explosion shook not only the village of Vanavara on the Podkamennaya Tunguska river, where usually start all expeditions studying this enigmatic phenomenon. Residents of Kirensk on Lena seen over the horizon giant vertical column height of not less than twenty miles: bright fire the flash, which eclipsed the sun, seen at the Lena gold mines and near the village of Bodaibo on Patom plateau. Seismographs Irkutsk, Tashkent, Tbilisi (Tbilisi), Yen (Germany) said shaking soils, typical at ground utrice.

The expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences under the leadership of JI, Kulik in 1927, has installed a giant zone fall forest, where the trees were oriented as they put the blast wave. The diameter of the zone reached sixty kilometers, which size exceeds the area of Moscow suburbs! For many years all subsequent expeditions conducted a search operation in the area. And only much later recalled that a similar fall forest area located to the South East, a distance of about a hundred kilometers from the Kulikovo" fall, discovered in 1911 road engineer Vyacheslav Shishkov, who later became a famous writer. But the message Shishkov about this strange phenomenon then did not pay attention, because at that time no one came up with the idea of the inter fall forest with the explosion of the Tunguska meteorite.

In 1991, the press reported data on the finding, made in the Evenk taiga hunter-fishers Century Voronov. About a hundred kilometers to the North West from the surveyed L. Kulik zone hunter found a huge crater in diameter in two hundred meters; Board this ring of the crater towered above the ground at fifteen or twenty feet. Maybe this crater has arisen from the fragment of the Tunguska meteorite?... Exact answer to this question requires expeditionary research in the area. However, draws attention to the fact that "the Voronov crater, Kulikovskii and Shishkovsky" flattened forest zone form a single zone, oriented to the West - North West, a length of about two hundred kilometers. And if we extend this area to the East - South-East, through seven hundred kilometers, it will run into a mysterious education - Patom crater, described in detail, studied and named after the place of its location on the Patom plateau, also known as Lensky gold-bearing area. The crater is in taiga, on the South Western slope of the mountain with altitude of 1350 meters above sea level, in fifty kilometers from the village of Perevoz.

Among well-known specialists forms of relief Patom crater is remarkable originality, because it looks like a volcano, but contains no trace out magmatic rocks. It is an artificial hill, the top of which - ring shaft with the Central hill, with the moon crackers. It consists of debris and large blocks (up to three-four meters in diameter) local sedimentary rocks, limestones of the Precambrian. The mountain was too is composed of the limestone, and in the crater and outside there's no trace changes of rocks. The crater has not time to overgrown forest, limestone fresh, navigatsionnye.

A classic blast meteorite crater this mysterious SCORM terrain is very different. For example, studied in detail the "devil's Canyon in Arizona, USA, is a crater about a kilometre in diameter, from which the explosion ejected breed and resulted in the negative form of relief. And Patom crater is a positive form of relief, resembling a volcano, or a lunar crater.

Rising above the endless taiga forty metres, this crater is on the specialist striking impression, because no geologist, nor geomorphologist can't explain the reason for its occurrence. Geological survey showed that in all Patom plateau there seems to be no analogues. And suddenly the hunter In, Voronov finds something similar in the area of flattened forest zone at the Podkamennaya Tunguska river!

The size Patom crater similar to the crater found Century Voronov:Vysota ring shaft - from ten to forty meters, top diameter is eighty-six meters, the base in the form of an ellipse has a size of one hundred and forty to two hundred and twenty meters, the height of the Central mound is six meters, its diameter at the base of thirty - five meters. The crater is oriented to the South West, i.e. in the direction from which, according to many observers, was moving the Tunguska meteorite. Total thrown out of limestone - two hundred fifty thousand cubic meters, not less than six hundred thousand tons of rocks. Something similar in form occurs if you throw a stone into a thick liquid mud.

Obviously, the crater appeared very recently. This is evidenced by sharp, well-preserved crest ring shaft. In permafrost conditions and abundant precipitation ring shaft look "fresh": he does not crumble, not overgrown with taiga vegetation, lumps of limestone seem to be blown up yesterday. In other words, the birth of the crater may be attributed to 1908. In this regard it should be reminded that bright fire the flash watched it on the Lena Goldfields that residents of Kirensk on Lena saw a huge column of smoke, leaving the stratosphere... And at the same time at the Podkamennaya Tunguska river in the end of June 1908 expedition worked under the guidance of a member of the Geographical society of Russia A. Makarenko, the report of which was not a word about the incredible phenomena that accompanied the fall of the Tunguska diva! It is possible that part of audio, lighting and other effects associated with Lensky district, it simply did not pay proper attention! It can be assumed that a huge cosmic body, consisting, as the nucleus of Halley's comet, from the ice and solid gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, crumbled in the dense layers of the atmosphere at the altitude of thirty or forty kilometers and separate solid fragments scattered all fan, as cluster bombs, forming extensive "zone", elongated in the North Western direction, perpendicular to the motion of the celestial body.

The final question remains: why do Patom crater has no analogues? In all probability, the form of this crater is typical of much more rare "comet" craters, the formation of which is associated with hitting the Ground, not "iron bars" meteorite and intensively with degassing substance "small comets". Imagine that in limestone hit with cosmic speed whole of heavy rock hard "stone" carbon dioxide, familiar to all fans of ice-cream. If it will be stuck at a depth of two hundred to two hundred and fifty yards, and will continue to evaporate after the fall, then a huge amount of gases can cause "expanded" landforms. This is a rare phenomenon - but the Tunguska phenomenon has no analogues in the recorded history of mankind!...

By the way, SCORM Patom crater suddenly recurred when a mysterious explosion. which occurred in cosmonautics Day, April 12, 1991, in the Ryazan region, on the outskirts of the town of Sasovo. Thirty-four minutes of the night the whole town woke up from the explosion. The houses were broken glass, window frames, doors. In the morning on the fields behind the fool was discovered crater with a diameter of twenty-eight meters - it was the ring shaft with the Central hill. All Newspapers wrote about this strange event, dozens of scientific commissions walked around the crater... and nothing concrete to say failed.

The similarity of the Patom crater with Sasovo (though, fortunately, incommensurate) suggests that we meet with some new and not yet well known phenomenon. Perhaps, on the outskirts of the town of Sasovo fell ice meteorite.

We should not forget that the space around planets fly a huge amount of frozen gas and ice. For example, around Saturn rotates a "frozen ocean, composing the famous ring of this planet. Such ice rings has also been found near Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, it is almost all planets giants external groups. Powerful gravitational field of Jupiter "catching" a heap space "iceberg"; set the picture is amazing and inexplicable weave ice rings of Saturn's... Not hence comes comet gatavosanai substance to the Ground? Its main feature is that eventually on our planet falling meteorites ghosts", leaving no "material evidence" and disappears as in the atmosphere, and when it strikes the surface of the Earth. Reality only remain craters amazing "moon" form - with annular ramparts and Central slides...
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