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Когда люди возникали ниоткудаMysterious and inexplicable cases of people appeared out of nowhere, speaking in strange tongues, and talking about unfamiliar places.

For example, in medieval Chronicles recorded strange cases, which occurred in England in the XII century. Two children, a boy and a girl, were discovered by the reapers in a field near the wolf pits. The children were green, dressed in strange clothes, and could not utter a word. First a boy and a girl refused to eat what is offered them. One witness, they brought finally raw beans, just broken from the stems, and they are both very willingly went for them. Strange, but they seemed to be looking for beans on stems, and not in the shells, and were very disappointed, not finding them there. Someone next opened shells and showed them the beans that they greedily ate.

The boy died some time later, and the girl gradually accustomed to the new environment, learned to speak and lost green skin pigmentation. When she was asked where she was, she replied that she came from a country that was constantly immersed in the twilight. According to her, there was no direct sunlight, but was not completely dark. She said that her people could see the earth, where there was light, but that they were separated from it by a wide river.

Although the girl had managed to get used to a new culture, the mystery of her strange origin has not been disclosed.

Incident that happened much later, in may 1828, and is described in the novel "Kaspar Hauser: the Mystery of the century " Jacob Wasserman, tells about a strange young man with mind about sixteen or seventeen years, which entered the German city of Nuremberg. He could only say two proposals for German and could not remember who he was and whence. When he was taken to the police station and given a pencil and paper, he wrote the name "Kaspar Hauser".

Kaspar Hauser completely baffled residents of Nuremberg, because it seemed that he was not familiar with everyday objects and everyday life. He looked at all like saw for the first time. In the records said that he once saw a candle with unconcealed delight, and then tried to grab the flame. Of course, he was badly burned.

In 1850, a mysterious stranger came into a small German village. He said that his name was Josef Foreign and he came from Lansarii that Sacree, far from Europe and vast oceans. Truly there is no such countries as Laccaria or Sacria. Maybe Josef foreign was a messenger from another planet? Another dimension? Or another time period distant future?

Imagine that a man named John Smith from new York, will suddenly be transported to China 100 B.C. think That the ancient Chinese about the strange, with well-groomed skin man, speaking in an unknown tongue? And if that is not probable, they will be able to decrypt it strange language (contemporary English with a new York accent)that they will think about his descriptions of new York? They will not understand it just as our ancestors did not understand Caspar Hauser and Josef Foreign.

If ever it will be possible to travel back in time, perhaps, will also have the possibility of traveling in the future. Obviously, he will have its advantages and disadvantages. It will provide the traveler in time to see not only the good, which may be in the future, but also evil. At least it will remove the uncertainty that sometimes, not always, welcome. For example, the woman, the beloved which is considered to be missing, it may be easier to come to terms with the worst than to be tormented from uncertainty.

On the other hand, will there be anyone who will want to see disasters and sufferings that await us in the future? In other words, whether people to live on, if he has to take his dreams and hopes? Maybe one person who foresaw the future, namely man by the name of Nostradamus, already faced with this dilemma. In his lecture in the town Hall in Los Angeles in January 1944 already mentioned above (part III of this book) manly P. Hall said:

"Nostradamus said that after he completed his prophetic "Centurion", he saw the system or picture of world events such complicated and terrible, so intense human suffering and misery, this terrible because human beings will do with each other in the name of civilization and progress, that he wondered whether it is reasonable to open a world of misery awaiting him in budushem will zeal of the person, its hopes, dreams destroyed if he will understand the horrors through which he must pass to find the desired peace and security? Nostradamus came to the conclusion that it does not open too clearly the things that can deeply influence the course of human existence. So he rewrote prophecy, reservation details, hiding horror, so that only a scientist could understand the true meaning. He said: "In many cases it will be impossible to explain my prophecy will not occur until the event itself. Then you will see what I put in the prophecy key strange little circumstance with which you can perceive this event, and only this event will be the fulfillment of this prophecy".
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