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Атлантида - АнтарктидаAlmost two hundred years mankind persistently tries to solve the mystery of Atlantis. Time and the elements have done all that we are today. could not answer the question: "was it really is and where to look?" But is it any wonder that, if more close to us historically, Nations and States not left sometimes nothing but name, casually mentioned in some ancient record. In the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and even in the Arctic oceans was conducted extensive but unsuccessful search of the legendary continent, once connected America and Eurasia. And still remained, albeit insignificant, but the chance that once Atlantis still existed.


The famous story of Plato about Atlantis is not unique. In the mythology of the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands, there is mention of a big country that sank in ancient times: in Hawaii is a continent Solar networks God Cana; the Polynesians - Great land; the inhabitants of Easter island motu-Mario-Khiva. In the middle of the last century French missionary J.-A. Moerenhout on the basis of studying the Polynesian myths and legends concluded that the islanders have witnessed some tremendous disasters which have flooded in the Pacific huge continent - Pacifico.

To the deepest antiquity ascend similar stories of Indian peoples on the continent of Lemuria, the cradle of human culture, pushed to the bottom of the Indian ocean. On earth that existed to the South of modern India, write and many Tamil authors, who believed that Tamanaha, - the homeland of the Tamils, the people without history, emerged suddenly with a rich and original culture on the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent, in the distant past was in the southern area of the island. The piles, stretching for 7000 km On the big island in the Indian ocean, located South of the equator, also referred to Pliny. On the balances of land in the southern part of the Indian ocean wrote and medieval Arab historians. Contemporaries cook were sure of the existence of the unknown southern Land, which occupies huge space inhabited by 50 million people and located in the southern latitudes of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

It is interesting to note that all ancient civilizations there were legends about some educators, who brought the ancient people of science and culture. According to Herodotus, in Egypt such knowledge keepers appeared about 10 thousand years BC Approximately at the same time, came from the southern seas of great Oannes that taught the Sumerians to understand the written language and taught them the art of construction. The American heroes of the epos is the first Inca Mango Capac and Mexican Quetzalcoatl - also appeared from beyond the sea, but from the East. From the West, from the drowned the Islands of Motonari-Khiva sailed the great God, enlightener of Easter island and the Mac-Mac.


From legends, fairy-tales and legends, evidence unreliable and not very objective, move on to more reliable to evidence. Archaeologists and ethnographers say that the ancient civilization of the Old world - Egypt, Mesopotamia, Crete and Greece, India and China have a common basis, which explains the unity of the forms of their mythological and ritual structures. Most clearly unique likeness of ancient civilizations is observed when comparing calendars. So, in the middle East, in Ancient Egypt, India and South America, the year was divided into 12 months of 30 days each, and the remaining 5 days was considered superfluous and lawless. Further, the starting point of the Indian lunar calendar - 11652 B.C. the End of one cycle of the Mayan calendar has almost on the same date - 11653 BC Near and the beginning of one of the Egyptian calendar solar cycles and the Assyrian lunar cycle - 11542 BC

Fast forward to prehistoric America. The analogy with the ancient civilizations of the Old world are obvious: first, about the same time of the occurrence - on the southern outskirts of Mexico city, for example, recently had found the remains of the pyramid, the date of the erection of which refers to 8-10 Millennium BC secondly, notwithstanding many archeological investigations, vague and mysterious history of civilizations of Central and South America. They appeared as if at once and nowhere.

Well-known German researcher A. Humboldt wrote: "it seems to Me clear that monuments, methods of calculation of time, the system cosmogony and the many myths of America, which represents the striking Parallels with the ideas existing in East Asia indicate ancient connection, and are not the result of the General conditions in which all Nations at the dawn of civilization". The assumption Humboldt of ties is only one of possible hypotheses. This number of unexpected coincidences as logically explained by the existence of the original protocivilization, from which arose the American, African and Eurasian ancient civilizations. So maybe they are splinters of the legendary Atlantis Plato?

So even inexperienced opinion obviously a lot of amazing and inexplicable coincidences and facts. First, all ancient civilizations arose about the same time. Secondly, they appeared suddenly, leaving virtually no trace of evolution, only vague memories come from beyond the sea educators, bringing science and culture in finished form. According to legend, these educators appeared after a global catastrophe that destroyed their ancestral home. Thirdly, it is surprising coincidence state hierarchical structures in which the main place was occupied clan priests. Fourth, the most ancient civilizations of the colossal power and money spent on sacrifice and the construction of a huge and expensive religious buildings with a pronounced astronomical filling. Finally, fifth, unexplained uniqueness and completeness of ancient knowledge, among which a special place again takes astronomy.

Among scientific and technical achievements of ancient civilizations, in addition to astronomy, amazing and geographical knowledge. In addition to the Peruvian stone cards with Atlantis, a famous ancient Buddhist cosmogonic card - mandala. Special surprising is the map of the world drawn up in 1531 French geographer, and mathematician Orontium Finem. It reproduces Antarctica with river channels, and deep fjords. Many details of this card is confirmed by modern research with the only difference that the southern continent of Tinea shown free of ice, and the place of the rivers are now glaciers, slowly slipping into the ocean. There's no explanation because voyage to the coast of Antarctica and map its coastline took place much later - only in the XIX century


According to legends, the planetary catastrophe that destroyed the ancient protocivilization, occurred relatively recently - about 12 thousand years ago. It is obvious that an event of such mastaba had to leave any traces. Such traces really exist.

In Kurdistan there cave Sender, located quite high in the mountains. Archaeologists found that the first people settled over 100 thousand years ago. Cultural deposits in the cave are continuous chronicling the life of primitive tribes for many centuries. Suddenly in layers, corresponding to the 10th Millennium BC, traces of people disappear completely.

In the opinion of the Nobel prize UV. Libby, about the same time, there are about 12 thousand years ago, from the face of America disappeared traces its earliest colonists, much more ancient than the Indians. Demographic data confirm that in the 10th Millennium BC there was a sharp and quite a long decline in the numbers of the world's population. Further, at an altitude of about 6,000 m in the Cordillera, under a thick layer of ice, were found the remains of huts. The research surrounding sea shells and traces of the surf has allowed to establish, that the rise of this plot of land has happened again about the 10th Millennium BC

Thus, there are good reasons to believe that approximately in the 10th Millennium BC have been planetary catastrophe, accompanied by global cataclysms in the form of a giant floods and earthquakes, raising and lowering of large areas of land, air emissions huge amounts of water vapor. Such an event could lead to extinction in the ocean of the whole continent. How can you not remember specified by Plato date of disappearance of Atlantis - 9570 BC? But for 12 thousand years archaeological and geological fragments of Atlantis could not disappear without a trace. Where to look for them?


The key to the riddle of the origin of man and his civilization may be hidden under the ice in the territory of Antarctica. The hypothesis of the Antarctic Atlantis was first published in the Italian magazine "Europe" almost half a century ago. In the article it was reported that American researchers found indisputable evidence of an ancient highly developed civilization existed on our planet about 15 thousand years ago. This hypothesis has been further developed in the book of Italian Barbiero Flavio "Civilization under the ice". di Flavio Barbiero "Una Civilt? sotto Ghiaccio"

It was proved that the legendary Atlantis was located on the site of the present Antarctica. The climate in those days was warm enough until 10-12 thousand years ago the Earth had not faced with huge celestial body weight and dimensions. The blow shifted earth's axis, resulting in a flood began giant earthquakes and heavy rains that destroyed Atlantis.

Let us dwell on the hypothesis Flavio. Antarctic Atlantis fully entercamping in the ancient legends, as it is located simultaneously in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. In full compliance with the story of Plato, its residents could control the shore of three continents. For example, South Africa is relatively close. With South America, according to the results of the last geological research, Antarctica could connect a land bridge in the form of a narrow strip of land or island chains (depicted by the way, on the map of Pinea). To reach the shores of the Indian subcontinent was on the African coast or on the Islands of Oceania, which was then much more.

The inclusion of Antarctica in the evolution of human civilization explains why the great philosopher of antiquity, Aristotle, the famous astronomer Hipparchus and geographer Ptolemy believed that the Atlantic centers around a single continent, and why Herodotus called the Atlantic ocean, the sea, and the Mediterranean sea - the Gulf. Indeed, Antarctica is the missing link that unites Europe, Asia, Africa and America in a single continent.


Modern Antarctica is the least suitable for living mainland: 99% of its surface covered by ice of thickness up to 5 km, the average summer temperature is from -30 to -50 C, and in winter from -60 to -70 C, frequent strong winds. But Flavio believes that in the relatively recent past climate of the ice continent was quite favorable and changed only as a result of the rotation of the earth's axis.

Suppose 15-20 thousand years ago geographical poles really was in another place. But where? According to the results of the research traces of residual magnetization, recently North magnetic pole was located in East Asia. Although magnetic axis does not coincide with the axis of rotation of the Earth, there is reason to believe that the angle between them can not be large. Proceeding from this, place the geographic North pole in the centre of Yakutia and see what happens. First, Antarctica moved North, warmer latitudes. She dropped the ice cover, became quite suitable for living and now reminds its triangular shape the continent, but on top of the South, " as shown on Buddhist-maps of Mandal. If, on the coast of this Antarctica to swim in Oceania, we get there from the West - as God-educator Easter-island-make-make. The American heroes of the epos, the first Inca Mango Capac and Mexican Quetzalcoatl, if they started from coast of Antarctica, too, would have appeared in full compliance with the legends - from beyond the sea from the East. For the Sumerians Antarctica as a homeland legendary Vanessa will be in the South, as for Tamils their Hamalachim!

Further, in this situation of poles Central America, Mesopotamia, India and Egypt - all the cradle of ancient civilizations - fall in the region of middle latitudes with approximately the same temperate climate, which approximately corresponds to the climate of the Northern coast of the displaced Antarctica. It is possible that after the disaster resettlement of Antarctic with freezing continent was not random, and in advance of the colonized territory.

What was the cause of the accident, which occurred, according to the calendar, somewhere in 11600 - 11500 BC? Flavio argued that this is an asteroid or comet weighing several hundred billion tons, crashed near Florida and replace the axis of the earth. A collision with a large meteorite is unlikely, but the change of the axis of the planet could be caused by other, more real reasons, namely the processes of mountain building, the movement of tectonic plates, the giant tidal wave or tsunami - any offset sufficiently large planetary masses. The rotation axis was inevitably accompanied by the redistribution of masses of the earth's crust and water from the new poles to the new equator, and the result was disastrous earthquakes, floods and heavy rains. Not whether their traces we notice in the famous cave Shander in Kurdistan or on ledges of Niagara falls? Whether they have led to the rise of the Cordillera, a sharp increase of humidity on the planet, the disappearance of the ancient people of the American continent and the General decrease in the population of the planet? Not echoes whether the disaster reflected in the almost universal legends of the great flood? For example, Hao Atoll of the Tuamotu archipelago in Polynesia found folklore texts telling about the great flood in the Pacific, almost exact replica of biblical interpretation.

After the rotation axis of the planet ended the period of glaciation in Europe, as the Northern ice cap has moved to the North, giving rise to the Arctic ocean. At the same time the southern ice cap started to seize Antarctica in the South. While protocivilization tried to fight with the new climate conditions, but soon they became absolutely unbearable. Antarcti-Atlanta settled colonies, bringing with them a high culture and knowledge, the source of which we are still not known, and bring about a certain absorbed elements continent, extending to 100 degrees. longitude in the southern latitudes of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

It would seem that the above facts and reasoning more than enough for the hypothesis of the Antarctic Atlantis has been recognized. But the results of geological analysis of its ice cover say that the last age is several million years. Due to this fact the vast majority of researchers believe the hypothesis of the Antarctic Atlantis curiosity, worth only mentioning.

But, first, a number of scientists believe that the final glaciation of Antarctica completed not earlier than 8 thousand years ago, that time practically coincides with the moment of occurrence of the most ancient civilizations. Secondly, in Antarctica due to wind load on the ice surface could be formed in the surface layer of soil, in the form of special loess-ice formation. Finally, thirdly, by changing the position of the axis of the planet ice cap could just crawl. Because ice is lighter than water, the entire ice cap could move entirely, saving, thus, its millionnymi geological age. And the fact that the polar caps "creep", clearly confirm granite boulders scattered throughout Europe during the last glaciation.


Many facts are easy to explain, if we use the now popular version of the extraterrestrial origin of the Atlanteans. Let's take a break from all narcobrothel will look pure fiction. Suppose that several tens of thousands of years ago near the Earth crashed alien space ship. Naturally, metabolism, and body structure of the crew did not correspond to the terrestrial environment, and the aliens settled in Antarctica, where the temperature conditions were acceptable to them. Extensive, powerful enough and stable ice cover of the continent, is it possible to inexpensively create large closed volumes with the right temperature and atmosphere. Indeed, in the iceberg that broke away from the inland ice, often find tunnels and caves, which origin is quite mysterious.

To perform a simple but tedious service work crew attracted aboriginal, selecting among them the most intellectually developed and teaching some basic knowledge, born the clan of priests have the unique scientific and technical information. In this case, it is clear from the ancient unexpectedly, without any traces of evolution, a written, precise mathematical, geographical and astronomical knowledge, many of the necessary practical skills.

Communication "dedicated" aboriginal representatives of a much more advanced civilization naturally resulted in the submission of the Almighty gods and educators. It is not excluded that it is a mistake to artificially maintained space crew (at least for security reasons), and a tradition of sacrifice could appear due to the fact that the aliens were required goods,industrial raw materials and humans as maintenance staff. At the same job alien natives erected high structures designed either for orientation expected rescue teams, or for any technical purposes, such as launch pads air transport.

After the death or departure of aliens from the Earth all Antarctic life-support system, left without control and energy source, began to collapse and, in the end, were killed. Clan of priests, who settled on the planet, became the ancestor of ancient civilizations, bringing with them not only the culture, knowledge and writing, but also their own religious beliefs and traditions, often become meaningless - for example, the construction of useless cyclopean of religious buildings and the many sacrifices, including human. For extraterrestrial hypothesis is not so important whether the displacement of the axis of rotation of the Earth or not. Anyway, it could occur, for example, the explosion of abandoned and unmanaged energy source, or as a result of deliberate exposure to aliens who created, thus, natural ice sarcophagus, open which mankind can only upon reaching a certain stage of development.
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