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Необычные видоизменения НЛОOne of the unusual properties of UFOs are their strange transformation expressed in changes in their shape and size, or splitting with subsequent flight each part separately, sometimes, on the contrary, with the connection of multiple objects in one. Known, for example, a number of cases when observers on earth had the impression that UFO has repeatedly changed its shape in flight.

In March 1959 in Warsaw was kept under surveillance by unknown object hovering over the Palace of culture and science. The object looked like two spheres of various diameters, United together cylinder. Then he turned to the disk, and departed in the direction of Macina, but soon went back and took the same form. The observation lasted about 10 minutes.

A rather strange event occurred in December 1969, near the village Lysova the Perm region, where over the edge of the forest at the drill appeared two illuminated ellipsoid. After that they grew in size and became one ball, both sides of which as at least one of "the cross" came two balls smaller. All this shining "dumbbell" length of 10-15 m flew 100 m from the rig at the height of 30-40 m from the ground. Soon in the Orb in the middle flashed spark that turned out to disk, the size of a little less disk of the moon, but it brighter. After that, instead of three balls of the correct form is visible only one ball rather loose structure with the disc in the middle, and after a few seconds the disc disappeared, and the formless ball disappeared over the horizon.

Repeated transformation of the form were observed in UFO flying over Estonia in June 1975 Appearing on Tallinn, he initially had the form of a silver triangle, but then turned into a ball and went East. Over Kenroy he looked like a triangular pyramid, and above Aegvidu had a T-shaped and seemed transparent. Over Rakvere it flew in the form of a cylinder, and over Kohtla-Jarve - eggs in a vertical position. He then flew on Narva and after dark, brightly lit up. Flight altitude UFO was about 18 km. Object was moving against or perpendicular to the wind direction.

Cases of changing the shape flying objects were also reported in Nord-Wilde (England) in 1952, in the city of Yaounde (Cameroon) in 1954, and in our country - in Belomorsk in 1979, although it is impossible to disregard the fact that the change shape, can sometimes be only seemingly caused by changing the position of the UFO.

Proof of this is the case, which occurred in December 1977 in one of the settlements in the Moscow region, where scientist-biologist saw over the building glittering circle diameter in half of the lunar disk. Revolving around a horizontal axis, this circle is first turned into an ellipse, and then - in a typical biconvex plate rotated edge of the eyewitness.

Sometimes observers the impression that the objects of their eyes was increased or decreased in size. Here are some examples.

In the autumn of 1978 in Alupka three witnesses within 15 minutes observed hanging motionlessly orange ball that has become something bigger (achieved a size of the moon), zoom out (turned into a point). Then to this ball went over the little glowing ball and he joined himself with him after that big ball ceased to be modified in their dimensions and flared, and in 5 minutes it started to decrease and disappeared.

In September 1981 in the area of the village of pure Yaroslavl region a group of sculptors and artists noticed a glowing ball of light silvery color size in 3-3,5 diameter of the moon, which still hovered at the height of 300-500 m above the road. He then within seconds and increased its size to 10-12 diameters of the moon. After a moment around the globe at a distance of its radius formed a bright halo, and the ball instantly disappeared. The phenomenon lasted about 3 minutes.

Sharp transform sizes UFO recorded in 1951 in the vicinity of Philadelphia, in 1954 over the Atlantic ocean, in 1957 in Portugal, and in our country in 1978 with the plane flying from Lenin-bad in Moscow. Of course, it is necessary to consider, that the increase or reduction of the sizes of objects may also be sometimes only seemingly caused their fast approaching the observer or, on the contrary, quickly removing from him.

It is much harder to explain cases of dismemberment UFO or, on the contrary, the unification of the two objects together. There are many cases when the individual objects in the eyes of the witnesses would be divided into two or more parts, which are then scattered in different directions.

18 March 1988, the crew and passengers of the Chinese plane flying from Beijing to Urumqi, watched the unknown object shaped like a basketball, originally moving towards the plane. In their eyes this object has changed the direction of flight, and then is divided into two parts, rotating with high velocities, which withdrew. All observation lasted 13 minutes.

Cases of separation of objects was also observed in 1959 over the city of Newport beach (California), in 1962 over the city Neviansk Sverdlovsk region and in 1973 - over Moscow. Along with this famous incident when two of the same object are United in one.

In November 1968, in the French Alps Dr. X. saw two completely identical disk with a diameter of about 65 m and a height of 16 m, which at low altitude was approaching the house. The upper part of the disks were silvery-white, and red at the bottom. The top and sides they had seen something like antennas, went down cylindrical rays lit up the earth. Discs made momentum around its vertical axis and every second it flashed, and after each of spype between adjacent horizontal "antennas" there was a bright light. Then both disks have become closer to each other and merged into one, who approached the house and was "on the edge", sending a doctor's x-ray of light. Immediately there was an explosion, and the drive was gone.

In February 1974 in Valeni-Munt (Romania) ten pupils of the orphanage watched as two motionless Parusa glowing sphere orange slowly got closer to each other and as it merged into one ellipsoidal object with a diameter of about 7 meters, which increased the speed and disappeared.

In February 1979, under the town Bitter Molen could see how the two illuminated object, ambrazevicie a silver plumes, United in one that was deleted. But sometimes, that such separation alternated with connections, but it was with objects several times in a row.

In August 1968, the crew, the passengers of the plane flying from Adelaide to Perth (Australia), observed was fitted to the aircraft big UFO, right and left of which were located on three small object. The eyes of eyewitnesses large object is divided into two parts, after which the group of small objects began to fly about each of these halves. As two halves of a large UFO several times combined and were again divided. All the observation lasted about 10 minutes, after which the two groups merged and fled at high speed.

In July 1977 in Baku astronomer Tikhonov in the telescope found moving in the high altitude yellow-green object, which is twice staying, was divided into two halves, dispersed in different directions. After a few seconds one of those halves, too, was divided into two parts, with each division was accompanied by an explosion. Soon one of the small parts joined a half, and then stepped back to the same position. Then all three parts closer (not combined), and after a while again dispersed and disappeared from sight.

In July 1981, a group of students Tsenskogo University in the province Shanghai watched unknown object, which was divided initially into two and then three and four parts, after which two parts are gone, and the two remaining hung over one another. Then two of the disappeared part again appeared, came near to each other and merged into a single object, which after some time again divided into two parts. Split and merge flying objects were also reported in 1952 in Mont-de-Marsan (France) and in 1980 - northeast of London.

There was also extremely complex combination of turning and separation of UFOs. In April 1964, in the district of La Gomera (new York state) specialist in physiology and four witnesses are found in the sky oblong object, like a submarine. From its tail flashed flash, he darted forward, but suddenly stopped. Then in the middle of the object appeared swollen, and he quickly rushed back. There he stopped and began to grow, gaining the form saucer with a thickening at the end. Then the object was completely round and is divided horizontally into two halves. After that the top half was removed, and the lower - down 45-degree angle to the horizon. Soon she, too, was divided into two parts, with the top oval part disappeared in the distance, and the bottom took the form of a vertical rod, who also disappeared. The whole episode lasted about 25 minutes.

"Angel hair"

Often during UFO sightings or after their flight eyewitnesses find on earth slenderest of threads, of unknown origin and composition. Usually they have a silver color, sometimes glow, very thin and light, slightly radioactive. The feel they gelatinous, it quickly evaporate.

For the first time ufologists talking about them in 1954. on October 27 of that year, two people - Jen-Naro Liu cetti and Pietro Lastrucci standing on the terrace on the square of St. Mark's in Venice, saw in the sky dVA flying "luminous spindle", which left a fiery white trail. Both objects were flying with great speed for a short distance from each other. Then the object flying in the back, climbed up to the same height as the lead; turned and UFO disappeared in the direction of Florence.

After a few minutes there was a dramatic break in a football match at the stadium in Florence. 10 thousand of the surprised spectators, players and referees stood and stared at the two objects flying over the stadium. In nine minutes from 14.20 to 14.29 - this pair of three flew over the city. On the football field fell strange, like hair, fiber...

The substance was melting in my hands, and only the student Alfredo Jacopozzi managed to collect a few fibers in a sealed sterile tube. Soon the tube came to the Director of the Institute of chemical analysis Florentine University Professor Giovanni Cannery. His colleague, Professor Danilo Gozzi, made tests mysterious substances and said: "This is a fibrous material, which has considerable resistance tensile and torsion. Being subjected to heat, it's getting dark and evaporates, leaving melting transparent sediment. Analysis of the sediment showed the content of boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium. Hypothetically, this substance could be something like Boro-silicate glass.

American ufologist Charles Manny suggested that it is "surplus materialized energy UFO". Dissolving, fiber "return back to their dimension or that the space-time continuum". According to another UFO, an Englishman, Brinkli Les-Sharp of the Trench, "hair" is something like ectoplasma released at spiritualistic seances!

In 1967 the Soviet science popularizer B. C. Lyapunov received from New Zealand samples "angel hair" in a sealed tube. Mysterious substance is less than one tenth of a cubic centimeter was subjected to a comprehensive study. Physicist-radiometric L. Century Kirichenko came to the conclusion that a given substance "detects fine-fibrous structure, with a thickness of separate fibers less than 0.1 micron. The bulk of matted fibers in clumps or separate "threads" in the thickness of 20 micron. Fiber white, translucent. The analyzed material is not an analogue of a well-known education". Academician I. Century Petryanov-Socolov, summing up the results of the study, said: "the Sample is of interest as a very fine-fibrous material and it is hardly a natural connection. Unfortunately, in the study of the whole mass of unique substances was spent. A new batch of "hair" and failed to get, although they have fallen in our country.

"In gym class we watched the UFO, wrote in 1990 Sevastopol student Artem Orvis. It had balls... They flew in the air with great speed, relieving the white sticky "spider's web", which, as soon as it touched, melting. The balls and the "web" saw 24 pupils and the teacher of physical culture". There are cases when the hair falls just pure heaven. In 1898 the inhabitants of the American city of Montgomery seen falling from the sky substances, "reminiscent of the web". The threads were like thin asbestos fibers and slightly postretrieval. And on 10 February 1978, near the city of Oamaru on the coast of New Zealand sticky thread fell on top for two hours! They were much thinner than the web", but nevertheless clearly seen in the sun on the background of the clear blue sky.

Some threads at first looked like balls the size of tennis ball, slowly raskatyvaete in the air. Other fibers drifted whole congestion, reminiscent of a train from the aircraft. "I never heard about anything like that," admitted the representative of the Department of scientific and industrial research, New Zealand.

We have to admit that the origin of the "angel hair" failed to install to this day.

• Part 7. Chapter 1. Specific manifestations of energy UFO

The study numerous cases of interaction UFO with the environment and analysis of results of direct measurements of their energy parameters was found that UFO staying in flight mode or soaring above the earth's surface, is a point source of electromagnetic energy.

Phenomenally high energy potential potentially provides compensation vector gravitational field vector of electromagnetic field. Due to the enormous kinetic energy of the electrons microwave radiation, moving in strong magnetic fields can be created by crowding-out of the air around UFO, thereby eliminating the contact of the body with the atmosphere during high-speed flight.

Under UFO disc shape is formed cylindrical area of forces aimed to the ground. In this call of the gravitational forces considerably weaker. Under low-flying or frozen object object (animal, human) in many cases, feel the force that attracts to UFOs, sometimes lifting them into the air. The effect is twisting nature.

The most interesting manifestation of energy UFO its glow, the source of which is not itself UFOs and the surrounding atmosphere. Colouring or glowing UFO subdivided into 5 types: type metal surface, a soft glow, rainbow colors glow a bright white glow, multicolor UFO.

Typical colors of light - orange, red, blue, yellow, bluish-green. The most frequent transition from red to white with a blue cast down UFOs.

Sometimes after bathing UFO in the place where the object is formed luminous fog. In this case, the radiation UFO excites atmospheric oxygen, bringing it to destabilise state for several minutes. Then there is a transition to the normal state with the release of light. This process is a good explanation for the appearance of glowing tails for flying UFO.

In many UFO sightings from a close distance there is a feeling warm up the body or the temperature increase in the cockpit. In some cases in the cabin gets so hot that pilots are forced to eject.

Eyewitnesses landings or low hangs the UFO sometimes say about the strange smells of sulfur, ozone, just about the acrid smell. Their appearance can be interpreted by the interaction of gases of air in pripojenom layer and chemical elements in the soil with electromagnetic or ultraviolet radiation UFO. As a result of chemical reactions can form nitric oxide, modification of benzene vapor and sulfur compounds.

Another manifestation of energy UFO deserves attention of researchers with their uniqueness and rare observations, due to physical and chemical soil characteristics. It is known that sometimes after landing UFO grass roots found charred, the structure of soil-specific high-frequency annealing. In addition, in the dark landing can glow for a few days. This glow is explained by the phosphorescence - afterglow crystalline particles of soil in the excitement of their crystal lattices ultraviolet, microwave and possibly x-rays.

Food for thought:
After more than a decade of careful observation, there is still no concrete evidence linking UFOs and "circles". This phenomenon has many intriguing aspects that many people want to attribute extraterrestrial civilizations. These include changes in the cellular structure of plants, possible radiation fluctuations of soil samples and unusual geometrical parameters. These effects are exciting, but they cannot be considered as the results of the UFO. The modern theory of the origin of "circles" include unusual tornadoes, electromagnetic field of microwave radiation, the earth energy and hoaxes. Some believe that the complex shape of such entities indicates a hoax, but in each case are difficult to explain the facts.
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