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Распыляемые с воздушного шара аэрозоли охладят атмосферуIn the American state of new Mexico will be conducted the experiment on the cooling of the atmosphere of sulphate aerosols. Such aerosols emitted by volcanoes erupted. They reflect solar radiation and contribute to the cooling of the Earth's atmosphere.

In the course of this experiment will be simulated emission of volcanoes of sulphates in the stratosphere. For this purpose, two engineer David Keith and James Anderson going through the balloon spraying sulphate aerosols in new Mexico over Fort Sumner from a height of 24 000 meters. The purpose of the experiment is to model and explore the impact of volcanoes on the atmosphere, as well as to develop technologies to reduce the temperature of the lower atmosphere. Such work previously carried out mainly in theory, is, for example, search molecules cooling the atmosphere. This and other similar projects on climate change on a global scale is called geoengineering projects.

David Keith claims that he developed geoingenieria technology can be an inexpensive way to slow global warming. But some scientists believe that the impact from application of this method can be unpredictable. They argue that such impact the Earth's climate can dramatically change that will lead to lower food production. But some environmental groups fear that the promotion of such geoengineering projects on climate change, and undermines the efforts of ecologists, aimed at reduction of CO2 emissions.

David Keith manages multi-million Fund, created by the founder of Microsoft bill gates. This Fund finances geoingenierie research. Earlier similar research was undertaken American aerospace Agency.

The experiment spraying will be held during the year. Such experiments cannot be performed in the laboratory, because artificially create a model of the stratosphere due to its complexity. During the experiment in the lower atmosphere will be dispersed dozens, maybe hundreds of kilograms of sulfates. To be examined for their chemical effect on the ozone layer of the atmosphere. As information is received, the researchers will improve themselves and sulphate aerosols, changing the size of the particles of which they consist.

"The purpose of the experiment is not climate change, and the study of the adherent of processes at the micro level. says David Keith, the Risk is very small".

Although the experiment can not harm the Earth's climate, environmental groups say that there is a real risk when introducing geoengineering projects. They were vyyavleny during simulation and impact studies sulfuric dust emitted by volcanoes. According to Executive Director of the canadian environmental organizations ETC Group Pat Mooney, consequences from the use of such geoengineering technologies can trigger the acceleration of destruction of the ozone layer and lead to decrease of precipitation in tropical and subtropical regions. This can cause a reduction of yields and lead to a food crisis, and even to international conflicts. Under threat of hunger can be millions of people.

Climate models, which reduced the amount of solar radiation, showing a decrease of precipitation in North America and Northern Eurasia by 15%, and in the regions of Central and South America by 20%. This cannot but affect crop yields.

Attempts to introduce geoengineering technologies spray aerosols had been made previously. So in the UK tried to break in technology with spray water spray at a height of about 1 km. But after public protests, environmental organizations and conflicts between scientists of the project was closed. The main argument in favor of the collapse of the project was the fact that such studies will serve as the impetus for their large-scale deployment.

David Keith is against the introduction of such technologies without large-scale studies of the possible consequences. In his opinion, even if there is a possibility that large-scale geoengineering projects can cause some harm to the environment, is not a cause for termination of the research in this direction and conduct of mikroelementov.
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