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Люди-загадки: смерть ходит за ними по пятамThere are people who for my life has been on the threshold of death, but yet every time miraculously survived... So, the house 62-year-old resident of Novorossiysk Lubov Ganeeva over the last year, three times... crashed into the truck. However, the woman never suffered, managing to leave his home shortly before the terrible accident...

Small Adobe-brick house the Ganeeva is located on the side of the street Methodius. Nearby there passes a road segment, which is considered dangerous. on October 13, there was another accident: one of the walls in the dwelling the Ganeeva hit-ton concrete and was literally blown it. The hostess herself before it decided to depart for bread in the shop. When he reached the corner, he heard a terrible roar. The bed on which she rested just five minutes ago, turned out to be right under the wheels of a truck! It turned out, the driver has not coped with management, trying to avoid going forward "number". Driver "nothing" died on the spot while the driver of a truck escaped injuries.

The most amazing thing is that this happened for the third time.

"Last fall in my house crashed ZIL, " says Lyubov Petrovna. - Just a few minutes before I went to visit a friend. Then the truck pulled down the fence. And this spring "Volga" rammed the wall of the house. Right at that wall there was an armchair in which I half sat in front of the TV, and five minutes before the accident came out into the yard to take out the trash to".

Now the pensioner waiting for the local authorities, as promised, will help to restore the house. Myself she believes the darling of Fortune. Three times to survive in such debacles!

Unfortunately, we often have to talk about "fatal accidents"than "happy coincidence". For example, a resident of the Polish town of Kalisz Barbara Playing for their lives 127 times was the victim of various kinds of accidents, but always remained safe and sound.

At the age of three Barbara fell out of a window of an apartment on the fifth floor. Successfully landed on a pile of empty cardboard boxes, it has not received a single scratch. In ten years the girl on the way to school hit the cyclist. The cause of the collision broke your arm and two ribs, and Barbara got off lightly. At age 12, she was almost hit by a car. At the last moment the car came off the wheel, and she rolled over. The driver with serious injuries found myself in the hospital. Barbara - single abrasion.

MS Rola survived four of the crash. One out of a hundred passengers survived only three, among them are Barbara. She knocked a tooth, and the remaining two in a serious condition was in the hospital. Seven times she got in a car accident, twice - in the train, was on Board the sinking ship. Repeatedly under it break off the floor boards and stair steps, once collapsed balcony, on which she came out to get some fresh air. Somehow in Warsaw, when she visited the Opera house, the ceiling collapsed giant chandelier. Many were killed and injured, but for Barbara tragedy had no consequences... And how many times she miraculously managed to avoid robbery! About this woman can only say that it certainly "was born in the jacket".

Even more mysterious history countryman Lubov Ganeeva Victor Klimenko. He was born on October 16, 1932 in Novorossiysk. When the parents came to the Registrar to register the baby, it turned out that there were over pure forms of birth certificates. And then the data on the boy entered in the form of a death certificate... True, the word "death" everywhere crossed out.

Victor grew up to become a naval officer. Thrice him by order of the command used to go to landfills, where it was tested nuclear weapons. Everyone knew that the people who are there, suicide. Radiation would kill all living things... None of the military, going there, didn't survive... Except Klimenko. No wonder in his birth certificate word "death" was crossed out...

So it's hard to explain why there are such individuals who "and in fire, and do not sink in the water". Although to experience them in life have very, very much. Perhaps, indeed there are some irrational forces...
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