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История бермудсккого треугольникаWhy write about the Bermuda triangle, and not, say, the Bahamas, Florida or Puerto Rican? Why talk about the triangle, and not, for example, about a square circle or a line? "Guilty" in the selection of these definitions are mainly people, first of all writers and journalists. However, the paths leading to one or another name, winding, and often all about the accident. The Bermuda triangle is not the only name of this amazing area in the Western part of the Atlantic ocean. It is also called the "sea devil", "cemetery Atlantiki", "the sea voodoo", "the sea of the damned".

Among these names eventually won the title "Bermuda triangle", while others are still in use. And yet why Bermuda? After all, Bermuda constitute only one of the vertices of the triangle and located not in the center. Probably the definition of "Bermuda" rooted for the reason that many mysterious disappearance happened just about Bermuda, and can be, because the word is quite impressive and harmonious. So the name "Bermuda triangle" came into use, most likely due to their phonetic advantages.

The Bermuda triangle is a relatively recent sensation. At the turn of 40-50-ies of our century would have never thought to say these two now magic words, and even more to write something on this topic. First used this phrase American E. Jones, who published a little booklet entitled "Bermuda Triangle". It was published in 1950 in Tampa on Florida and contained only 17 pages, illustrated six photographs. No one, however, did not pay any special attention to it, and it was forgotten. Revival came only in 1964, when about the Bermuda triangle wrote another American - Vincent Gaddis. Article on multiple pages, entitled "the Deadly Bermuda triangle" (The Deadly Bermuda Triangle), was published in famous spiritualist magazine "Argosy". Later, gathering additional information, Gaddis dedicated Bermuda triangle is already the whole Chapter, thirteenth, in a popular book, "Invisible horizons (Invisible Horizons). Since then, the Bermuda triangle is always in the spotlight. In the late 60's - early 70-ies as if from a horn of plenty was showered with the publication of the forgotten and the latest mysteries in Bermuda triangle. They were all in the US or UK. Getting put John Spencer two editions of the book, which tells about the many mysteries, secrets and supernatural phenomena, - "Purgatory of the damned" (Limbo of the Lost). Then came the turn of A. Jeffrey, E. Nichols and P. Wiener. The term " Bermuda triangle" is firmly rooted in the minds of people.

But the real explosion sounded in 1974 after the book uncrowned king experts of the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle Charles Berlitz "The Bermuda Triangle" (published by Doubleday"). Bestseller was immediately reprinted in publishing houses "Panthers books", "Souvenir press" and others, and in each of them the book has sustained several extra copies. For example, "Panthers books" - three editions in 1975, four in 1976 and three editions in 1977. By the most conservative estimate, the edition of Berlitz reached almost 20 million copies (in cheap pocket registration). So Bermuda triangle "fell into the hands of" a very broad audience. And only then came his true glory.

All these books exciting tell us about the mysteries and mystical stories and argue that in the Bermuda triangle there's supernatural, inexplicable things. Some books are under neutral names, and sensational facts we learn only from the text of the book, others openly hurry to start the reader increased interest themselves in their titles, such as "Invisible horizons", or "Logical explanations no!", or Purgatory of the damned". Since the early 70-ies by the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle began to stuff readers journalists. Articles in Newspapers and magazines were Packed with definitions of "unexplained", "warning", "alarm", "mystery", "mysterious" and so on, Publications, cautionary from a superficial approach to the problems of the Bermuda triangle and prove that it is, in fact, nothing mysterious and unnatural not, are in the minority. The most famous among them is a book of American journalist David Lawrence Kush "the Mystery of the Bermuda triangle solved" (The Bermuda Triangle Mystery-solved), written in 1975. (By the way, this book features a large variety of materials to create this website). In 1978 it was translated into Russian and published by "Progress" under the name "the Bermuda triangle: myths and reality".

In the United States on the subject of the Bermuda triangle were made two feature television film. The first film (directed by P. Winer, 1970) was filmed very cleverly, with numerous effects. He was full of mysteries and supernatural phenomena and very influenced public opinion. The second film was made in 1976, it has advised L. Kush. The views of the jackpot on the problems of the triangle opposite, he tries to refute false allegations, fiction and mystification.

What is the situation now? Not easy. Supporters Including Berlitz are looking for new "evidence" for the existence of unexplained mysteries, the Newspapers publish articles about mortal danger in the seas of the triangle, and like a voice crying in the wilderness sound a few calls, defending a serious approach to the problem.
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