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Подводные пирамидыThe existence of the pyramids at the bottom of the American Rock lake there is no doubt. But who was able to build 10 thousand years ago, when the lake's bottom was still land ? What a mysterious civilization existed in those distant times, when, according to the scientists, only a small primitive tribes were fighting for their survival in the vast North American continent.

One summer day at the lake Rock gathered a large crowd of the inhabitants of the American city of lake mills. Brought them in curiosity: it may be true that the will finally solved the mystery that is spoken by more than one decade. People looked at the colored pontoons, from which the water was out of divers. Passed some time, and they are out of stock of air, came back to the surface. The longest was a young biologist Ucenici. But then came and he, holding some sort of stone. Throwing off the mask, he cried : Found !". What is sought divers?

About lake Rock that is 40 kilometres East of Madison (Wisconsin), has long been legendary. It seems, for the first time it was talked about in the beginning of our century after the story hunters hunted ducks on lake. The essence of the story was to ensure that they are reviewed in the waters of a lake part of some construction ended at the top of equal place. They claimed that they have even managed to touch this site paddle. However, in that year, the summer was dry and the water level dropped two metres.

When the following year, they tried again to find the strange structure of this plan came to nothing. Lake Rock has a length of about eight kilometers and a width of four. But not the size of the reservoir, not its depth was the main obstacle in the search. The fact that the water of this lake is always cloudy. A suspension of tiny mud falls down only during the cold and clear days. On this day in April 1936, flying over the lake at its sports plane Dr. Morgan saw at its bottom clearly translucent silhouettes three large objects - whether they were rocks, whether the structure of unknown purpose. Intrigued seen, Dr. Morgan took my plane to decrease, making the circle above the lake. Soon down again flashed mysterious silhouettes. This time the doctor saw three regular pyramid with truncated top.

This is the opening then wrote the newspaper, they are interested in a famous diver that time Mnoal. After a couple of dives, he found one of the pyramids. Then Mnoal described his impressions: "It has the form of cut haystacks height of 10-12 meters. The length of the top platform about a meter. All the building up of a carefully drafted and fitting stones." To the story Mnoal then reacted with disbelief.

With such distrust was received and the report Ucenici and his colleagues was sent to his pontoons, he suddenly noticed in muddy water some vague outlines. Soon biologist reached the stone wall mysterious constructions. Swim around him, rose higher. The structure of its form resembled a truncated pyramid. Biologist took from the top platform of the detached piece of masonry, which, as it seemed, was to be the conclusive proof of his findings. The pyramid was located about three hundred metres from the place where awaited the return of Ucenici and his comrades. When later they again went down there under the water, discover scuba building again failed. Vain were looking buildings and in the following days. Of course, if complete their equipment has been signal buoy, the problem would be solved simply. Unfortunately, all the equipment of the expedition participants got on their savings, which was not much. Those wishing to sponsor "Chudakov" was not found either then or later.

Several years passed, and the lake came another group of enthusiasts, who broke map of lake on small squares and began methodically to examine each of them. In order not to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors, the researchers this time managed to stock up sounder and buoys. And now after days of searching they were lucky: it was discovered the first pyramid. Not a Mirage, no hallucination, but a real stone structure.

Strict form of a pyramid and exact rectangle base (9 to 10 meters) were ruled out the idea of a natural origin - pyramid was the creation of human hands. Then it was discovered another pyramidal structure somewhat different sizes.

Have a question: what is the origin of the pyramids who build them, when and why ? Earthen pyramid sometimes found in other places in the USA. For example, on the banks of the Mississippi. These structures, as it were once erected by the indigenous inhabitants of these places - Indians. Earthen pyramids served religious purposes. But what was found in the waters of lake Rock stone pyramid with cut tops, up to this time there were only on the territory of Mexico and Guatemala.

Next question: time Postoico lake of pyramids. Suggests a logical conclusion: before on this place there is the lake. But, as follows from the conclusions of geologists, lake Rock was formed 10 thousand years ago! What kind of civilization existed here at that time? Because earlier there was an opinion that ten thousand years ago this area was only a small tribes with a very primitive way of life. It is impossible even to admit that they had the power, the construction of such facilities. Therefore, in those ancient times these places were inhabited not these (or not only these) tribes, and some other, more developed nation? Any information about him, however, has not survived.

Large-scale research of lake Rock was not carried out. The world is full of mysteries relating to the history of the human race, but nobody hurries scrupulously to work on these mysteries. Even in rich countries (for example in the USA) state appropriations for archaeological research (and related) are small and get them in reputable universities. Raspredelenia same provision on the subject, universities operate on the principle of" seven times measure...", dismissing different "delusional fantasies". It is not only in conservatism, especially terrible to hear the charge that taxpayers ' money had been wasted. And so everywhere. Let us recall the Japanese project sensing Egyptian pyramids and underground space under them. Then the works were stopped half way..."waste of Money!" Can sometimes be generous any private Foundation. But funds are not enough, and willing to get funds for different projects, much more (for the sake of justice it should be noted, some really "crazy").

So is studied past of mankind... Another thing is to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to bomb someone objectionable or in the desert, or in the center of Europe... And if only it.
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