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Как Новая Зеландия украдет ваше летоHere in Auckland 48 dormant volcanoes and very low seismic activity, in contrast to Wellington, which is at fault or Christchurch, which is a thin plate. I think, for anybody not a secret, that both the kiwi-island are at high risk, and generally relatively recently emerged from the ocean depths due to the collision of several tectonic plates. As in Japan in General.

Here I got used to it. It was several times the city like the Napier was destroyed (earthquake of 1931). Since then, however, learned to build, learned to save and generally became nastroenie follow what is happening below the surface. In recent very strong earthquake in Christchurch, comparable in strength and other parameters with the Haitian, died of 0 (zero). At that time, as in Haiti, the number of victims has exceeded 230 000. I wrote how it happened.

Now new Zealand scientists today delighted by the news that mount Ruapehu, which is actually an active volcano, he will erupt. They say, all who live North of Wellington - and this is the whole of the North island, is to be alert and to prepare their ‘Survival Kits’ with water, canned food, protective masks and other necessities. We have such a set of lies, broken into two equivalent heap in different corners of the garage. If interested, I will tell, that it in a separate post.

In my memory Ruapehu already showed his teeth. Literally in 2006 lake in the crater of the volcano began to boil, and came down from the mountain ash-mudflow is called "Lagar". One man, enjoying the pristine snow virgin land outside the ski resorts, died. Others, including some familiar Russian girls, got off lightly and unmet went home.

This time they promise that there will be stronger and more terrible. Hurry you first quiet, and after frustrating. Ruapehu from Auckland and other large settlements far enough, several hundred kilometers. Hardly lava flows will flood the streets and sow panic. The ash may stop the operation of the airports, but hardly in all the cities at the same time, the wind blows only in one direction. Like all is well. Only the same volcanologists that give an estimate of the activity in the region, remind about a possible chain reaction and increase the activity of the volcano (it is a scientific term, not hyperbole) Taupo, in the crater which is the largest freshwater lake in New Zealand. Then, there is a jerk, gives only a rough estimate. One thing - is fucked up.

For all history of a relatively literate people saw only one eruption of the volcano. It was in 1815, when emissions of Tambora volcano that Sumatra, has left the entire planet without summer. Well, this is also the vegetation in the area of comparable size to the North island of New Zealand, was completely destroyed, and the rafts of slipshihsja dirt, ashes and burnt trees ocean currents spread across the planet. The very eruption killed an estimated 10,000 people following disasters and disease - about 100 000. This despite the fact that the people on Earth then it was almost seven times less. Those who spent their money on watching the movie "2012" will be able to visualize the process of eruption. Shown in the film area of volcanic activity in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, is also a SUPERVOLCANO, though older and a little quieter Taupo.

Our volcano last erupted in 415 BC. As if a very long time. "Well, good scare, there is sure everything is quiet," says skeptical and you will be wrong. According to the existing scale "explosive index, describing the force with which to take off, a Pair of supervolcanoes from the Taupo region are the first lines - 8 (mega-colossal). The height of a column of ash to exceed 25 kilometers, which, you know, already the stratosphere. Tremors are registered almost every day. Here you can monitor the dynamics of activity. Live on a powder keg.

With this knowledge, to live as if worse. However, you have to look for the positive side, and in the scheme, where each day can be your last - want to live it with joy. Not to say that it lifts me in the morning, but it certainly makes the day a little bit spicy.

Below are some photos from Google's search results on request "ruapehu eruption" - images of the eruption of MT Ruapehu in 1995. Somehow so it will look in this, if scientists were not mistaken: explosions, lava, lahari, the smoke, and passeth away by the wind for miles ashes. Let us be afraid together.

Как Новая Зеландия украдет ваше летоКак Новая Зеландия украдет ваше летоКак Новая Зеландия украдет ваше лето
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