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Как версия: Гиганты, НЛО, Змеи - все дело в фосфореConventional mechanical engineer, working as a translator, one day you decide to understand why in Crimea often see anomalous phenomena: glowing orbs in the sky over the mountains or across the sea, is mistaken for UFOs, unusual red tides in the sea, or a sea monster, called Garadagh serpent.

The result of his research were shocking. It turned out that all this is connected with phosphorus, which shall enter into chemical reactions with the surrounding substances...
Secret research, unwanted pharmacists

The nature of the glowing balls or mists scientists are still not understood. Roman Babenko, already more than five years studying such phenomena, believes that they are associated with the emergence of phosphorus.

Roman Babenko, researcher (Simferopol):

"At the bottom of the seas and oceans are tectonic faults, of which together with the magma comes biomass is a powerful source of energy. It shall enter into certain chemical reactions, in result of that, these are the most luminous objects and fog, the nature of which for some reason so far no one has explained. And I think everything is clear".

Indeed, scientists have found, for example, the dependence of the biomass of phytoplankton from the number of people entering the water body phosphorus is more than phosphorus, the higher biomass. And so, presumably, is the case not only with phytoplankton...

Roman Babenko:

"Any living organism consists of cells, these cells are composed of what we eat. Phospholipids that make phosphorus enters the human body, is fully digestible substances. The cell membrane is mainly composed of phospholipids. Why do you think the body is aging? With age, the share of cholesterol molecules in the membrane increases, and the share of phospholipids is reduced.

I think the secret of longevity and good health is directly connected with phospholipids. When this pattern revealed Soviet scientist Aleksey Dorogov, he invented the drug DCA, which in addition fatty acids, sulphides and other compounds, he included phospholipids. They say that this medicine cured cancer in a mother Beria".

It is known that after the war of roads got a secret government order. He had to create a drug that in case of chemical warfare would protect people and animals from exposure to chemical and radiation. This drug was developed in 1946, but it was kept secret and it was used only by top politicians. For several years the roads were treated them with people from various diseases, including cancer in advanced. Treatment is a unique preparation was a serious competitor to traditional conservative therapies.

Imagine only one medicine could cure almost any disease! In the environment, which had created a drug that they would simply not evolved. It is known that Dorogova offered money for him to stop further research SDA. However scientist refused, because he was assassinated in his car at the age of 42. In the end, its development remained unfinished...
The fog of the Bermuda triangle and the Kraken - the effect of phosphorus?

According to Roman Babenko, phospholipids, in excess contained in the Black sea, involved in such phenomena as glowing orbs, which take over the flying saucers, luminescence of plankton (not in vain because for centuries they say that the sea "fosforite"), and to grow to gigantic sizes sea eels. Roman believes that Garadagh snakes are ordinary acne, only grown to enormous size. The same can be said about the so-called Kraken - the giant squid.

Roman Babenko:

"At the excess in the cells of the body phospholipids will grow, grow in size. From the Bible and other sources we know about the people-the giants, who previously inhabited the Earth. Archeologists find evidence of this huge human bones and skulls. I think our ancestors knew about the properties of phosphorus and used it".

Phosphorus is an amazing chemical element. It is both dangerous (its compounds are warfare chemical agents - sarin, soman, Tabun), and incredibly useful, it is included in all tissues of the body and is involved in metabolism. Therefore it is called the element of life. But this element has yet to be fully explored.

Roman Babenko:

"I found that the time of the disappearance of ships and aircraft in the Bermuda triangle coincides with the period of underwater earthquakes in the area of the Puerto Rican trench. It turns out that as a result of underground eruptions escapes biomass, on the surface of the sea, there is a luminous mist, saturated with phosphorus. He and confusing ships and airplanes. By the way, cemeteries as a result of burning of phosphine, which is formed by the decomposition of phosphorus in the body, appear luminous cloud. Their is and always took for the ghosts.

Material published in the newspaper "Crimean Telegraph" № 207 dated 16 November 2012
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