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Теории заговора не такая уж и выдумка!Rumors and urban legends most often occur not on an empty place. Even the most absurd conspiracy theory, as a rule, are confirmed by actual historical facts - at least indirectly.

The government controls our minds!

It is, perhaps, the most widespread conspiracy theory. At least among patients of psychiatric clinics. It is known as the "Cap foil", and is as follows: the government has the ability to penetrate into our heads by means of special rays and to tell us what you see fit. To do this, allegedly, uses the technology of the Illuminati (sinister organization of conspirators who were trying behind the scenes to manage world Affairs in Europe). This theory is so popular crazy for quite obvious reasons: they are crazy enough to hear and see what is not. A common symptom. Mark Chapman (the killer of John Lennon) and Serhan Serhan (killer Robert Kennedy) stated that they had committed their crimes, obeying the orders of certain "votes".

And they're not the only one who heard voices. There were many people who, though not killed favorites of the public, but also accused the government that it tries to penetrate into the cranial box.

Some of them decided to put the above mentioned cap foil to protect his head from the intervention of special services (and aliens, cosmic rays and all the other evil spirits). So cap foil became the symbol of everything that has to do with the conspiracy, and helped the cinema to create many vivid images paranoid schizophrenics. This theory is not as crazy as it may seem: they really can broadcast the voices in your head.

In 2006 there was such a history. One guy with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, took advantage of the law on freedom of the press and asked all government documents relating to studies of microwave auditory effect, telepathy and hypnosis. Those that were not classified, of course. The act is quite consistent with the diagnosis and nobody was surprised. In addition to this guy had convinced everyone that backs his Shoe evaporate under the influence of a certain electromagnetic weapons. Jokes aside, but when the requested paper were received, many of them was not myself.

Page by page, certified serious documents confirming "ravings of a madman". It was found that the taxpayer dollars and in fact went to the financing of various projects related to the management of consciousness. Such as creating a telepathic beam or laser that can confuse a person, and make it less aggressive. And one of such projects was really connected with the study of the telepathic transmission of the human voice by using short-range microwave radiation. In the experiment, the volunteers directly into the brain "was broadcast voices calling numbers from one to ten. So the government is not only interested in issues of control over consciousness, HP and has achieved this success.

The census as a tool of discrimination

Most of us, do not hesitate to fill in the census forms, but not all. And among the most suspicious part of American society has spread malicious rumors. One conservative website was suggested that SRE-coordinates of the houses of civilians U.S. collected by the employees of the census, may need to UN troops. These coordinates will supposedly facilitate the movement of foreign troops in the country, if the American government considers it necessary to resort to their help.

Fuel to the fire podpira Michele Bachmann. She refused to answer any questions of the census, also, how many people live in her house. And said that the Constitution doesn't oblige to provide other information. This statement expensive Bachmann. Her paranoid rhetoric immediately became the subject of much ridicule. Especially when the real results of the census has shown that its own staff may be deprived of electoral districts for the election to Congress. Of course, we can together to laugh at the paranoids who think that the government plans using the census to lose all in the camp, but only... it's not such nonsense as it seems. The U.S. government and in fact once used census data to round up people in the camp.

In 2007, the world learned that during the Second world war the census Service of the USA helped the secret services to arrange the roundup of Japanese Americans. As a result, in the camps was about 120 thousand Japanese people, of which 62% had us citizenship. This was possible, because then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed a law giving the Executive power of the emergency powers.
Until 1942 the information collected during the census, remain private and protected. Everything changed when the bombs fell on pearl Harbor. There was a real entuziatsy hysteria. Every American, whose eyes raised suspicions were automatically classified as "enemy aliens". Therefore, when the secret service knocked at the door of the Bureau of the census for the names and addresses of all, in whom was an ounce of Japanese blood, data Center without hesitation had this service. The law, which gave the government such authority, was cancelled after the war.

But this was not the last time when data on ethnicity are passed in a politically tense atmosphere. In 2004, the census Bureau gave the Department of homeland security information about the places of compact residence of immigrants from Arab countries or descendants of immigrants from the Middle East. Then detained and expelled from the country over a thousand people.

The government controls the media

This is one of the most popular theories of all media markets, it is not a surprise. However, some of its followers go on. They claim that the Federal government controls everything that we look, listen and read. To do this, they believe, the government uses appearances in the media representatives, the distribution of subsidies, and even, in the case of military correspondents, direct pressure.
All this resembles the plot of the movie Robert De Niro's "the tail wagging the dog": the President comes up with a war in order to divert public attention from adultery in the White house. And news channels obediently give out in an ether production Patriotic rollers, pseudointegral and even songs about soldiers fictional war. I will say is absurd? Do not rush!

In 1948, the state Department created the office of policy coordination. It was headed by someone Frank Wisner. He received all possible powers to the extent that could put forward its own version of the American ideology, and started a company called Mockingbird. The gist of it was that, in order to seize all influential media using controlled by him journalists and editors.

By the mid 50's at the CIA worked for more than 400 journalists throughout the country. These guys were not just budding reporters. Among them were professionals of the highest level, working in three main editions: The New York Times, Time Inc. and the Associated Press. Each of them had an opportunity not only to post Pro-government materials in appropriate media, but also to filter insufficiently loyal. It was not too difficult.

The good news: "Mockingbird" was discovered and disbanded by the middle of the 70-X. the Bad news: even in the past decade, the US government put their sticky little hands all military reports, and uses the information war, to bring the whole world to his side.

Government agents are people too!

All the conspiracy theorists have something in common. People who believe in them, as a rule, consider that watch for them. And not only surveillance systems, as in the film "enemy of the state", but also real intelligence agents of flesh and blood, who day and night see from the dark alleys.

Yes, every one of them believed that the government pays someone full time (including bonuses, pension contributions and company car) solely in order to be informed it of a small group of radical vegetarians. And that they certainly have implemented their man at a local coffee house to spy on him until he smears Hawaiian bread with a thick layer of cheese.
However, this theory is also not so absurd as it seems. And here's why.

In 1956 the head of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover launched a secret project called Cointelpro (or Counter Intelligence Program - counter-intelligence program). They were really using agents to spy on different political and public organizations of the USA, from the party of black radicals "Black Panther" to the National Guild of lawyers.

Even individuals, who are more or less active anti-government stance, could become the target of Cointelpro.

For most people the 1950s associated with full skirts, phone booths, full of teenagers, and the birth of rock and roll. But, when it comes to privacy, 50, is rather a gloomy time. Especially for those who did not agree with the government, in whichever form this is not expressed.

In methods Cointelpro was part of a whole Arsenal of dirty tricks. They, for example, UDalas pit "Black Panther" with other groups of black nationalists, and then and leaders within the party itself. They introduced their people in the nearest environment of Martin Luther king, to monitor his every move. On the part of disinformation, provocations and manipulate these guys just was not equal.

In the end, America still learned than secretly engaged valiant FBI. In the early 70's activities Cointelpro was banned. However, we still get it "greetings". When, for example, the FBI announced a "domestic terrorist threat" organizations such as Greenpeace or RETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals). Or when one of Obama advisors (meaning the Cass Sunstein, advocate of the so-called "liberal paternalism" ) proposed to recruit secret agent who would monitor online forums and exposed the false conspiracy theory that discredit the government". Because, as you know, frequent the sites, dedicated to the conspiracy theorists, hardly able to appreciate the irony.

The government is poisoning our food and drink!

There is quite a popular theory, according to which the Nazis sought obedience of concentration camp prisoners, adding them into the water, sodium fluoride. Many "conspiracy theorists" are sure that today the government ftorinol tap water for the same purpose. And this, in their opinion, only the tip of toxic iceberg. Almost everything from artificial sugar substitutes (which Americans received the Minister of defense Donald Rumsfeld!) to vaccines (to be sterilized, of course) - this is all part of the secret government operations. Its goal is total control over the population. This, of course, is very similar to delirium. But... during the "dry law", the government tried to find a way to discourage people from drinking, without resorting to the traditional "to seize and imprison". And not invented anything better than add to alcohol poison that, apparently, was to serve as a deterrent. But they grossly underestimated the attachment of the population to the green snake. By 1933, when prohibition was repealed, the Federal programme killed at least 10,000 people.

Yes, it is a fact. And it's not the last time that Uncle Sam with poison tried to discourage citizens from harmful habits. In 1970, the us government has herbicides sprayed on fields with marijuana in Mexico. Manufacturers of marijuana quickly realized that it is possible to save the harvest, if you collect it immediately after spraying. As a result, a ton of grass, seasoned with pesticides and mixed with the regular marijuana, went to the United States. It was a time when Smoking marijuana been a favorite pastime of the nation.

The government has ignored all charges related to this story because poisoned marijuana was "only" a fibrosis of the lungs during ingestion and throat bleeding - when inhaled. Who would worry about such trifles!

Secret biological warfare

Many people in the know, such as a rock musician Billy Corgan from the group Smashing Pumpkins, not once tried to warn the world about the insidious government programs like spray on peaceful citizens of various chemical substances.

We are talking about "dimitrash" (the so-called exhaust streaks left by aircraft. The usual band quickly disperse, are never long enough and depend on the mode of engine operation. Dimitras also constantly extending gradually turning into a layered clouds consisting of a set of rings).

You'd be surprised how many people are convinced that the government is sprayed from planes chemicals to regulate fertility, control the weather and what's this shit so we often suffer from respiratory diseases.

And then, all of us have heard stories about how the CIA developed AIDS to kill black people and other bad guys. And this legend appeared not on an empty place. The Federal government has not only been tested on U.S. citizens some of the methods of biological warfare. These experiments really somebody was worth living.

During the cold war, there were serious research related to entomology. Were they in the following: throughout Georgia was 300,000 mosquitoes, and waited, that is. No, the mosquitoes were not carriers of some terrible disease. Just mosquitoes. The government just wanted to see what would have happened if they are really released infected with yellow fever insects.

From 1949 to 1969, the us military conducted 239 trials of biological agents in the open air. It is only those who have documentary evidence. These include spraying in the new York underground bacteria, "related" those that cause anthrax. Two more incidents occurred in the Bay of San Francisco and Washington national airport, where the people allegedly sprayed harmless bacteria.

What this experiment ended airport, we are, for obvious reasons, never know. And after testing in San Francisco, 11 people were in hospitals with a rare infection of the urinary tract, one of them died. These bacteria were not really dangerous. For healthy people. If the exception of a slight weakening of the organism, which, too, agree that unpleasant. But for those whose immune system was weakened bacteria was really serious danger.

Author: Translated from English Shogol
Source: "Interesting newspaper. The world of the unknown" №20 2012
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