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onua.org » News » Ukrainian scientists have named the approaching \"end of the world\" fiction and full of nonsense
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Украинские ученые назвали близящийся "конец света" выдумкой и полной ерундойExperts say that the Earth's collision with the planet Nibiru is contrary to all laws of the Universe.

With the approach of December 21, the probable date of the end of the world, the Internet is filled with different sorts of articles with possible scenarios of the onset of the Apocalypse. Earth predict a clash with the mysterious planet Nubira, rain asteroid, which will destroy all life on the planet, terrible magnetic storms, and more.

Recently there appeared another scenario, the destruction of humanity. The so-called "the Oracle of Shambhala" - Lama of the monastery Ghandruk under Kailash told that on December 21, the Earth will pass through the galactic "zero band". According to the prediction of the monk, practically in all the Earth, about 8 in the morning will come total darkness and silence. Will disappear light, electricity, communications and even sounds.

Will it all for a few days, about three or four, which killed 10% of the population, predicts the elder. To be saved from death, the prophet recommends to collect their children, to take all documents, cash, and leave the cities to the countryside. Also, you should stock up on food for 2 months and take more candles, as electricity will not be for a long time. This time the monk strongly recommends not to leave their homes on the street, and to spend meditating and praying, reports 057.ua.

No "Nubira" the Earth does not crash, and "zero band" - non-fiction. In this I assure Kharkov scientists.

- To the Earth nothing is coming, and therefore we no face. If such a possibility existed, we we knew. And what they write about the end of the world, except as nonsense, I can not call. In the Mayan calendar just finished another historical cycle. And the next calendar archaeologists, probably, is simply not found. As for the Tibetan monks, light, and electricity, it is very good that this monk knows what electricity is. And what he predicts that is physically impossible, " said researcher of Kharkov astronomical Observatory Gennady Marchenko.

Other scholars argue, December 21, earthlings is waiting for the annual winter solstice, during which night stops increasing, and the day to decrease. on December 21, the day will last about seven hours. The next morning we all Wake up safe and sound, and the day will start to increase. Nothing more. Natural disasters before the end of the current year is expected.

Kharkiv astronomers also believe that the 21st of December of the current year no parade of planets will not. Either big or small, not even a mini-parade of the three planets. The closest great parade of planets will come only in 2022. So the end of the world can wait another 10 years. At the same time, if even find "Nubira", then to our planet, it will have to fly not less than 13 years. Therefore, the collision and if it will be, except that in 2025.

Unlikely and ambitious solar flares that can burn the Earth. In case of release of the substance from the Sun, our planet it will fly in 4 days. But until the Sun behaves quite peacefully and friendly, speak astrophysics.
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