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Смещение полюсов в истории ЗемлиMost of us know that the geographical pole constantly make complex loop-shaped motion in the direction of the daily rotation of the Earth ( precession axis with period period in 25776 years ).
Usually these movements occur near the imaginary axis of rotation of the Earth and do not lead to significant climate change.

The Drift Of Magnetic Poles.

But few have noticed that at the end of 1998, the total component of these movements have shifted . Within a month of the pole has shifted to Canada for 50 kilometers. Currently, the North pole "creeps" along 120 Parallels West longitude. We can assume that if the current trend in the shift of the poles will continue until 2010, is the North pole may move on 3-4 thousand kilometers. Endpoint drift - Big Bear lake in Canada. South pole, respectively, will move from the center of Antarctica to the Indian

In the history of the Earth reposition the geographic poles happened repeatedly, and with this phenomenon, first of all, connect glaciation vast areas of land and radical changes of the climate of the planet. But the echoes in human history only got the last disaster, most likely associated with the pole shift that occurred about 12 thousand years ago. We all know that the Mammoths died out. But it was much more serious. The extinction of hundreds of species of animals not subject to doubt. The Flood and the Destruction of Atlantis debate but one thing is certain - echoes the greatest disaster in the memory of mankind have a real basis. And it is caused, probably, by displacement of poles only 2000 km

Let's not forget and about a Bible-based hypothesis about the presence of water vapor in the past above the Earth's atmosphere contained in the book of Joseph, Dilou "Water on top". Because molecular weight H2O is 18, and air - 29, water vapor is lighter than air and therefore steam shell physically could exist above the Earth's atmosphere. Read more

When death comes

But actually described above events are just the beginning. Over the last 500 million years, scientists have counted five most well known mass deaths of representatives of the fauna and flora of our planet. Many think that these events by falling meteorites. Each of ive" swept from the face of the Earth between 50% and 96% of its flora and fauna.

Here is the "Big five".:

The first incident occurred 439 million years ago in Urdoviza-Silurian period. The result is destroyed 25% of the families of marine animals and 60% of marine flora.

The second accident occurred 364 million years ago, at the end of the Devonian period. Was not 22% of families marine life and 57% of marine flora.

Third, what happened 251.4 million years ago, during the Permian-Triassic period was the biggest. Total killed 95% of living beings, including 53% of the families of marine animals, 84% of marine flora and approximately 70% of terrestrial organisms, including plants, insects and vertebrates. At first, the experts believed that the death of animals and plants has been happening for about 8 million years, but then this period is reduced to 5 thousand years.

Responsible for the disaster different scientists have called it a powerful outpouring of the volcanic lavas, the reduction in the level of oxygen in the atmosphere, sea level change, climate fluctuations, the sudden release from the depths of toxic gases, etc. But recently the American geochemists and planetary community, headed by L. Becker (L.Becker; University of Washington, Seattle) found evidence of cosmic origin of this catastrophe: the isotopic composition of helium and argon in a rock samples from such remote from each other in places like China, Japan and Hungary, was typical of meteorites.

Moreover, the researchers found, how these gases could be saved in terrestrial rocks to the present day. They found small amounts of helium and argon in fullerenes - hollow molecular net balls, educated pure carbon. Analysis of gases that are in such a lattice "cells”, showed that the content of 3He in samples of rocks that relate to time, 50 times more than in the layers above or below, and the relations 3He/4He and 40Ar/36Ar in them typical of meteorites and not typical for the Earth.

As "suspect" scientists see the crater Woodley via, with a diameter of 120 kilometers, located near the town of Wooramel, on the West coast of Australia. It is the fourth largest crater on the planet. Its outline was able to identify only by measuring magnetic anomalies and the Earth's gravitational field in the area. According to calculations, the crater Woodley via formed as a result of a meteorite with a diameter of five kilometers. At the moment of impact the pressure in the three hundred thousand times higher than atmospheric galleriesrash after the fall of the meteorite on the planet began volcanic eruptions. In the oceans appeared huge tidal wave - a tsunami. In the sky flashed thick veil of dust; for a few months, the Sun disappeared behind it.

Geologist Arthur J.. Mori has collected samples from three hundred meters depth. Their analysis showed that the rocks in this layer of sediments extremely sealed. Found numerous vitreous education, caused by sharp difference of temperatures and pressures. However, the remains of the meteorite were never found. Yes and accurately dated to the time of his fall, too, has so far failed

Fourth, stemming from 199 to 214 million years ago in the late Triassic period, claimed the lives of 22% of collections of marine fauna and 52% of marine flora. She, however, had cleared evolutionary space for the emergence of the largest of the known terrestrial beings - dinosaurs.

Finally, the last, the most famous catastrophe, signed the death sentence dinosaurs, occurred 65 million years ago in Tertiary-Cretaceous period. Then killed 16% of the families of marine animals, 47% of marine fauna and 18% of the families of terrestrial vertebrates.

The most likely cause of the death of the dinosaurs became already proven the fall of the asteroid in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. A crater with a diameter of 200 kilometers, left 65 million years ago "killer dinosaurs" was found near the Mexican village Chixculub.

But let us consider the catastrophe that occurred on the border of the Permian and Triassic period, as is likely, at this moment it was split ancient supercontinent of Pangaea

In his time, paleomagnitnykh, studying the magnetization of the rocks in the period of their education, revealed an interesting fact, which was called"the drift of poles”. It turned out that the Earth's poles were not all the time on one and the same place, and quite changed their position. With dimensions paleomagnetic pole for different continents were to a certain point of time mutually agreed that clearly indicated that up to this point in time, the continents were connected to each other. And less than 250 million years ago pole suddenly "great slosh”. What was it - the start of tectonic plates, or any other disaster is not precisely known but the magnetic field of the Earth began to repeatedly change direction (magnetic anomaly of Illawara), not staying in one place for more than 300 - 400 thousand years (the time is insignificant from the point of view of Geology)Button and then happened what is sometimes called the Permian-Triassic battle.

"It turns out that not only mammals (and we are among them) have become the masters of the planet due to the extinction of the dinosaurs, but also the dinosaurs began to reign on the planet thanks to mass extermination preceded them living species. At this point, which is exactly on the border between the Permian and Triassic periods, biological life on Earth... undergone monstrously catastrophic decimation: in the course of a few millionami disappeared almost eighty percent of all the inhabitants of seas and oceans and almost seventy percent of all vertebrates!” (Nrollment, "Tour disasters”).

Well known facts of this period explains the theory started expansion of the earth and associated changes in physical terms

However, now we are interested in is not sufficiently distant future ( although the possibility of repeating the fate of the Earth chaise not the most pleasant prospect) and directly biological effects of shifting magnetic poles. and global warming

Food for thought . Precession :

Currently, the axis of rotation of the Earth deflected from the vertical angle of 23 degrees 27' (23 degrees 27 minutes of arc). Because of this, the change of seasons. Using precise measurements revealed that the position of the earth's axis changes very slowly, and in two directions, which are called PRECESSION and NUTATION.

Precession is the slow movement of the axis of a rotating body (in this case - earth) so that its ends (the Earth - pole) slowly turning in a circle like the rotation axis of a spinning top, if its decline from the vertical. The angle of inclination of the axis of the vertical line in any position precessional offset the same. The rate of precession of earth's axis is very slow - to 1 degree for every 71.6 years. And full circle pole will be held for 25 776 years (360-degree x 71,6).

But in addition to the slow rotation cone, the earth's axis makes another move - nutation that means changing the angle to the vertical, from 22,1 degrees (minimum) to 24.5 degrees (max.). Let me remind you, now its value is 23 degrees 27' and continues increasesthe promise.

So, as a result of precession, all the way around the earth's axis makes 25 776 years .However, in "pagan” religions 360 multiplied not to 71,6 (the number of years for which the earth's axis shifted by 1 degree) , and 72 and it turned out time - 920 25 years. The number 72 is found in many ancient religions and 72.. It conspirator in the myth of Osiris, and 72 yarn, of which did belt Ministers Iranian faith etc . Information about the precession of the shift, other astronomical knowledge is found in myths of many Nations, in particular, large quantities specified in the famous "revelation” (from the "New Testament”). And "the book of Veles” there are some numeric data, for example, a large circle of Svarog is determined in "about 27 thousand years.”

The changing of the seasons at various angles of inclination of the terrestrial axis.

If the earth's axis, perpendicular to the Ecliptic plane, as it is typical to Jupiter and Venus, the planet would seasons. The earth would be always in the same position relative to the sun's rays, so at each point of the planet would always be the same season, depending on latitude, and the day was always equal night.

If the Earth's axis is located in the plane of the Ecliptic, as in the case of Uranium, the picture would be awesome. On the poles of the Sun spiral rising upwards to the very Zenith, and then went down to the horizon, to six months to disappear in the sky hemisphere observers. Naturally, when the Sun rose to the Zenith of the polar regions should be installed tropical heat. In the mid-latitudes, with the beginning of spring will grow days; after some time there will be continuous day that will last so many days, how many degrees contains the double function of latitude. For the latitude of St. Petersburg the day would come in 30 days after the equinox and would have lasted 120 days. With the onset of winter, the picture will be back. At the equator day is always equal to the night. It is curious that on the whole planet there would be a point where the Sun had been during the year in the Zenith.

Well, if you rotate the axis so that its slope was 45o to the Ecliptic plane? In this case, the date of the equinox and solstice would be the same, but during the summer solstices in each hemisphere of the Sun in Zenith would already at the latitude of 45o (latitude of the tropics). Torrid zone has expanded greatly and would directly adjoined to the cold. At the poles in the summer, the Sun could reach a height of 45o above the horizon and the light would be more than half a year.. On the latitude of Moscow, Kharkov whole month would be a solid day. However, in winter the whole month of December would have lasted polar night.
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