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Декабрь 2012 — что делать? Задумайтесь и ответьте самим себе на вопросыDecember 2012, which had been waiting for and about which so much was said for several years, outside of the box and on the calendar. In the air is soaked with the excitement and anticipation of how events 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 will affect us. There are many theories and proposals on this score, but one thing is certain - changing, and we are all a part of those changes.

Until the end of 2012 and Solstice was only a few days - wonderful days, has incredible potential for global change in the consciousness of everyone. And now you can make yourself the most wonderful gift, devoting the rest to 21.12 the days of deep reflection and active participation in the creation of their own ideal world.

Think and ask themselves the following questions:

What kind of world I want to live?
What I am ready to do and what to say goodbye to the world has become what I want to see him?
What thoughts arise in my mind, when I think about the upcoming Solstice: what hope, what fear, what do you want?
Where will I 21.12.2012 year? What to do?

Come back to these issues daily, adjust the recorded responses, if your thoughts, desires, and attitudes will be from day to day to change.

And if you, for some reason, feel a sense of anxiety or fear, if you have doubts about yourself and how mankind can avoid global devastation or destruction - stop and look at what it is in you these feelings. From where come these thoughts? Be aware of the fact that the more you are afraid, the more evidence (unsubstantiated evidence!) your fears finds your Subconscious mind. Remember? Where is your attention, there goes your energy. Where your energy is there for you.

And who collects energy of fear? Who do you give your energy and himself, following her?

No need to be clairvoyant to be able to see the answer to the question: who created the egregor "21.12.2012 year"? It is obvious, if you know how to analyze what you see. We already know about the power of thought, able both to create and to destroy. The thought is energy, doing something on the creation of which it is directed. And directed energy of millions of people - can you imagine the power of it? Who and what will be sent to this force, if it will consist of energy of fear?

You want what you afraid of? I am sure that there. So what you will direct the energy of your thoughts?

It is enough to know that evolution is not a matter of one day, changing the way of thinking and way of life does not occur in a particular specific day of the year. No matter what they say and whatever promises were given, but the New Earth will not appear miraculously in an instant out of nowhere. The creation of the New Earth is what we, all together, are called upon to perform.

We live now to be in the forefront of those positive changes, which will create a New World. We are not an observer, we are Builders. And we can't build new, not being in the midst of construction". Select the direction of its activity, guided by the heart, and start!

Solstice 21.12 is not a doomsday, but the key moment of culmination in the long history of the awakening of Humanity. So rejoice and celebrate this day as one of the greatest Holidays! No one knows what will happen at this time, and you can't know. Therefore, the best way to prepare is to be true and knowing this very day.

Listen to your inner voice, to hear him guide on how you can spend your day 21.12. Trust him and act in accordance with their inner guidance. The biggest obstacle on the spiritual path is that people do not usually listen to your intuition, whereas the actions committed under the leadership of intuition, are decisive.

Remember that you came into this world not for a single date, but to participate in the great awakening of Humanity. And Solstice 21.12 - the most important indicator of this process. This event will be a powerful shift, move, and change in many areas of your life.

Yes, intuitively you know that all events, whatever they were, contribute your progress. But the state of uncertainty and the absence of any warranty as to be with them?

Faith and trust is the motto of December. You must understand that the decisions and the choices that you make and will make now will help shape and define your way forward in the future. December promises to be the month of new beginnings and expanding horizons, if you make several large and bold steps towards more intense and rich life. Do not underestimate each of these steps, because these courageous steps led you to where you are today.

You stand on a main crossroad in his life. And right now you have the opportunity to rewrite its history. Such opportunities are often not given, so take it as soon as possible the handle, hold your new page and let the words flow...

We reserve the time when we were spiritual children, and are in a time of spiritual adulthood. This is the end of childhood for humanity, the completion of linear perception of time, as the only existing reality. We have to know the World in all its diversity of forms and other manifestations.

Let's create a beautiful, bright future for our collective conscious intent. Let's create a World in which all are aware of their link with the Divine Source, where everyone loves, protects and appreciates all that exists around us, where people live, creating every moment a little Heaven right here on Earth.

I am pleased to be here with you at this time!

With love and in love,

Tutta Mayer.
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