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ВЕЛИКИЙ ПЕРЕХОД. ТРИ ДНЯ СВЕТАNow you the most discussed topic of the Passage is three days of passing through the Photon belt. Already a lot of information you were given. But it caused among you fears and doubts and shook the Faith of many of you. First of all, the Belief that you are Creators!

You feel that you will be able to survive? How can one doubt in his creation? We will speak to you. It turns out that you are my doubts all the time to change your reality and they can't anchor .

We are not talking about how and who of you will be able to survive three days . The speech is about WHAT YOU DO THESE THREE DAYS. Joyful and calm. Full of Faith and Love, with full knowledge that YOU are NEVER ALONE AND IN the DARK. THE LIGHT IS ALWAYS WITH YOU AND IN YOU! Be aware of this. Please accept this as a given. You Are Creators!

Many begin to stock up on food, candles and water. Your body is Divine Creation. It can work out all necessary for the existence of the physical body substances and for a longer period of time. You must allow the creation, launch the mechanism of their conscious creativity.

In addition, in the period of 3 days will be increased in steps vibrations of the Universe in your sector and your body will resonate with these vibrations. This means that the physical food is largely not required. The physical processes of metabolism will slow down , because at the forefront metabolism spiritual.

Simply put, this three day event will resonate to blaze and burn your chakras and energy portals of entry of new energies. Do not be afraid! Fire is the inclusion and not be burned. Of course for many of you it will be quite unusual process. Imagine that will begin to manifest and sometimes disappear various opportunities that were previously hidden. We are talking about telepathy, telekinesis, the creation of thought, some of you will start to hear voices and unusual sounds. You will visit various visions. Many can experience the process of leaving the physical body. Do you really think that in this case you first of all interested physical saturation of your body?

We repeat do not worry. The first thing you must always remember: you are not alone. It is enough to you to ask for help or to contact the Mentors and your Higher self, this aid will come. You can contact words and thoughts. You always hear.

Therefore, in this period be most attentive to your displays. It is written in the hearts, or the habit of reviling or condemning the idea will be to give a resounding background. Do not doubt. If they come performasure them in your mind, say to yourself: "I can do anything. I'm The Creator. " Or any other words, performership your initial intention. All is in your power.

And again, take your time. Time in these 3 days will stop for you too, for the first time and you will feel almost completely what is his absence. And only you will depend on how long or fast will end this period. Let us say at once that for some, these three days will pass as the moment for other will last much longer. We will not specify. As this depends on each. And the criterion is not haste and desire for change, and full awareness and complete lack of fear.

Remember! The more afraid you are, the longer you will be three days. As we have said, your body will adjust the tuning forks Light Photon belt. This kind of access passwords, revealing passage. The portal passages is a light barrier. That is, you will pass through the Light in its original Form. And we have to inform you that thanks to the assistance of the universe and the support of your spirit, this process will be the least painful for all of you.

It is the first experience of the transition, in the future will be similar experiences. And if you are fears the passage through the Photon belt will not happen until they're in you have dissolved. You understand that the process is not linear, and point each. This is the first portal of the entrance-activate your personal key.

It is worth mentioning that the initial versions of passing through the Photon belt was likely that many of you will burn in light zone, due to tor, that their vibrations do not coincide with the key entry Point of the Torah. We of course mean the combustion of the physical body, but it could be quite painful for you. This is why detailed information about the event you are not given.

However, today's probabilistic lines show that thanks to the efforts of your spirit and many Ecumenical structures who love and support you, the process could be launched so that the practical most of you will be able to overcome this barrier without loss of the physical body.

You should not confuse a temporary difference. Each will be held on own schedule, and it does not mean that someone will be waiting for stragglers. At this point of the Universe, all the parameters of your physical worlds, namely spatial-temporal characteristics will change. Rather warped. It is a one-stage happens entry and exit point of the Torah, but the process we all will be multi-faceted and multi-temporal.

Listen to yourself! You will be sent a peacekeeping energy that will help you to calm down and tune. But the whole process of attunement depends only on you! So you understand that you can prepare not by way of food and drink, and drop all unnecessary fears and doubts.

And we want to warn you: leave the judgment and condemnation of the actions of others in the upcoming events. Do you spend on it's own energy and time. Leave them to prepare themselves for the passing of the Photon belt.

We want to warn about the possible emotional background of these events. You should prepare it now. For themselves. Checking emertonella sound means that not only higher vibration will sound at this point. You will have to "test" for clarity. Ie: do you have the answer-resonator low vibrations. If you do, your passage is difficult. That is why for those who have not yet been exhausted in himself the fear, resentment, distrust, and other negative resonance frequency of its essence, the echo of tuning forks low vibration can cause very strong resonance. That is, one who fears may feel a sense of indescribable sadness or despondency. Or fear. Do not be afraid. You will be able to overcome it., because your soul is the most important thing - the ability to love .

The most powerful way to overcome any negative processes and difficulties is Love! Whatever you feel the moment you pass through the Photon belt, as would be difficult for you it may seem, everything can overcome your Love. Love of self. To the world, to God. Even those of you who are afraid and stored, can one their impulse of the soul to neutralize all possible consequences, created his own.

Love and gratitude - the great power! To you they are available and subject. If you will be hard or you will not know what you do, or you will feel that you are stuck in the time stream - open your heart of Love and Gratitude, and your progress will be accelerated and smoothly.

Will be among you and those whom the passage of will take a lot of unforgettable wonderful sensations. It would be like for them, as the game is in an unfamiliar tool magnificent sound. When chakra will resonate divine Music, and together with opening and fire each chakra will be born in the minds of new paintings and exciting worlds. Such among you a little while. Those who finally got rid of fear and anticipation waits for upcoming events, because he knows that they will be fine. !

You feel the difference? Some of you fear . and they will be hard, if they will not overcome their fears. Some of you are in doubt, and they will not receive the whole range of sensations, yet will not leave doubts. And some of you are happy, because they KNOW that they will have a wonderful journey through the worlds inside!

And one more important question for you, which we read in your minds. Many of you worried about their relatives and friends. You have to realize now and then, what choice does only the very essence and make it for another or to impose its choice to the other you can't. Trust your friends. You can help them , only sending them love, gratitude and forgiveness. Thank them for all the lessons that you have come. Rejoice their choice and conscious creation! Love them unconditionally. Just for what they are, and they are near you.

Don't make preferences. You can also slow them down. Your loved one will catch a wave your preferences and will be sure in your choice. You don't know, maybe you don't give him the opportunity to go into the higher worlds. So don't make preferences. Trust The Spirit. And if you'll meet in a New Universe, this will be your joint selection.
But we know that some of you already know or feel , what choice did their loved ones. It really is simply because usually close in Spirit entity resonate in some Octaves of Creation. But don't make assessments of their choice.

Bless him!

Of course, most of you will try to be in this day together with their loved ones. It's your choice. You creatures collective and your further development in future measurements will go the way of unification of unions and community. Help otherg other in these minutes, help to overcome fears and doubts. You have a number of tools: a sense of humor, music, poetry and much more. Many will be useful collective meditation. It is important to maintain a happy state of mind. And believe!

Many people wonder about Pets that you sincerely attached. You do not need to fear for them. Rather, most of them will pass this stage is faster and easier than you! We will not affect the path of ascension entities that are in animal bodies. We will mention only that this mechanism is different from yours, there jump species, the so-called totem option. But don't worry for them. Also be grateful to them that they chose to be with you during this period. They chose it mainly to help you through this stage and not feel alone. They also sincerely love you!

And the last one for today. All of the above probably led you to believe that there will be someone who will not be able to pass this first hurdle, as the low resonance frequencies will not allow to open the access keys. Such scripts for some possible. But you understand that there is no death. And we are glad to inform you that these things quite a bit.

This is the best News. If these entities were a significant number ( now no matter what), you would place the script is not ascension, and the battle of Armageddon. You may overcome this barrier. But still small by the standards of all mankind, the group remains. These entities will also be provided either accept their help in raising your vibration under certain conditions. When you activate the intention of Light and Love and through his spirit, these entities will also be able to raise your vibration.

But this process may have to take a long time. The common task of all Ecumenical structures to save the decaying your collective community shower, because all together in this lifetime you have purchased a quality community is very important for the Universe. Therefore, taking all possible steps to pass through the Photon belt maximum number. Each soul is important for us and for the Universe.

However. If the entity decides not to pass this milestone, it is waiting for the next incarnation in the 3 dimensional reality in other worlds.

You must remember that there are no days and nights without Light. You will pass through the Light. And he is so dazzling that you your light will appear dark. But the light within each of you. And this step implies the inclusion of Light Awareness in each of you. Therefore abide in the Light! And on your way there will be darkness!
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