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ВЕЛИКИЙ ПЕРЕХОД. ГРУППЫThe time has come for practical steps for each of you. All of your thoughts and feelings are now in implementation. In fact, you paint colors for your new worlds, in which you have to come in the next few years. And only you will depend on what will be these worlds.

Already stood out among you group on the new vision of the Universe. While such groups of five. The first group - 1 % of humanity is ready to move in 5th density worlds. For them will open the portal after the ascension of December . These souls chose to go to new realities and to move further along the Spiral of Ascension to my Spirit. Among them also the soul, which came on Gaia to help humanity at this time. . The mission of most of them has been completed. And they decided to return to their worlds.

The second group is of the essence, border 4th and 5th density. It is those who have the chance to move to the 5th density, but chose to stay in a 4-dimensional plan to help the rest of arriving in the worlds I density.

The fourth group of approximately one fifth to one third of mankind is the entity that are preparing to enter the worlds 4th density.

And the fifth group - the rest are those who are not ready and do not want to change their awareness, who does not hear the Call of the Universe and of his spirit and who else needs of the game of duality in the form in which they exist now you have.

As you can see the fifth group is the most numerous. We cannot say that this is very sad for us, but we still expect the shower part of this group still aware of its divine destiny and give yourself a chance to go through the Great Veil.

Now it is the time that your every thought and every feeling can be a decisive catalyst of launching your own ascension and Transition. That is why it is so important now every moment to be conscious. Catch your every thought!

Unfortunately many of you can't take control of your thoughts and emotions. Yes, indeed this is partly caused by the increase of energy injections on the planet. As you configure musical instrument tuning fork, and now the energy vibrations of each entity attune to the magnificent colours of the Universe.

Listen in the sound. You can easy to feel him watching the changing moods during the day. In most they occupy a large variety of rage to the greatest of Love. It's like the tuning fork is checked your sound and harmony. And harmonizes the total sound of all your phone

In the orchestra of the universe will be admitted only the customized tools that are able to reproduce the entire palette of sounds in the world. If you feel irritation, anger, rage, resentment, your "tools" not constrain. And only you can decide their embedding in the universal sound.

Be conscious every second. Observe yourself and your reactions. Now comes the great moment when each of you the power and purity of his intentions, faith and aspiration to a higher dimension can increase the purity of his sound at times! This can occur because the energy that descend on the planet now, the most intense and cause resonance wave your aspirations.

That is exactly now have the opportunity to tune in clean energy tuning forks Higher Octaves of Divine Sound.

You must understand that this is not a beautiful word. But reality, which can be observed even special non-physical eyesight and of course heard of the special non-physical hearing. And we hear and watch each one of you.

Another important point that you must always remember now is that you, by your thought forms do your joint worlds. And now this process is more intense. What is it, a New World that awaits each one of you? What do you expect from it? What colors he is painted? That it prevails? Each one of you now produces a kind of "voting" in favor of the existence of new worlds.

Most of those who believe and waiting for the moment of Transition, is that somewhere in the Universe reserved a couple of worlds for all tastes and comers will be routed to a special gateway cameras in one piece.

It is not so. Each of the future worlds now formed by the force of your collective intentions you and your group. But as the past present and future, as you know, there comes the here and now, we already see the shapes of your new worlds. But this is not the final version.

For a long time still, as we can see, you will form these realities. The worlds 4th and 5th density is much more plastic than in 3rd. And creation can happen there every second. These worlds are more like your kaleidoscopes and are also called Rainbow Worlds. There existing reality has no rosary temporary outlines and descriptions, and changes all the time under the influence of the thought-form entities., who live there. You have yet to face it and we already see how you like children sport forming fountains and sparks rainbow realities. But each of you must understand that every thought and feeling is reflected now and will then reflect on the state and the iridescence of the world.

As for the worlds 3rd density, where some entities will fall of their own choice, it is also the worlds most diverse realities. Everything is very simple - look at the world of your imagination and you will see your new world. Fantasy is a function of the Creation. And now those who are not ready to take the exam on the status Conscious Creator 4th and 5th reality, is to "test" the work on the formation of his world 3rd density.

If you are not about what not dreaming and not fantasize, you will attract energy similar to one of the groups that resonates in your frequency radiation of your essence. Simply speaking as if formed "clubs on interests". You will form the future of your world. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Universe no preferences or convictions of your choice. We all love those who remain of their choice in 3rd density, and those who returns to his divine Mission - Creation.

The fact. What you are all created by the Creators and really can't not do. Therefore, and those who remain in 3rd density , does now their future worlds, many of them are doing it unconsciously. You only need to understand that the process of creation in 3-d worlds more slow and long. Once created you design will exist for a long time until you learn how to change them. The process of creation in the worlds 4th and 5th density plastic and instant. It gives excellent possibilities of creation. You each second can paint your world again.

We want especially to appeal to the souls who have chosen the worlds 3rd density. You must understand that in the future the 3 dimensional reality the memory in your current incarnation will be hidden from you and you have to start all over again. These are the rules. You still have only a vague sense of belonging to something high and the Call of the spirit, which never abates. If you are willing to forget your way again and again to plunge into a hard game of duality, it is of course your choice and you are free.

For those souls who are ready to climb the Spiral of ascension we want to say the following. We all rejoice in your decision. But you must understand that the path we all have different. It is impossible simultaneously happy rapture all. It is impossible just because you yourself have not fully ready for it and believe in it.

Work with your awareness. Work with your Faith. Disconnect all the arguments logical mind and evidence of human history. Start to listen to him. Leave yourself one information source - you. It is in you inside there are all the scripts. Ways and levers of your ascension. Do not be afraid of anything. Of course near you myriads of volunteers. But only you determine to what extent and in what amount you are willing and able to accept their help. Open your heart!

Believe in yourself. That's the main thing. You are undecided or are still in doubt? Doubt inhibit the energetic processes taking place IN YOU, AND ESPECIALLY THEIR INHIBIT YOUR FEARS.
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