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Retired major ed Dames, clairvoyant, who for many years worked for the CIA as a team leader of clairvoyance working for military purposes, predicted many events at the U.S. national radio, which have already come true. One of his predictions of global catastrophe that will claim the lives of billions of people and this event is not far off.

Clairvoyance is one of supernatural abilities, which means the ability to see future events.

Many of especially talented clairvoyants for many years working with the military forces. Many of them are participants in military research programs. For many years they predicted the events come to pass. They all speak about a certain event, called "kill shot" ("The killshot"), which must soon take place. This event will claim the lives of millions of people.

Secret software governments over many years studying the super-sensory perception (extra sensory perception - ESP). Major ed Dames (Major Ed Dames ) was the leader of a secret program of the CIA (Central intelligence Agency. CIA). He taught and guided the group clairvoyants, himself having the ability to see future events. He did not want to limit themselves and their employees only specific objects, and sent them to see further into the future. "We are particularly interested in military events, not as social or economic." Clairvoyants began to see a special event. "At first I thought that it was a nuclear war".

After hard work and detailed analysis, they determined huge flaming object flying to the Ground. They found that this event is connected with our star, the Sun. Eruptions on the Sun will considerably influence the life on the Earth. This will lead to the deaths of billions of people. The sun, the source of life, will become our greatest enemy.

Secrets of the CIA programme have begun to flow. Ed had to resign, giving the opportunity to inform the world of the coming disaster. He did it during the air-known radio show Coast-to-coast.

He said that the sun will happen very powerful flash. After some time, indeed, there was such a flash, and fortunately, the flash was not toward the Earth. But it was only a "warning", omen before by "killing blow". If it eruption happened just three months later, it would be fatal for the Earth.

Could be attributed predictions ed "too developed imagination", if not a series of other already fulfilled predictions, which he said, will be preceded by "killing blow", such as the dispute (type of fungus) started in Africa and spread to the whole world. He also predicted the explosion of the reactor in Tokyo and said, "I got in touch with the government of Japan, and told them that the coming catastrophe will be at least the mini-Chernobyl. But the Japanese government has not wanted to "scare people". All these predictions were paraded on the U.S. national radio.

Ed says, "like looking into a mountain on the horizon, it is possible to see her, and to assume the distance to it, also with clairvoyance, impossible to determine the exact time. So we need to look at the events that precede this global event".

"Our team and other clairvoyants can see this chain of dominoes that leads to global event". Most of these earlier events described above have already occurred. What else is left?

Years ago, ed predicted that one of the last events before the "death blow" will be the use of nuclear weapons by North Korea. This prediction was made long before North Korea have nuclear weapons. "Now we already know that as a fact, moreover, we can see it through the super-abilities. Out of anger, they will make a nuclear explosion against the United States."

"We are not prophets, we just clairvoyants - we look, as if through a telescope on some special object and study it. We select objects".

Also, one of the last preceding events before the series "deadly blows"is the compulsion of descent (landing/return) rockets (spacecraft) because, most likely, meteor shower.

"Because the mind is outside of time, we cannot tell the exact time. But this event with the spacecraft will be the last before the beginning of the series. I personally have repeatedly observed the following scene: all the warring soldiers on the Ground, stop and they will all be looking at the sky. Then they will turn around and go home."

When will global event, all satellites will be cut down, there will be no communication, there is no electricity... and it will last for many months. In cities there will be food, no gasoline to bring in the city food.

For ed, it is important that they understand the importance of this event, and had where that place which he calls a haven where you will arrive at the last tank of gasoline.

"Because of what happens in the Sun, the center of the Earth shifted, so will be followed by massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Will the strong wind and the light of the sun will be darkened, complicating the crop".

"There will be no communication, there is no electricity...months, or years will take until you get better backbone high voltage (electric power system). If you live in a cold place, stock up on fuel.

Places of refuge on Earth

Ed says, "I want to emphasize that just because we have not seen during our sessions certain places of refuge in different parts of the world, this does not mean that they are not there. Just we have the following picture: We have not found a place of refuge or in South America or in Latin America. In the southern hemisphere we found quite a few (very few) places of refuge, including New Zealand and Australia (with a few exceptions in Australia and one or two exceptions in New Zealand). Almost all shelters are located in the Northern hemisphere.

Ed advises people to find shelter, good to explore the area, calculate how much time takes to reach it by car, or by plane).

He said: "I worked in the CIA's most part of his life. I worked with the leading scientists worldwide. I was met with skepticism in all forms and spheres. Very easy to understand skeptics. If I was not clairvoyant, and some ed Dames told me that there will be such times, I would when he did not believe. In many places in the world life is already quite complex, who wants to hear about the end times?"

"In the world there is so much misunderstanding regarding what clairvoyance. We are not saying that will be the end of the world. Will be the end of life as we know it. But on Earth will be people who will survive and they will have to rebuild a new world, a new life. The sun will be back to normal, but we don't know how long it takes".
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