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10 самых невероятных катаклизмов будущегоThe earth is in a constant state of change. The future of the Earth is guaranteed to be more than interesting, but not without chaos. The following list presents ten of the key events that, under forecasts, will take the Earth within the next billion years.

1. New ocean (about 10 million years)

One of the hottest places on Earth, the afar depression. In this place between the surface and boiling hot magma is just 20 km away, and the earth slowly thins result of tectonic movements. Including arrays of volcanoes, geysers, earthquakes and toxic heated water. After 10 million years, when this geological activity will cease, leaving only a dry swimming pool, this place will eventually be filled with water, and formed a new ocean - ideal for water skiing in the summer.

2. Event with a huge impact on the Earth (about 100 million years)

Given the rich history of the Earth and the relatively large number of random debris floating around in space-threatening planets, scientists predict that in the next 100 million years the Earth will experience the impact of any event, comparable to the event that caused Malova-tertiary extinction 65 million years ago. And while some will undoubtedly survive, this impact is likely to mean the end of the age of mammals - the current Cenozoic era - and instead, the Earth will enter a new era of complex life forms.

3. Pangea Ultima (about 250 million years)

Over the next 50 million years Africa, which migrates to the North during the last 40 million years, eventually, will be faced with southern Europe. Australia and Antarctica are also trying to be part of this new supercontinent, and will continue its movement to the North, to merge with Asia. And America will continue its course to the West, further away from Europe and Africa, to Asia.
It is believed that while the Atlantic ocean is growing, on the Western border is formed by the subduction zone, which will stretch from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean deep into the earth. This will effectively change the direction in which America is going, and, eventually, bring it to the Eastern border of the Eurasian supercontinent for about 250 million years.

4. The burst of gamma-rays (about 600 million years)

The earth is constantly have to deal with the rare gamma ray bursts - flows of ultra-high energy radiation typically emitted from a supernova stars.
Using more energy than the Sun was produced during their entire life cycle, which will fall upon the Earth for minutes or even seconds, gamma rays will burn most of the life on earth a beautiful view until the garbage will not fall to the ground after many millions of years.

5. Unsuitability for life (about 1.5 billion years)

Because the Sun is hotting up with the increase in size, the Land, eventually, will no longer be habitable because of the proximity to the burning hot Sun. By this time, all, even the most resistant form of life on the Earth shall perish. The oceans are completely dry, leaving only burnt desert land. Time goes by, and the temperature rises, the Earth may go the way of Venus and turn into a toxic wasteland, as is heated to the boiling point of many toxic metals. What will be left of mankind will have to vacate the place, in order to survive.

6. The disappearance of the magnetic field (about 2.5 billion years)

Some people believe, based on current understanding of the core of the Earth that over 2.5 billion years of the Earth's outer core is no longer liquid, and will start to freeze. Because the core is cooled, the magnetic field of the Earth will slowly fade, until it does not cease to exist altogether. In the absence of a magnetic field, nothing to protect the Earth from the solar wind and the earth's atmosphere will gradually lose their lungs connections - such as ozone and will gradually turn into a pathetic remains of itself.

7. Internal catastrophe of the solar system (about 3.5 billion years)

After about 3 billion years, there is a small but significant chance that the orbit of mercury will stretch out so that crosses the path of Venus. If somehow the inner Solar system will remain intact and will continue to work uninterrupted, within five billion years orbit of Mars will intersect with Earth, once again, creating the possibility of a catastrophe.

8. The new picture of the night sky (about 4 billion years)

Years will pass, and any life on Earth will be pleased to see the steady growth of the galaxy of Andromeda in the picture of our starry sky. This is truly a magnificent sight to see the full grandeur perfectly formed spiral galaxy, shining in the sky, but it will not last forever. Over time, it will start terribly distorted, and to merge with the Milky Way, plunging stable star arena in chaos. Although direct collision of celestial bodies is unlikely, there is a small chance that our Solar system can be removed and cast into the abyss of the universe. In any case, our night sky would be, at least temporarily, decorated with trillions of new stars

9. Ring of debris (about 5 billion years)

Despite the fact that the Moon is constantly retreated to a distance of 4 cm per year, the Sun has entered a phase of red giant, and it is likely that the current trend will stop. Additional forces acting on the moon from the huge bloated stars will be enough to bring down the moon right on the Ground. When the Moon reaches the Roche limit, it starts to fall apart, because the force of gravity will exceed the power holding satellite in integrity. After that, perhaps around the Earth formed a ring of debris, demonstrating any life on earth a beautiful view until the garbage will not fall to the ground after many millions of years.

10. Destruction (Unknown)

The probability that the Earth will be destroyed during the next ten billion years, is very high. In the cold if the grip insidious planet, or from suffocation in the arms of our dying Sun, it will be a sad moment for all of the survivors - even if they do not remember what this planet.
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