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Галактическое излучение сводит людей с умаAccording to a new study, galactic cosmic radiation may accelerate the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Interplanetary flight can make astronaut demented. According to doctor of medicine, Professor Kerry O Bayona of the Medical center of the University of Rochester (URMC), space travel is very harmful for the brain. Thus the plans of long-term space missions faced a new very serious problem.

Scientists already knew many of the negative changes that happen to a person during a long stay in space. Some experts in the field of cosmonautics even claim that mankind output in deep space is closed to the creation of a spacecraft capable of reaching other planets within weeks, not months.

So, cosmic radiation provokes cancer, but new research URMC the first to show that exposure to radiation equivalent dose for a three-year mission to Mars, can cause cognitive problems and accelerating changes in the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease. To solve the problem it will be very difficult. It is possible that because of it "is necessary" to develop faster ships, otherwise the heroes and the conquerors of space will be a "one-off" the crews, who in his youth will become feeble-minded persons with disabilities.

The space is filled with deadly radiation, but the Earth's magnetic field effectively protects us from the "soul" of various particles. However, once the astronauts leave the orbit of our planet, they are virtually defenseless against this danger. Yes, from certain types of radiation shielding, for example, to hide from solar flares in a small well-screened room. But there are other forms of cosmic radiation that cannot be effectively blocked.

Kerry O Bunion dedicated 8 years to the study of effects on the nervous system of high-energy particles HZE. These particles are emitted distant exploding stars and have high speed. In their experiments, the scientist focused on HZE-particles of iron that can easily penetrate through solid objects, including through any existing protection of spacecraft.

In the course of experiments on particle accelerator at Brookhaven national laboratory found that HZE significantly reduce the mental abilities of animals. So, mice exposed to HZE, failed to cope with the passage of the maze and other tasks requiring mental effort. In the brains of mice also showed signs of vascular changes and accumulation of the protein beta-amyloid is one of the signs of Alzheimer's disease.

Thus, a three-year mission to Mars will certainly cause great harm to the health of astronauts, and neurological disorders appear earlier than other effects of comic rays.
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